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10: January-March, 1945

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Jan 1st, 1945 - The morning started with a Happy New Year exchange. Starting from Dex. to the Bn and from the Bn to white Bn rear and forward. It seems to be very quiet from 0001 to 0800 at night. At 0805, K Co. listening patrol reported two shots came from their left flank (front) in the direction of town Bullingen. At 1000 L Co patrol went to a house to man a machine gun while 4 Jerries stayed in the house. The patrol killed one Jerry and departed without losing any of their men. At 1300 hrs Capt Laffley S-2 of Dex. called Blue 3 to give him the following information, that 20 to 25 tanks were reported in the vicinity of Grid Square (94-02). Notifying L K M. K Co is sending a recon patrol toward 945021. L Co reports a Jerry coming down the RR tracks and was shot by their outpost. Patrol of K Co proceeded to 944026. The information from Dex. 6 to Blue 2 was at 1500 that at 955-038, 30 tanks dispersed at about location which was in the vicinity of Grid Square(94-02). King 6 reported to Blue 3 at 1550 that his patrol searched the house, stayed 15 mins. returned and heard nothing. K Co got a harassing fire laid on their

area after 5 white flares in the vicinity of 947025. The day closed with all quiet after that firing of artillery by Jerry in K Co area. Cas: 5 ab sk.

Jan 2nd - Today the bn. sector was quiet from 0001 to 0500 hrs when Co L called Blue 10 to find out if there was a patrol out from the unit on our left. They saw a patrol with white uniforms coming to the right of the unit on our left. Dex.verified that they had a patrol the unit on left that was at 0520. From 0520 to 1245 a report came in that a tank was in the vicinity of 946038. At 1315 Blue got a call from S-2 and in return K-6 was notified that his patrol would go to 950020 and would have to leave at 1800 hrs. King 6 reported to Blue 2 at 1805 hrs. that his patrol heard a machine gun at 949022 and a few snipers. This closed the activity of Blue Bn. for the day. Cas: 8 Morale: good.

Jan 3rd - The bn. is in a defensive position. A patrol reconnoitering our front located a Jerry CP, identified as the 8th Co CP located in the town of Bullingen. The Bn sector was quite all day. Cas: ab sk 13. Weather cold and snow. Morale -- high.

Jan 4th - The bn is in a defensive position. There were a few prisoners captured. The position was quiet except of late in the evening when a few shells landed near the forward CP. No casualties or damage reported. Cas: ab sk 5. Weather cold and snow. Morale high.

Jan 5th - The bn is in a defensive position. There were a few prisoners captured today and the information which they gave upon questioning revealed the location of a Regt'l and a Bn CP. The OP's report that there was some enemy movements in front of their positions. Cas: ab sk 5. Weather cold and snow. Morale -- fair.

Jan 6th - This morning before dawn L Co sent out a security patrol to the front. Upon their return, they reported no enemy activity in front. Later during the evening L Co sent out another patrol to within 100 yds of RR tk. A Jerry was captured at K Co's outpost. Cas: ab sk 8. Weather cold and snow. Morale fair.

Jan 7th - The bn is in a defensive position. The bn front was very quiet today. The usual security patrols were sent out but didn't make any contact. Capt Moutrop rejoined the bn and became Blue 1. Lt Korach became Blue 2. and Lt Ablenado went to 1st Bn as Bn S-4. Lt. Picker went back to Ser Co. Lt Reedle rejoined the Bn and went to K Co as weapons pltn leader. The sky was cloudy and weather continued cold. Cas: ab sk 9. Morale good.

Jan 8th - The bn is in a defensive position. L Co's patrol of a reinforced squad was fired on near the RR Sta. by enemy machine guns to rifle firing. They completed mission of investigating the bridge and found it to be of light construction. K Co sent out a recon patrol of 1 officer and 2 enlisted men which went to their objective and without contacting the enemy. Otherwise the front was quiet except for an occasional shell falling in the bn. area. Major Dulligan returned from the hospital and assumed his duties as Bn S-5. The rifle companies continued to improve their defenses with concertina and used more logs and hay in making dugouts. It started snowing last night and continued all day. Casualties ab sk 5 WIA - 1. Morale Fair. Weather snow.

Jan 9 - The bn is in a defensive position. About 0930 hours K Co. OP spotted approximately 10 Jerries firing on 2nd Bn patrol which was returning and directed 81 and 60mm mortar fire on them causing some casualties. The 2nd Bn patrol lost 1 Officer (Lt Duncan) 1 sgt and 1 pvt.

The rest of the day was quiet. The snowing stopped during the day but the sky remained overcast. The snow is approximately 14 inches deep on an average. About 24 buzz bombs passed over the Bn area today. Our men seem to be taking care of their feet because there has been very few cases of Trench Feet lately. Casualties Abs sk-3 Weather Cloudy and Cold Morale high

Jan 10 - The bn remained in the defensive position. Today an enemy tank dropped some shells on K Co. (AP-2,HE-6) and a few more around town but were ineffective. The Bn sent out an advance detail today (Capt Moultrop & 5 NCO's) to Verviers to pick out billets but returned late in the afternoon, because the relief was indefinitely postponed. There were scattered clouds today with a bright sun. Some of our men used burnt cork on their faces to absorb the effect of the glare of the sun on the snow. A patrol from I Co. led by Lt Leshy (reinforced squad with bazooka and a 536 radio) went out from I Co position at 1800 hours. The 536 was lost when the patrol was fired upon by enemy small arms. I Co sent up 2 flares during the night to check the front. The men going home on vacation (Lt Col Corley, S/Sgt Osborne, Pvt Riley, S/Sgt J.M. Arboreen and T/4 Looney) departed today from Herve. Col Corley was awarded a OLC to his Bronze Star just before he left. Casualties Abs sk-3 Weather Cold and Clear Morale High

Jan 11 --The bn is in the defensive position. A reinforced squad from I Co. led by Lt Leshy went out to destroy a small house which proved to be stone. They did what damage they could and returned. Departure time 2330 hours. The front was fairly quiet today except for a few shells. After the relief was postponed, new efforts are being made to improve positions, more concertina wire in front of positions, logs and hay for the foxholes. The rest camp is still providing a change for 48 men each day. They get an opportunity to get cleaned up, write letters, etc. Every day Capt Burns the Bn Surgeon inspects the feet of all men who are at the rest camp. Casualties Abs sk-3 Weather Cold and Clear Morale High

Jan 12 - The bn is in the defensive position. At 0130 hours this morning, 2 men from K Co. were wounded by a Jerry hand grenade thrown by a man in a Jerry patrol. The Jerry patrol (12 men) came up to the right outpost of I Co. but were driven off by fire from the outpost. K-6 sent out a patrol to cut off the Jerries but they didn't observe any Jerries go down when they fired on them. At 0730 hours, Sgt Johnson K Co. mess sgt reported that he had been fired at when returning from K Co position. At 1250 hours the patrol left outpost of I Co. reported seeing approximately 20 men and an armored vehicle in front of their position. The officers were paid today. Tonight one of the buzz bombs landed very close and broke one of the windows in the rear CP. Casualties Abs sk-3 WIA-3 Weather Cold and clear Morale High

Jan 13 - The bn is in the defensive position. The front was fairly quiet today except for 8 to 10 rounds that landed in L Co's position. I Co. sent out a listening post of 1 sgt and 3 men to go to a vantage position at 2100 hours with a compass to record location of any noises heard. This listening post got almost to its destination when it was fired upon at a point. L Co. sent out a recon patrol of Lt Wommack, 1 sgt and 2 men to check house at another position at 2100 hours. The patrol didn't find anything at the house but located Jerry listening post near RR station, also reported large fire in Wirtzfeld with some explosions. Today all rifle Co's received more logs for dugouts. Tonight Lt Buck took 60 rolls of concertina to K Co. and 3 A&P men helped to lay it. I Co. changed positions with K Co. tonight. Lt Nestor paid K & L Cos. today.

Casualties Abs sk- 4 WIA-4 SIW-l Weather Cold Morale High

Jan 14 - The bn is in the defensive position. L Co's security patrol reported all quiet this morning. I Co sent out a listen-post of 1 sgt and 3 men to locate noises to the front, but heard Jerries 200 yards short of this point. They also reported a flare went up on their left east of the railroad. Lt Lyons paid Hq Co I and M today. Lt Johnson picked up what PTA's there were for the bn. Church services were held. It was bright clear cold day until late this afternoon when it clouded over again. Casualties Abs sk - 4 WIA - 1 Morale Good

Jan 15 The bn is in a defensive position. L Co sent out a combat patrol consisting of a reinforced squad with 1 officer which went to the vicinity of the RR station and received fire from rifles to machine guns. Estimated that there were many enemy around the buildings and on the outside. This contact was made at 0130 hours. K Co sent out a listening post of 1 sgt and 3 men to a vantage point, but the NCO became ill and returned. He reported that nothing was heard but saw a house on fire. The other regts of the Div were assaulting but we didn't receive any extra enemy fire. Buzzbombs were fairly active today. Casualties Abs sk-2 Weather cold Morale good

Jan 16 - The bn is in a defensive position. At 0815 hours there was a tank firing from the left front of I Co position. L Co security patrol reported this morning there was no activity to their front. At 1134 the left outpost of I Co. got a Jerry deserter from 5th. Co 1055 Regt. At 1210 the 3rd platoon of I Co. reported shelling from an S.P. or a tank a distance of 1000 yards from Co. area. K Co sent out a listening post of 1 sgt and 3 men to the crossroads to the front of their position and heard noises and coughing in a house nearby. Lt Buck was out helping with wire tonight. Our planes came over today and bombed ahead of our position. Casualties Abs sk-4 Weather cloudy with snow Morale good

Jan 17 - The bn is in a defensive position. I Co. captured a Jerry medic from 1055 Regt at 0850 hours today. L Co security patrol reported no activity. At 1500 hours a buzz bomb fell near the forward switchboard but didn't go off. There were two others that landed in the reservoir but did not detonate. Altogether 22 buzz bombs were counted passing over the rear CP. The arty fired a bn concentration into the towns of Bullingen and Muninger at 1015 hours, which resulted in 10 hits with HE and 1 smoke on a strongpoint. L Co patrol of 1 sgt and 9 men led by Lt Abele went to reconnoiter the area forward and spotted 6 Jerries. They called for arty on this position. I Co sent a listening post to a vantage point consisting of 1 sgt and 3 men. Two officers and 4 EM went to Paris on pass. Our arty laid down a heavy concentration of fire on enemy positions in the evening. Casualties Abs sk-1 WIA-2 Weather cloudy Morale Good.

Jan 18 - The bn is in the defensive position. I Co. dawn patrol reported a few trucks along the railroad. L Co security patrol reported all quiet. At 1440 hours 18 shells landed in K Co's platoon that is with I Co. I Co. sent out a combat patrol of 12 EM and 1 officer to a point forward and reported no activity at that point, but heard some talking near RR tracks. They observed 2 red flares and 3 arty shells land on the RR tracks. I Co. 2nd platoon also reported red flare in front of their position and heard MG fire (2010 hours). The men in the rest camp went to the 1st QM for showers. Casualties Abs sk-2 Weather snow morale good..

Jan 19 - The bn is in the defensive position. I Co's listening post reported all quiet. K Co sent out a combat patrol of 7 EM led by Lt Streeter to reconnoiter the area forward of I Co. The patrol arrived in town and was challenged. Lt Streeter raised his rifle and the enemy ducked. The EM tried to cut the enemy off but returned without firing and the patrol got back without casualties. The chow jeeps were laden down with food and could not make their way through the snow-drifts, and in this case the "Doodlebugs" proved invaluable in bringing chow forward. 12 reinforcements were sent to M Co. Casualties Abs sk-4 Weather snow Morale good

Jan 20 - The bn is in the defensive position. It was very quiet in the bn sector. The additional snow slowed down traffic considerably. Officers from the 9th Inf Div and 2nd Inf Div were around our position in anticipation of relieving the bn. One officer and 20 EM went to the rest

camp at Herve. Casualties Abs sk - 2 Weather cloudy and cold Morale good

Jan 21 - The bn is in the defensive position. Capt Moultrop and 5 men from the Intel section and Sgt Ferguson with wire jeep went to Nidrum with Capt Kelly at 0930 hours to pick out billets for the bn. The bn was relieved by the 1st Bn 9th Inf 2nd Div starting at 1500 hours. K Co was relieved at approx. 1800 hours and marched by platoons to Nidrum, occupying buildings. L Co was relieved at approximately 1945 hours. M Co went by organic trucks to dugouts in woods near Elsenborn camp. I Co was relieved and spent the night at the RR station in Butgenbach. Hot chow was served as companies arrived in new area. Casualties Abs sk - 3 Weather snow Morale high

Jan 22 - The bn is in an assembly area. I Co moved by truck at 0900 hours to dugout area next to M Co near Camp Elsenborn. Hq Co minus rear CP moved to Nidrum at 1500 hours.

Casualties-0 Weather Fair and cold Morale High

Jan 23 - Today there was a bn combat group comdr's meeting at the Bn CP at 1300 hours at which time the attack order for the morning of the 24th was given by Lt Col Murdoch and staff. The bn had use of the 18th Inf showers for half a day, and men were shuttled to shower point. Co funds were called in and audited by Maj Dulligan.

Casualties Abs sk-1 Weather cold Morale High

Jan 24 - The bn moved on trucks from Nidrum to Butgenbach in order I, M, L, K, and Hq arriving at 1015 hours and remained in assembly area until 1130 hours when L Co attacked followed by K Co. and CP group. L Co attained its objective without any trouble and took 14 prisoners. K Co continued on to the right (southern part) of Bn objective taking 4 prisoners against light resistance. I and M Co's were called forward at 1430 hours and closed on Bn objective at 1630 hours. Hot chow for supper. 4 men from bn to Paris today. There were 12 reinforcements at field train. Casualties WIA-7 Weather Fair Morale excellent

Jan 25 - Patrols were sent out from K and L Co's. L Co patrol of 1 sgt and 3 men failed to return. Heavy shelling in bn sector during the morning but only slight shelling the remainder of the day. Co's consolidating positions. The bn was issued new winter boots. The breakdown on replacements was 8 to M Co, 3 to L Co. 1 to Hq Co. Two hot meals were served. Casualties WIA-2 MIA-3 Weather cloudy and cold Morale good.

Jan 26 - The bn is in a defensive position. The bn sector was quiet except for occasional arty and mortar fire. At approx. 1030 hours Capt Botts S-3 was killed and the operation Sgt Sgt Luce, was wounded by a tree burst while in K Co area inspecting positions. A PW taken by the bn told about an American patrol that had been ambushed by 3 German squads. He said that 3 of the patrol had been killed and 1 taken prisoner which was believed to be a sgt. This was probably L Co's patrol. 13 reinforcements joined the bn. L Co- 8 K Co- 5

Casualties Abs sk-5, WIA-3 KIA-1 Weather snow Morale good

Jan 27 - The bn sector was quiet except for occasional arty and mortar fire. At approx. 1030 hrs Capt Stevens joined the Bn. (trfd fr 1st Bn D Co) and assumed the duties of S-3. The forward CP moved into some German dugouts approx. 700 yds from their former position. A new road was opened to the forward CP. 16 reinforcements joined the Bn. Hq Co-6, K Co-5, L Co -5. Casualties Abs sk-14 Weather snow Morale good.

Jan 28 - Enemy dropped a few shells in the bn area today. Co comdrs meeting at 1430 hours for issuing of attack orders by Lt Col Murdoch. Col Seitz visited the forward CP. Most of the bn has received snow suits. M/Sgt Marshall joined the bn and took over the operations Sgt's job. Capt Fair and Lt Ratchford returned to the bn from the hospital and remained at the rear CP. Nearly 6 inches more snow today. Casualties Abs sk-3 WIA-1 Morale Good

Jan 29 - The bn attacked this morning. IP parachute corner at 0100 hours order of march K, L, Hq, M, I jumped off from LD at 0200 hours. K Co on the right at A Co's outpost I Co on the left. I & K converged on the town of Bullingen from the SW. K Co ran into MG to rifle fire and was slowed down so L Co passed thru between I & K to flank the town from the north side. It was a bright cold moonlight night. The day was cloudy and fairly quiet as the Cos. got adjusted in town. Casualties-59 WIA, KIA-9, MIA-1 Lt McGreevey KIA, and Lt Lyons WIA. Morale Fair Prisoner-212.

Jan 30 - The bn reorganized and rested an much as possible. The tactical situation has eased because 2nd Bn passed thru in attack on Murringen. Only a few shells fell in the area. In the afternoon Col Seitz visited the forward CP and outlined the attack for tomorrow.

Casualties WIA-4 Weather Cloudy and cold Morale Good

Jan 31 - At 0900 hours the bn was alerted to move out on a one hours notice. The bn moved on foot at 1100 hours and marched approx. 6 miles thru Murringen passing thru 2nd and 1st Bn's into the attack on objective which was crossroads on ridge. Only light resistance was met and 2 German tanks. Shortly after dark two German tanks loaded with troops came down the road into L Co area loaded with troops. The tank hit a mine at the roadblock that was set out by A&P platoon. A TD borrowed from 1st Bn which was approx. 50 yds away opened fire knocking out a Hornet tank. This fire from the TD killed a Lt Col who commanded the 1056th Regt and approx. 20 Germans with him, blowing bits of them into the trees. Reinforcements to I Co-8, Hq Co-5. No hot chow but C rations. Casualties WIA-5 Abs sk-3 KIA-1 Weather Rain Morale Good.

Feb 1 - The Bn has been getting dug in today. There has been very little enemy activity, the 2nd Bn passing thru during the morning. The rear CP moved up to Murringen at 1430 hours. Casualties Abs sk-9 Weather Rain Morale Good

Feb 2 - The Cos changed positions slightly. I & K Cos moved to the left of the Bn sector in order to tie in with the 2nd Bn. K Co being next to the 2nd Bn. Our bombers were over today. Hot chow twice. Casualties Abs sk-5 Weather Fair Morale excellent

Feb 3 - Very quiet in bn sector, the 1st bn having passed thru so that our position has been partially screened. During the night 2 or 3 enemy planes dropped a bomb and strafed down the road behind the rear CP. Maj Du1ligan was notified that he was going to 1st Bn as CO. Capt Ritter went to Regt CP (sick). Reinforcements L-15, I-12. Casualties Abs sk-10 Weather Rain

Morale Excellent.

Feb 4 - At 0500 hours 1st platoon K Co led by Lt Streeter occupied 3 pill boxes and 1 gun pit in the outer Siegfried Line defenses in front of the 1st Bn, 1000 yards west of Holerath and took 6 prisoners. Later Lt Streeter led a reinforced squad and went into town at approx. 1100 hours, and entered the town at no losses to his squad. At approx. 1030 hrs the Bn was placed on a 2 hour alert. At 1245 hours 10 jeeps and trailers under Lt Johnson transp. officer started to shuttle K Co forward and move into Holerath a distance of 3 & miles. The jeeps took the troops to the first row of dragon teeth and the troops walked the remaining mile into town. No opposition was encountered and K Co found only 6 Germans in town. The rest of the Bn shuttled up closing in town at approx. 1645 hours. Maj Dulligan departed for 1st Bn and Capt Moutrop assumed duties of S-5 in addition to S-1. Hot chow was served twice. Casualties Abs sk-4 SIW-1 Weather Snow to rain Morale Good.

Feb 5 - All is quiet in the Bn sector today. Capt Moutrop went out with a billeting detail at 1100 hours to Butgenbach. The Bn was relieved by 2nd Bn 295th Inf 99th Div starting at 1500 hours. Order of relief was K, I, L, and M Cos moving into assembly area in the woods just west of the dragon teeth on outskirts of town and awaited transportation. All atchd units reverted to Co control. The bn was shuttled to Butgenbach approx. 13 & miles closing at 2330 hours. Relieving comdr assumed responsibility for the sector at 2300 hours. Hot chow was served as Co's arrived in new area. Casualties Abs sk-5 BI-1 Weather Foggy Morale High

Feb 6 - The day was spent in getting comfortable in the new area. Church services were held. Gen Taylor visited the CP In the afternoon. All unit markings were removed from clothes and vehicles preparatory to moving. Lt Buck left at 1000 hours to go on a billeting detail taking 1 NCO per Co. and several men from A & P platoon in a half track. Co comdrs meeting at 2000 hours for the moving order. Three officers and 25 men went to Herve at the rest camp. The men from the Bn went to Spa for showers. Casualties Abs sk-3 Weather cloudy and warm Morale Excellent.

Feb 7 - The Bn prepared to move this morning and moved out by truck at 1415 hours, the IP time. The Bn crossed the Regtl IP Oberweywerts at 1430 hours and the order of march Hq, I, K, L, and M Cos. Rained most of the trip. The bn closed at 1715 hours in Ferrieres a distance of 38 miles. Casualties Abs sk-2 SIW-1 Weather Fair Morale Good

Feb 8 - The day was spent in getting squared away. All day trucks shuttled men to Spa for showers. The officers and men were paid today. Lt W. Johnson and Lt Buchanan were the paying officers. Lt Byerley was the Bn PTA officer. Co clerks came to the Cos to help with the paying. Church services were held. 20 reinforcements and 6 casuals joined the Bn. Lt Buck left at 0830 on a billeting detail. Casualties Abs sk-2 Weather Intermittent showers Morale Good

Feb 9 - The bn moved out this morning on trucks order of march HQ, I, K, L, and M, Cos. The bn IP time 0930 hours in Ferrieres. Travelled approx. 78 miles and closed in new area in pine woods approx. 1 mile south of Grossra at 1500 hours minus Hq Co. Hq Co closed at 1730 hours due to the condition of the road (mud). Area just vacated by l8th Mech Cav Recon Group. Day was cloudy near freezing with scattered showers and sleet. One truck carrying M Co men broke down, and 6 jeeps out of action due to heavy going caused by muddy roads. Weather Rain Casualties -0 Morale High

Feb 10 - Today was spent in getting settled in new area. The troops were living under tents and dugouts. No enemy shells have fallen in the area altho some could be heard landing nearby. The roads are barely passable due to mud and doodlebugs are coming in handy.

Casualties Abs sk-6 Weather Clear and cold Morale Excellent

Feb 11 - The bn has been resting, getting cleaned up an much as possible and improving living quarters. Church services were held. Weather snow Casualties Abs sk-5 Morale Good

Feb 12 - The men were improving living quarters today as a result of heavy rain last night. The Bn had a detail of two platoons daily cutting logs to use on the road. Training schedule has started, with weapons training and squad problems. One off. & 25 EM went to Herve.

Casualties Abs sk-3 Weather Rain Morale Excellent

Feb 13 - Companies have started zeroing weapons with special attention to instructing the new men. Usual routine duties. Log cutting detail out again today.

Casualties Abs sk-3 Weather Fair Morale Excellent

Feb 14 - Training program progressing, instruction firing of weapons including bazookas. Platoon problems being included by companies in this program. Church services held. Two officers and 20 EM went to Herve. Casualties Abs sk-3 Weather Rain Morale Excellent

Feb 15 - Training schedule followed during the day. Usual routine duties with particular attention to getting paper work cleaned up. Three officers and 15 EM went to Herve rest camp,

Casualties Abs sk-2 Weather Cloudy Morale good

Feb 16 - Col Seitz presented 54 Bronze Stars and 25 Purple Hearts to Officers and EM of the Bn, at a formation held in the woods at 1100 hours. Training going on and 2 platoon detail still working on the road. Four officers and 15 EM went to Herve Rest camp,

Feb 17 - The Div Comdr Gen Andrus presented Silver Stars, a Soldier's Medal and Bronze Stars to officers and men of the regt in the Bn area this morning. T/4 Abele, M Co, left for furlough in UK. One officer and 10 men went to Herve rest camp.

Casualties Abs sk-5 Weather Good Morale Excellent.

Feb 18 - The bn had use of the 1st QM showers today and approx. 120 men from the Bn were able to get cleaned up. Church services held today. We used a large hospital tent for movies and two shows.

Feb 19 - All the Reichmarks that were paid to the bn were collected and taken to finance by Lt Buck for exchange. Training schedule continued. Two officers and 10 EM went to Herve rest camp. Casualties Abs sk-5 Weather Fair Morale excellent.

Feb 20 - Another 50 men from the Bn went for showers today. Coca Cola (2 per man) and PX rations were distributed to the Bn. Lt. Buck and 1 man per co went on pass to Paris. One officer and 5 men went to Herve rest camp. Casualties Abs sk-2 Weather Rain Morale Good

Fob 21 - Lt Col Murdoch, Capt Stevens and Lt Cody LN-3 went in arty plane on air reconnaissance of area for next operation. Another 50 men went for showers. The bn had beer today. A light tank M 24 was in the area for general inspection and recognition of new type. T/Sgt Walsh from L Co departed for OCS Infantry school.

Casualties Abs sk-3 Weather Cloudy Morale Good

Feb 22 - There were a few enemy planes over the Bn area. One man from M Co was wounded by a fragment from 40mm anti aircraft shell that landed in the area. Lt. Col Murdoch and Co comdrs inspected Bn vehicles today. Sgt Timosko L Co went on furlough to UK. Two officers and 12 men went on Herve trip. Casualties Abs sk - 7 Weather Cloudy Morale Excellent

Feb 23 - Co comdr's meeting at 1030 hours this morning to receive general plan for next operation which will be the crossing of the Roer River. From the Bn 200 men went to showers. There has been a general preparation for the next operation.

Casualties Abs sk-3 Weather Fair Morale Excellent

Fob 24 - Col Seitz presented Bronze stars and Purple Hearts to Officers and men of the Bn and Cannon and Hq Co in the Bn area at 1030 hours this morning. Mass was held at 1100 hours by Chaplain Burns and Prot services were held at 1400 hours by Chaplain Chase. Movies were shown at 1000, 1300 and 1800 hours today. Co comdrs meeting at 1600 hours at which time Lt Col Murdoch issued attack orders for tomorrow but it was changed by Regtl S-3 as he finished. Forward switchboard was put in at Winden 6 miles away in anticipation of the operation of crossing the Roer. Casualties Abs sk-4 Weather Fair Morale Excellent

Feb 25 - Capt Stevens received the plan of attack from Regt at 0900 hours and went to select assembly area for the bn. Lt Col Murdoch went to Regt in the afternoon to get final order and bn was alerted at 1400 hours. Co Comdrs meeting at 1500 hours and Bn moved out by truck at 1600 hours order L. I, K, M, and Hq. Travelled approximately 5 & miles to Berzbuir. Detrucked there and marched approx. 2 miles to assembly area in Niederau across the Roer. The Bn CP moved to Winden (6 miles) closing at 1845 hours. Hot chow was served in the assembly area. Co comdr's meeting at 2200 hours Lt Col Murdoch issuing the attack order for the morning. Casualties Abs sk-1 Weather Overcast Morale Excellent

Feb 26 - The bn left the assembly area on foot at 0400 hours passing thru Kreuzan, L Co going to Drove and jumping off in attack towards Bn objective Boich at 0630 hours. I Co jumped off in attack from Kreuzan at 0500 hours and moved into Udingen knocking out several pill boxes. K Co passed thru I Co at 0700 hours in the attack towards Boich to take the southern sector. By 1000 hours the town of Boich was secured and G Co passed thru in an attack on the next town, Rathe. An enemy counterattack aimed at the 16th Inf hit the rear of L Co's column as they were leaving Drove at 0630 hours. It was successfully repulsed by L Co after a heavy fight. The bridge in the bn sector was completed for traffic in the early evening. Hot chow was served for supper. The bn captured 164 prisoners.

Casualties WIA-21 Abs sk-1 Weather-cloudy Morale Good

Feb 27 - L and K Cos with attachments (M Co's MG Plat and TD's) and 1 platoon of I Co holding Boich. The Bn CP and I Co remained in Udingen today. The sector was quiet except for occasional enemy shelling in the morning. The bn is now in div reserve. Hot chow 3 times today. Capt Schuler joined the bn and was assigned to L Co and assumed the duties of Exec off. Five men went to Brussels on pass. Casualties WIA-3 Abs sk-3 Weather Cloudy Morale Good

Feb 28 - The bn remained in present position today. Lt Col Murdoch and Co comdrs was on a reconnaissance for new positions in anticipation of relieving 2nd Bn 16th Inf in the afternoon, but it was called off and another assembly area selected for the Bn. The bn as alerted and then put off the alert at approx. 2000 hours. Hot chow 3 times.

Casualties Abs sk-2 Weather Cloudy Morale Good

Mar 1 - Capt Stevens took billeting party to assembly area at 0800 hours. The bn moved out on foot starting at 0830 hours going to Kreuzen 1 & miles to entruck (jeeps, tanks and TD's). L Co followed at 0900 hours and K Co at 1000 hours. Moved approx. 7 miles on vehicles and closed in assembly area town of Kelz at 1220 hours. Co comdrs meeting at 1445 to receive plan of attack on next Bn objective Lechnich. Lt Col Murdoch issued the attack order at co comdrs meeting at 2300 hours. Lt Mosias returned to Bn. Casualties Abs sk-2 Weather Fair Morale Excellent

Mar 2 - One reinforced platoon from K Co and part of the forward CP led by Lt Col Murdoch left by jeep at 0230 hours and went to ERG. K, I, M and CP moved by jeep at 0230 hours and went to Erg along with atchd tanks and TD's arriving at 0425 hours. At Erp. L Co followed by vehicle at 0600 hours. The town had not been completely cleared of enemy by the 1st Bn so the bn holed up in buildings in town for the day. At 1130 hours atchd TD's (634) went into position to support and 1 squad patrol from K Co. This patrol went to a point approx. 500 yds short of the bn objective when it was fired on. Contact by radio was lost so patrol returned (1700) with information secured. At 1230 hours there was a Co comdr's meeting for the general plan of attack for the evening. At 1530 hours the Bn CP moved to the far edge of town of Erp near the LD. Co comdrs meeting at 1700 hours for details of attack issued by Lt Col Murdoch. Col Seitz visited the Bn CP after the meeting. I Co with platoon of tanks and M Co MG platoon atchd attacked down the right of the main road towards Lechenich and K Co. with M Co MG plat atchd went down the left side of the road. Co's crossed LD at 1900 hours. Only light resistance was met and the town was secured by 2400 hours. L Co In reserve moved thru town between I and K Co's to secure jump off points east of town for the 2nd Bn which passed thru at 0500 hours. Hot Chow at supper. Casualties WIA-2 Abs sk-2 Weather Fair Morale Good KIA-2

Mar 3 - During the early morning hours the companies consolidated their position in and around town. During the day civilians began to come out of dugouts and cellars in spite of occasional shelling from large caliber enemy arty. K Co sent out hourly patrols to contact the 18th Inf to the north. The kitchens moved up to the companies and hot chow was served 3 times.

Casualties WIA-2 Abe sk-3 KIA-1 4 men on furlough to USA Weather fair Morale Fair

Mar 4 - All quiet in the bn sector today. Companies still in same positions. Co comdrs meeting at 1300 hours at which time Lt Col Murdoch issued the general plan for the next operation, the attacking of Walberberg. It was expected that the bn would move at the close of daylight but at 2200 hours word was received that it wouldn't be until morning. All of the bn is in buildings and there are plenty of civilians around. Hot chow 3 times. Capt Ritter went to hospital.

Casualties 0 Weather Showers Morale excellent

Mar 5 - The bn went on a 3 hour alert at 0600 hours. A Co comdrs meeting was held at 0900 hours to issue attack order by Lt Col Murdoch. The bn in order Hq, I, K, M, and L Cos moved by 2 & ton trucks travelled 2 & miles. At 1207 hours K and I Cos abreast crossed the LD (railroad) east of Bliesheim attacking thru the woods toward Bn objective (Walberberg). The Cos reached the phase line for final assault at 1700 hours. I and K cos jumped off at 1930 hours and secured the town of Walberberg against light opposition. L Co pushed thru then towards its objective Schwardorf. The woods were particularly dark during the night and the ground under foot was soggy. The vehicles had a great deal of trouble and many bogged down. Hot chow for Breakfast. Casualties Abs sk-1 Weather overcast Morale Good

Mar 6 - L Co against very little resistance secured its objective Schwardorf, 0100 hours and by daylight had the position consolidated. During the morning just after daybreak a patrol from I Co moved down into Trippelsdorf and contacted the 16th Inf on the right flank at Merten. During the day the area was shelled intermittently by the enemy. Troops have been able to get a little sleep. Casualties WIA-6 Abs sk-1 Prisoners 32 Weather Overcast Morale-Excellent

Mar 7 - A reinforced platoon from I Co led by Lt Angeles went out at 1350 hours and took the town of Sechtem. There was very little enemy resistance although the platoon took 79 Italians and 10 Germans as prisoners. From the Bn OP barges could be seen ferrying enemy troops to equipment east across the Rhine river. Arty fire was brought on them from the OP. Screening of civilians by our troops went on during the day. A total of 99 prisoners taken by the Bn today. Capt Ritter returned to the Bn. Casualties Abs sk-3 Weather Clear Morale Excellent

Mar 8 - During the morning the sector was very quiet and the bn was relieved of responsibility of the sector at 1100 hours by the 32nd Cavalry. Billeting party of 1 officer and 1 NCO per Co was sent out to Lechenich at 1130 hours, but was recalled in the afternoon due to a change in plans. The Bn is to remain in billets in the present area. All attachments returned to their own companies and K Co moved back intoWalberberg from Sechtem. The day was cloudy with light rain. 5 PW's turned up in Bn area. Casualties Abs sk- 2

Mar 9 - Approx. half the man in the Bn were able to get cleaned up at the 1st QM showers today. Col Seitz visited the Bn CP in the afternoon and said he was pleased with the manner in which the men had been conducting themselves in town. Co comdrs meeting at 1500 hours at which time Lt Col Murdoch gave out details for housekeeping during the next few days while in this area. Numerous civilian problems have been settled by Lt Korach who is acting as Military Govt and Lt Legow has been of assistance in interpreting. Cos have been getting cleaned up, men and weapons. One PW was picked up in the Bn area. Lt Daugherty and 3 men to Brussels. Casualties Abs sk-2 GSW-1 Weather Cloudy Morale Excellent

Mar 10 - The remainder of the Bn got cleaned up today at 1st QM showers and in local bath tubs. Cos held weapons inspections today and washed vehicles. Lt Col Murdoch went to Regtl CP in the evening to secure information on Negro rifle platoon that is to join the Bn.

Mar 11 - Movies were shown for the Bn today. Father Burns said mass at 1100 hours and Chaplain Berg held Prot service at 1430 hours. Capt Stevens and Co comdrs went on Recon at 1315 in preparation for relieving 2 cos of the 2nd Bn. Col Seitz visited the Bn CP in the afternoon. The Bn officers were paid this morning. Lt Leggett and S/Sgt Boheen returned at 1700 hours with the platoon of colored troops which will serve with K Co.

Casualties Abs sk-3 Weather Overcast Morale Excellent

Mar 12 - Very quiet during the morning. At 1400 hours the officers attended Regtl meeting in Bruhl at which time Col Seitz stressed the need for correct behavior on the part of our troops. At 1600 hours the CP closed in a better location approx. mile from the old CP at 1700 hours. I Co, L Co, and part of M Co went by vehicle to Wesseling approx. 5 miles to relieve E and F Cos of the 2nd Bn in position along the west bank of the Rhine. A forward CP under Capt Stevens was set up in Bersdorf. Lt Col Murdoch inspected co positions at 1830 hours and then returned to CP at Walberberg. Casualties-0 Weather Fair Morale Excellent

Mar 13 - At 0015 hours Capt Stevens received word that the cos that had just moved into Wesseling were to be relieved by Dagwood Blue at 0600 hours. Lt Johnson rounded up the necessary transportation and had it to the companies by 0445 hours. L, I, and M Cos moved by truck back to former positions in Walberberg, closing at 0915 hours. At 0930 hours Lt Col Murdoch, and Capt Shealy went to Regtl CP to be present at the presentation of DSC to Sgt Alvin R. Wise K Co by Gen Andrus. At 1000 hours Lt Col Murdoch arrived back at the CP with Gen Taylor who addressed the platoon of colored troops atchd to K Co at 1030 hours. A billeting detail was alerted in the morning but was later called off.

Casualties Abs sk-1 Weather Fair Morale Excellent

Mar 14 - Movies were shown for the Bn today. Billeting detail under Lt Buck left at 1530 hours to go across the Rhine to an assembly area. Chap Berg held Protestant services at 1500 hours. Cos used a firing range in I Co's area for zeroing of carbines which have new sight. Co comdrs meeting at 1900 hours at which time Lt Col Murdoch issued the movement order of the next day. Capt Ritter and 1 man from I Co and 1 man from K Co left Bn to go home. Casualties Abs sk-1 Weather Fair Morale Good

Mar 15 - Today the Bn moved to an assembly area across the Rhine at Burchausen. The organic transportation with M Co crossed IP at 0400 hours and arrived in assembly area 0830 hours distance travelled approx. 35 miles. The rest of the Bn Hq, I, K, L, on 2 & ton trucks crossed IP in Walberberg at 0800 hours and detrucked approx. 1 mile from the Rhine at 1130 hours distance approx. 30 miles. Troops marched approx. 1 mile to river, crossed in LCVP's and marched 2 & miles to assembly area in Burchausen. Co's bivouacking in woods outside of town. Casualties Abs sk-1 Weather Fair Morale Excellent

Mar 16 - Col Seitz visited the Bn CP during the morning. Capt Stevens reconnoitered for a Bn forward assembly area and Lt Col Murdoch reviewed the movement order and plan of attack at Regtl CP in the early afternoon. Co comdrs meeting at 1530 hours at which time Lt Col Murdoch issued the movement order and the general plan of attack.,The SOP attachments, tanks and TD's joined the Bn. 3rd Plat Co "C" 745th Tank Bn, moved at 1700 hours to assembly area in the woods at a distance of 4 miles. I Co rode tanks and TD's, Hq rode half tracks, M Co moved on organic and the remainder marched. The Bn closed in assembly area at 2115 hours.

Casualties Abs sk-3 Weather Fair Morale Excellent.

Mar 17 - Col Seitz visited the Bn CP at 1530 hours with aerial photos and Co comdrs meeting was held at which time Lt Col Murdoch issued the attack order. The Bn left the assembly area on foot at 2000 hours in order, I, L, K, M, and Hq and reached the Autobahn at 2200 hours. I Co crossed LD in attack for left portion of Bn objective. L Co followed and moved into right portion of the objective. K Co in reserve closed rear of Bn Sector and the Bn objective was secured against light resistance by 2330 hours. Casualties BI-1 WIA-1 Weather Cloudy Morale Excellent

Mar 18 - Enemy harassed the Bn with sniper fire and heavy arty and mortar fire most of the day. At 1300 hours K Co was ordered to move to left flank to secure the crossroads at 721287. I Co extended the left flank to tie in with K Co to continue the line. l platoon of L Co was harassed by direct arty fire all day. Casualties WIA-8 Abs sk-7 KIA-1 Weather Cloudy Morale Good

Mar 19 - Arty and mortar fire continued to fall in the sector. At 1130 hours a patrol of 1 platoon from I Co led by Lt Mosias went out to gain information of the enemy in vicinity of airfield at 740310. This patrol reached the airfield and ran into a heavy fire fight and received SP and tank fire. Then enemy tried to surround the patrol but by fire and movement Lt Mosias was able to get the information and returned to the Bn at 1400 hours. Based on this information the attack order was issued by Lt Col Murdoch to Co comdrs at 1530 hours the mission being to secure the airfield. The bn moved on foot in order L Co at 1930 hours, K Co at 2000 hours and I Co at 2030 hours with Hq Tanks and TD's following. By 2230 hours L Co had received, or secured, the left or SW sector of the Bn objective without opposition by 2300 hours. I Co passed thru K Co at approx 2330 hours toward the eastern part of the sector. Hot chow for 3 meals.

Casualties WIA-8, Abs sk-8 KIA-3 Weather Fair Morale Good

Mar 20 - On passing thru K Co, I Co ran into direct SP, 20 men and rifle fire and was engaged in a heavy fire fight. By 0800 hours I Co had received part of its objective at which time the enemy counter-attacked with approx. 2 companies and 12 tanks. This heavy fighting continued until 1130 hours at which time the enemy stopped attacking because of the effective fire from I Co and 1 platoon L Co and the supporting fire of 15 Bns of arty. During the remainder of the day the enemy continued to probe our sector but was driven off by effective small group small arms and arty and mortar fire. Heavy rocket fire fell in the Bn area all day one round landing beside the Bn CP damaging the Col's jeep. During the evening L Co reconnoitered the airfield for an outpost position and noticed Germans digging in on the northern edge of the field. Heavy arty and mortar fire was brought on them and they withdrew. Then L Co moved up to a position SE of the airfield to secure a road junction.

Casualties WIA-14 Abs sk-2 KIA-3 Weather Fair Morale Excellent

Mar 21 - At 0500 hours I Co was counterattacked again by approx. 1 Co and 6 tanks. The attack was repulsed by 0730 hours, the enemy being driven off by heavy fire from all weapons. Lt Buck and billeting party left at 1130 hours to pick position in assembly area in vicinity of Hovel. The Bn was relieved by the 1st Bn 413 Regt of 104th Div starting at 2030 hrs in the order K, L, I, and went along without interruption. Sandwiches and coffee served as Co's arrived in new area. Capt Croft and 25 men to Verviers for 72 hour pass.

Casualties WIA-5 Abs sk-2 Weather Fair Morale Excellent

Mar 22 - By 0330 hours the relief was completed and the Bn closed in assembly area at 0430. During the day the companies were sleeping and resting. During the afternoon men went to 1st QM showers. Starting at 1400 hours the Bn started shuttling to new area. M, Hq, K, L, and I Cos. The Bn closed in area at 1750 hours. Bn CP at Weiss.

Casualties WIA-3 Abs sk-3 Weather Fair Morale Excellent

Mar 23 - During the day the rest of the Bn went for showers and to clean up. The Bn vehicles were washed and a good number greased during the day. Father Burnes held mass for the Bn at 1100 hours. In the afternoon Lt Price and Lt Kownatsky paid the Bn and Lt Buck took PTA for the Bn. Casualties Abs sk-5 Weather Fair Morale Excellent

Mar 24 - At 0800 hours a billeting detail was alerted but it didn't go out. During the day companies continued to get cleaned up. At 1300 hours Lt Col Murdoch and Capt Stevens attended meeting at Regtl CP. General plan of attack was issued by Lt Col Murdoch at Co comdrs meeting at 1500 hours. At 1700 hours Lt Col Murdoch and Capt Stevens again went to Regtl CP and at a Co comdrs meeting at 2000 hours the movement and attack order was issued. The Bn had the mission of leading the attack again. Lt Buck and 6 men from Bn left at 1330 hours for the States. Chaplain Berg held Prot services at 1600 hours. Reinforcements I Co-5

Casualties Abs sk-6 Weather fair Morale Excellent

Mar 25 - At 0100 hours the Bn moved out on vehicles in order K Co on tanks TD's and AT half tracks, I Co, L Co, M Co , and Hq Co on 2 & ton trucks and travelled approx. 3 miles and detrucked at (696350). After detrucking the Bn had to wait until 18th Inf finished clearing Uekerath. At 0700 hours the bn was alerted and moved thru Uekerath into the attack. K Co attacked down the main road towards Kraheck and Hulscheid by 1400 hours. Resistance was heavy due to enemy infantry, tanks SP's and many rockets. At the same time I Co was clearing Lobach and Darscheid and reached a point 1000 yards south of Ferme Gierscheid where they waited for L Co. L Co. moved thru K Co in attack for town of Ferme Gierscheid which was secured by 1700 hours after a heavy fight against infantry SP's and tanks. During the evening companies consolidated their positions and area was quiet except for scattered shell fire. No hot chow today. Reinforcements I Co-4 Weather Cloudy

Casualties WIA-26 Abs sk-1 BC-3 MIA-4 KIA-4 Morale Good

Mar 26 - A patrol form L Co went out at 1100 hours to Millelscheid and found it empty so at 1300 hours one platoon from L Co went down to secure the town. The patrol continued on to vicinity of (770405) to secure further ground where they located some enemy infantry but did not engage them. At approx. 1600 hours a strong point was set up at 675407 and remained until L Co was relieved by L Co 413th Inf 78th Div. During the day the sector was quiet. Capt Billings and men who went to the States in the first group returned to the Bn today.

Casualties WIA-9 Weather Fair Morale Good

Mar 27 - The relief of L Co was completed by about 0430 hours. During the day the Bn got rested and cleaned weapons as the sector was quiet. At 1630 hours Lt Buchanan took A & P platoon out on billeting detail just ahead of the Bn which moved on trucks at 1700 hours. The column was shelled several times during the 15 mile trip. Just short of Bn area the column took the wrong turn so the companies detrucked and marched approx 2 miles to respective areas. Bn CP being in Bf. Ober Erbach also L Co, K Co, was in Ober Erbach I Co in Bachenberg and M Co in Ndr Erbach. The Bn closed in area at 2400 hours. Reinforcements I Co-20 L Co- 19.

Casualties WIA-4 KIA-1 Weather Cloudy Morale Excellent

Mar 28 - During the early morning hours until approx 0300 hours the companies were getting into position. The sector was quiet except for a dozen shells that landed close to the Bn CP. At 1700 hours Capt Billings went out with billeting detail to assembly area. Co comdr's meeting was held at 1730 hours and the Bn started shuttling M Co, L Co, Hq Co, K Co, and I Co. At approx. 1800 hours on organic transportation the Bn closed at 2230 hours. A distance of 8 & miles. L Co went into Kundert. Hq and I Co went into Obr Morsbach, K Co at Ndr Morsbach and M Co in Winterhof. Reinforcements I-9, K-9, L-9, and M-10

Casualties Abs sk-1 Weather Fair Morale Excellent

Mar 29 - The bn remained in position the entire day. No contact vas made with the enemy and the personnel could rest an much as possible. A Co comdrs meeting was called at 2100 hours to plan the next operation. Three hot meals were served.

No Casualties Weather Misty Morale Excellent

Mar 30 - Covering the 3rd Armd spearhead by screening the flanks of the drive we proceeded across the IP at 0745 hours from Obr Morsbach with I Co on the assault. In support of the infantry were 634 TD's and 745 tank, AT guns towed by half tracks. The Col and his forward group in command of the operation, and an attachment of mortars and machine guns from M Co. At 1315 hours Co L remainder of Hq Co and K Co moved across IP in the aforementioned order of march. The Bn traveled a distance of 32 miles from the former position to Weldbach where they joined forces in the assembly area. Lt Buchanan plus 2 squads departed from Obr Morsbach at 0700 hours and were a billeting detail for the bn, billeting the companies at strategic positions in and around Weldbach. The kitchens fed a hot breakfast and supper. Enemy opposition was not encountered but 8 prisoners were captured.

Casualties-0 Weather Clear Morale Excellent

Mar 31 - The bn crossed the IP at 0630 hrs at Weldbach, and the order of march was L, K, M, Hq, with I Co in reserve. The atchd units were 745 tanks and 634 TD's. AT platoon supporting the 2 assault companies. We arrived at Banfe at 0930 hours a distance of 12 miles. Leading elements of the column which were screening our front were engaged with the enemy and it was impossible for us to continue on to Berleburg, our original destination. Leading elements of the Bn which were at Lansphe were shelled by mortar fire. The Bn remained at Banfe due to change of orders until the next day. Supper was served at 2030 hours and C-rations were issued.

No Casualties Weather Fair Morale Excellent

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