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About the Author

Title Page || 1: Beyond the Border

Ron Pamachena’s interest in Mexico and its life began as a child in Phoenix, Arizona, when his parents would take him with them to the border cities of Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora, during the time his mother’s parents visited from Illinois each year.  In high school in 1971, he went with other youth from a church group to Guadalajara, Jalisco for two weeks to work at a social center.

            The years after high school took him to Utah, where he attended Utah State University in Logan, Tucson and Tempe in Arizona, California, and Colorado.   Contract computer programming brought him to Sierra Vista, Arizona in 1983.  There, he revived his interest in Mexico.   He translated the Mexican Constitution to English in preparation for the trip, and then went from Sierra Vista to Mexico City by land in 1990.

            He moved to Palominas, Arizona, about 20 miles southeast of Sierra Vista and exactly 300 miles west of the University of Texas campus at El Paso along the border, in 1995.  Before he left Sierra Vista , he wrote the first edition of this book, The Border Is Here in 1993.   In Palominas, he started printing a newsletter of the same name in 1996.  In 1999, he updated his translation of the Mexican Constitution, and found that it had changed considerably since he first translated it ten years before.  He updated the translation again in 2000.