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Foreword || 1: Bolívar in México


The Bolivarianism of Don Daniel A. Del Río

When Don Daniel A. del Río, with his customary graciousness, asked me to write a few lines as an introduction to his forceful work entitled Pages of Glory, I could not refuse so great an honor. For, that gallant son of this "Lovely Sunny Land" has, throughout his long sojourn in New York, continued to disseminate among the peoples of this hemisphere the stirring message of those who by their perseverance, self-sacrifice and heroism have created a free and united America.

              In this third edition of his excellent book, the founder of the Bolivarian Society of the United States gives ample evidence of the rare talents that mark him as a keen observer and a dedicated writer. By adapting the vigor of his style to the austerity of the subject, he achieves a fine balance between form and concept. The panorama that he sets before us of the great deeds and almost superhuman feats which characterized the Liberator's crusade is vivid and inspiring, and reveals a natural gift for synthesis. We all know only too well how difficult it is to collate the complex facts, data, experiences and quotations that are the components of the American epic, without losing their precise and clear-cut outline and without letting the judgment become confused-a common failing of lesser authors.

              Throughout the book he preserves a learned style which accords well with the delimitations of history; yet he does not resort to a dispassionate display of erudition, nor, on the other hand, to highflown rhetoric and rambling prose. With noble purpose, he incorporates all the pertinent facts, being careful always not to weaken the narration, distort the concept, nor exaggerate the style.

              Devotees of the heroic deeds and superb achievements of the Liberators of America will always be grateful to the illustrious Daniel A. del Río, Honorary President of the Bolivarian Society of the United States, for this work. The deep dedication to Bolivarian ideals which he freely imposed upon himself has culminated in these Pages of Glory, which will kindle the spirit of future generations of North and South Americans, so long as there remains a spark of patriotism in their hearts.

              As few others could, Senor del Río, with his profound knowledge of the life, character and deeds of the Liberator, presents a true and complete perspective of the magnificent accomplishments of this great man of history. Upon asking himself, "What is the lesson that Simón Bolivar has bequeathed to posterity?", his answer is: "The three facets of Bolivar's superior genius-infinite patience, unfailing courage and perseverance, and absolute faith in the final triumph". These are in essence the vital attributes which express the present as well as the future of Bolivarianism.

              Senor del Río's “brevario” appears at the precise moment when we are being urged to unite in order to preserve the sacred legacy of our nations' founders. In the face of popular apathy, this legacy is now imperiled by those forces seeking to cause mankind to lose faith in the future of democratic social progress and in the virtues that form the very basis of peace and justice.

              The publication of this third edition of Pages of Glory is a source of especial gratification to the Bolivarian Society of Venezuela, of which I have the honor to be President, for it truly expresses those feelings, ideas and virtues which serve to make more creative and dynamic the ideal of continental brotherhood which the Liberator Simón Bolivar instilled in the hearts of the people by the greatness of his words, his doctrines and his work.

Luis Villalba-Villalba
"Villa Clara", Caracas
April 19, 1973