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List of Principal Persons

Preface || 1: Introduction

List of the Principal Persons Mentioned in the Diary


Members of the American Military Mission in Hungary:

Gen. Harry Hill Bandholtz

Col. Halsey E. Yates, Chairman of the Commission on Police and Gendarmerie

Col. Raymond Sheldon

Col. James Taber Loree

Col. Nathan Horowitz

Lieut. Col. Charles Beatty Moore

Captain Edwin Bulkley Gore

Captain Will Shafroth

Captain Weiss

Lieutenant Laurens M. Hamilton

Colonel Causey, Advisor to the Austrian Government

Major Moffat, Head of the American Red Cross in Hungary

Colonel Anderson, Head of the American Red Cross in the Balkans

Mr. Frank Lyon Polk, Assistant Secretary of State, with the American Peace Commission

Mr. U. Grant-Smith, American diplomatic representative to Hungary

Mr. Schoenfeld, American chargé d'affaires at Bucharest

Mr. Halstead, American Commissioner in Austria


Gen. Reginald St. George Gorton, Head of the English Military Mission

Major Foster, Chief Assistant in the Military Mission

Admiral Sir Ernest T. Troubridge, Head of the Inter-Allied Control of the Danube Navigation

Lieut. Gen. Tom Molesworth Bridges, of the English Army

Sir George Russel Clerk, special representative of the Inter-Allied Peace Commission, charged with the investigation of the situation in Hungary

Mr. Th. B. Hohler, British High Commissioner to Hungary

Mr. W. F. A. Rattigan, British chargé d'affaires at Bucharest


General G. Graziani, Head of the French Military Mission

General Franchet d'Espérey, Commander in Chief of the Inter-Allied Balkan Army during the World War

Gen. Max Weygand, Chief of the Staff of the French Army during the World War


General Mombelli, Head of the Italian Military Mission

Colonel Romanelli, chief assistant to Mombelli


Dr. Lazar Baitch, diplomatic representative in Hungary

Major Body, military representative in Hungary


Ferdinand I, King of Roumania

Maria, Queen of Roumania

Carol, then Crown Prince of Roumania (now [in 1933] King Carol II)

General Mardarescu, Commander in Chief of the Roumanian Army in Hungary

General Holban, Commander of Budapest

General Mosoiu, succeeding General Holban as Commander of Budapest

General Serbescu, in charge of Roumanian requisitioning

General Rudeanu, liaison officer

Colonel Vasilescu, Roumanian Chief of Staff

General Panaitescu, Vasilescu's successor

Colonel Dimistrescu, Assistant Chief of Staff

Lionel I. C. Bratiano, Roumanian Prime Minister

Constantine Diamandi, chief diplomatic representative in Hungary

Ardeli, diplomatic agent in Hungary, Diamandi's go-between


Archduke Joseph of Hapsburg

The Archduchess Augusta, his wife

Stephen Friedrich, leader of the Christian Socialists, Prime Minister

Heinrich, Minister of Commerce in the Friedrich government

Count Somssich, Minister of Foreign Affairs under Friedrich

Karl Huszár, Prime Minister succeeding Friedrich

Count Albert Apponyi, Head of the Peace Delegation

Michael Károlyi, leader of the Democratic-Socialist revolution; President of the Hungarian Republic

Admiral Nicholas Horthy, Commander in Chief of the Hungarian Army; later Regent of Hungary

General Soós, Chief of Staff

Lieutenant Count [Paul] Teleki, liaison officer, attached to the American Mission [as Minister President of Hungary, he committed suicide on the eve of the attack against Yugoslavia in 1941.]

M. Emil Zerkowitz, civilian liaison official

M. de Pekár, civilian liaison official, preceding Mr. Zerkowitz

Dr. Bódy, Mayor of Budapest

Count Edelsheim, host of General Bandholtz in Budapest