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Title Page || 1: The Prewar Line-up in Central Europe

Although Central Europe is an area of prime importance in the world's future, we know very little of what is going on there. Even prior to the war we had scant knowledge of what was happening behind the scenes in the Central European countries - Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Yugoslavia, Rumania - except for the snap-judgements of itinerant correspondents plus an occasional analysis from one of the sounder journalists.

John Montgomery was appointed in 1933 to his ministerial post, "U. S. Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Hungary" by President Roosevelt to find out what precisely was going on in that tinder-box region of Europe. He lived in Hungary for eight years, knew and liked Hungarians of every political persuasion, class and interest - and his unusually well-informed book is of the utmost importance to all who are interested in foreign relations, modern history and the politics of our time.

With the rise of Hitler and Stalin the Central European countries became pawns in a colossal struggle for power. Caught between Germany and Russia, each country tried to preserve as much of its independence as possible - but each inevitably went down to defeat. Hungary, of course, was one of the major targets in this power-battle, and her role as a victim of this conflict has been widely misunderstood. Hungary, The Unwilling Satellite is the first book to present an authentic record of that country's history before and during W.W.2 - a history which it is essential for us to know if we ever hope to construct a decent, a just peace in that turbulent region. Here are the facts not only about Hungary herself, but as they relate to the Balkans and to Middle-Europe as well. Here too are the diplomatic maneuverings of Germany, Russia, Italy, Great Britain, France and the United States - an absorbing narrative. This book brings what has been a very confusing picture into sharp and lucid perspective. To it John Montgomery contributes an intimate knowledge of his subject, an objective viewpoint and a deeply American desire to seek out and make known the truth.

JOHN FLOURNOY MONTGOMERY came from Missouri where he learned at an early age to apply his state's slogan "Show me. His natural quest for truth about the small countries of Europe was made use of by Roosevelt, who encouraged him to travel extensively and report on what he found. His reports were evidently carefully digested by the President and used in Cabinet meetings.

Born in Sedalia, Missouri, on September 20, 1878, he received his early education there. In 1904 he married Hedwig Wildi. Much of his life has been spent in business enterprises. He has been largely interested in the dairy industry, in which he obtained international recognition.

Before entering the diplomatic service at President Roosevelt's request, he spent a great deal of time, for business and personal reasons, in various parts of Europe, particularly in the decade preceding 1983. Being interested in international politics, he watched the European political situation which foreshadowed the momentous events he later observed from his preferred position in Budapest.