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Locomotive # 7, Built 1911. Photo by Donald J. Mabry, 2010.


Jacksonville, 1880 with the river at the bottom—Waring, Social Statistics

Jacksonville 1884—Courtesy of David Weir

1888 Map of Duval County, FL showing the two beach railroads—D. H. Elliott, (Sanford, FL: South Florida R. R. Co. and the Plant Investment Co, 1888)


Jacksonville and eastern Duval County—-Davis, History of Jacksonville

Charles B. Griffin— C. A. Rohrabacher

J. C. Greeley— C. A. Rohrabacher

John “Jack” Quincy Burbridge—The Civil War in Missouri.

James M. Schumacher—Book of Jacksonville

Francis E. Spinner— The Magazine of American History with Notes and Queries, Volume 25 (1891). Found also in Wikimedia Commons

Spinner and Family in front of Camp Josephine, Pablo Beach—Beaches Museum

Colonel J. J. Daniel— Civil War Florida.

Samuel B.Hubbard— Joseph E. Miller, The Jacksonville

S. B. Hubbard Company— State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,

Drew & Hazeltine Advertisement—Webb's Jacksonville City Directory, 1891

McQuaid Advertisement—Webb's Jacksonville City Directory, 882

The railroad bed crossing Big and Little Pottsburg Creeks—1918 U. S. Geological Survey.

J&A Route—Exploring Florida,

Charles H. Jones—New York Public Library

Building a railroad, with onlookers— Source: Beaches Museum and History Park

1898 Pablo Beach, 2nd Virginia Volunteers—State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,

John G. Christopher— Whiteway Corner

James P. Taliaferro—Biographical Directory of the United States Congress

San Pablo and Diego Beach Company—Cleve Powell

Stock certificate, San Pablo and Diego Beach Land Company—

Pablo Depot looking east. The road was Railroad Avenue, now Beach Boulevard—

St. Paul's-by-the- Sea, 1906— Beaches Museum.

Ad for Murray Hall Hotel Opening—Beaches Museum

Murray Hall Hotel— State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,


Mayport Mills 1862— Harper's Weekly, October 25, 1862

Stock Certificate, JM&P

JM&P Route—F. W. Bruce, Arlington; Past, Present and Anticipated. Jacksonville, Arlington Community Club, 1924.

Solary Advertisement—Jacksonville City Directory, 1876

Togni Saloon and theatre— State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,

Hotel Togni—Jacksonville City Directory, 1879

Neptune Station —Sanborn Maps, 1917

Plat of Burnside Beach and Burnside Addition—Harcourt Bull papers

Burnside House—The Haworth Association of America,

Alphonso Dixon Haworth—The Haworth Association of America,

JM&P Schedule—Florida Times-Union, June 1, 1888

Horace Scott—Texas Collection, Baylor University

Telfair Stockton—Makers of America, Vol. II. Jacksonville, FL, 1909

Archer Harman— The Harman Collection, Wikimedia Commons

Henry H. Buckman—University of Florida Foundation,

JM&P and J&A tracks converging in South Jacksonville—Cleve Powell

JM&P 1893 Timetable—Florida Times-Union via Cleve Powell


William B. Barnett—David J. Ginzl

Richard P. Daniel—Whiteway Corner

J&A Locomotive, Pablo Beach, 1898—The Bramson Archive

J&A Baggage Car —The Bramson Archive


Henry M. Flagler, Empire Builder— Society for the Preservation of Historic Flagler Memorial Presbyterian Church.

Florida East Coast Railway system map—Florida Memory

Section of 1918 US Geological Survey Mayport Quadrangle Map—U. S. Geological Survey

FEC station and wharf looking toward the river—

1918 U.S. Geological Survey, Pablo Beach—US Geological Survey Mayport Quadrangle

Section of the Mayport Quadrangle——US Geological Survey, 1918

Continental Hotel with Beach on the right— State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,

Continental Hotel Rear View— State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,

Continental Hotel Railroad Station— State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,

Buckman Atlantic Beach Ad—Florida Heritage Collection

Buckman 1925 Map showing the Mayport Branch route— University of Florida Digital Library

FEC Mayport Branch train arriving from Pablo Beach—The Bramson Archives

Mayport Station—Karen J. Hawkins

Relocated St. Nicholas Flag Stop—Mark Olschner

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