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Transylvania, A Short History

by István Lázár

i. Transylvania, A Short History by István Lázár
ii. Note
iii. Prologue

1. Transylvania is Far from Mesopotamia
2. Who Were The Dacians and What Became of Them?
3. The Period of the Great Migrations
4. The Scourge of Europe
5. Rex and Dux, Mines and Border Guards
6. How Does it Happen that Three is Really Four?
7. The Tearful Chronicle
8. Raven on High
9. The Remainder
10. A Peculiar, Peculiar Little Country
11. Transylvania in World Politics
12. Cast onto the Periphery
13. The Fight for Freedom, the Compromise, Dualism
14. Downfall and Punishment
15. Since Then

A. Additional Comments