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Pages of Glory on Simón Bolívar, The Southamerican Washington

by Daniel A. Del Río

i. Title Page
ii. Foreword
iii. Prologue

1. Bolívar in México
2. Francisco de Miranda
3. "War to the death" and the meeting at Santa Ana
4. The Admirable Campaign
5. Antonio Ricaurte at San Mateo
6. Las Queseras del Medio
7. Cartagena de las Indias
8. Pantano de Vargas
9. Boyacá
10. Carabobo
11. José María Córdoba
12. The Guayaquil Meeting of Bolívar and San Martín
13. The Bolívar of José Galvez
14. Two Oaths of Bolívar
15. Bolívar at Pativilca
16. A Bolívar Letter
17. Junín
18. A Pilgrimage to Ayacucho
19. Bolívar on Pan-Americanism
20. For Attempts to Assassinate Bolívar
21. The Grand Marshal of Ayacucho
22. The Sacred Hill of Rome