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A History of The Nations and Empires Involved and a Study of the Events Culminating in The Great Conflict

by Logan Marshall

i. Title
ii. Preface

1. All Europe Plunged into War
2. Underlying Causes of the Great European War
3. Strength and Resources of the Warring Powers
4. Great Britain and the War
5. The World's Greatest War
6. The Earthquake of Napoleonism
7. Pan-Slavism Versus Pan-Germanism
8. The Ambition of Louis Napoleon
9. Garibaldi and Italian Unity
10. The Expansion of Germany
11. The Franco-Prussian War
12. Bismarck and the German Empire
13. Gladstone as an Apostle of Reform
14. The French Republic
15. Russia in the Field of War
16. Great Britain and Her Colonies
17. The Open Door in China and Japan
18. Turkey and the Balkan States
19. Methods in Modern Warfare
20. Canada's Part in the World War