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Suitors and Suppliants: The Little Nations at Versailles

by Stephen Bonsal

i. Title Page
ii. Dedication
iii. Preface
iv. Introduction

1. From a Front-line Cellar to the Hotel Crillon
2. Russians: Reds, Whites, and Pinks
3. The Arabs plead for Freedom: Emir Faisal, Colonel Lawrence, and Gertrude Bell - The Desert Queen
4. The Zionists and Ben Israel
5. King Nicholas of Montenegro and Essad Pasha of Albania: The Black Mountain Folk vs. the Sons of the Eagle
6. Fiume and Italy's Passion Week
7. Among the Many Poles: Paderewski and Dmowski
8. Naboth's Vineyard: The Rich, Unhappy Ukrainians
9. Czechs, Slovaks, and Father Hlinka
10. Beetle-Browed Bratianu and the Rumanians
11. Greater Hellas and the Overseas Greeks
12. Armenian Disaster
13. Little Denmark Poses a World Problem
14. Rhineland Difficulties
15. Korea: Once the Land of the Morning Calm
16. Last of the Genro and the Shantung Unsettlement
17. With General Smuts to Southeastern Europe
18. The Conference Runs into Heavy Weather
19. Wind-Up in Paris and a Two-Way Mission to Washington

A. Appendices