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Buffalo Bill Cody. Last of the Great Scouts: The Life Story of William F. Cody

by Helen Cody Wetmore

i. Title Page
ii. Dedication
iii. Preface

1. The Old Homestead in Iowa
2. Will's First Indian
3. The Shadow of Partisan Strife
4. Persecution Continues
5. The "Boy Extra"
6. Family Defender and Household Tease
7. Indian Encounter and School-Day Incidents
8. Death and Burial of Turk
9. Will as Pony Express Rider
10. Echoes From Sumter
11. A Short but Dashing Indian Campaign
12. The Mother's Last Illness
13. In the Secret Service
14. A Rescue and a Betrothal
15. Will as a Benedict
16. How the Sobriquet of "Buffalo Bill" Was Won
17. Satanta, Chief of the Kiowas
18. Will Made Chief of Scouts
19. Army Life at Fort M'Pherson
20. Pa-Has-Ka, The Long-Haired Chief
21. The Hunt of the Grand Duke Alexis
22. Theatrical Experiences
23. The Government's Indian Policy
24. Literary Work
25. First Visit to the Valley of the Big Horn
26. Tour of Great Britain
27. Return of the "Wild West" to America
28. A Tribute to General Miles
29. The "Wild West" at the World's Fair
30. Cody Day at the Omaha Exposition
31. The Last of the Great Scouts

A. Genealogy of Buffalo Bill