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Women on the American Frontier

by William W. Fowler

i. Title Page
ii. Preface

1. Woman as a Pioneer
2. The Frontier-Line—Woman's Work in Floods and Storms
3. Early Pioneers-Woman's Adventures and Heroism
4. The Block House, and on the Indian Trail
5. The Captive Scouts—The Guardian Mother of the Mohawk
6. Patriot Women of the Revolution
7. Moving West—Perils of the Journey
8. Homestead-Life in the Backwoods and on the Prairie
9. Some Remarkable Women
10. Romance of the Border
11. Pathetic Passages of Pioneer Life
12. The Heroines of the Southwest
13. Woman's Experience on the Northern Border
14. Encounters with Wild Beasts—Courage and Daring
15. Across the Continent—On the Plains
16. Woman as Missionary to the Indians
17. Woman as a Missionary to the Indians—(Continued)
18. Woman in the Army
19. Across the Rocky Mountains
20. The Comforter and the Guardian
21. Woman as an Educator on the Frontier