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A Short History of Wales

by Owen M. Edwards

i. Title Page
ii. Introductoin

1. Wales
2. The Wandering Nations
3. Rome
4. The Name of Christ
5. The Welsh Kings
6. The Laws of Howel
7. The Normans
8. Griffith Ap Conan and Griffith Ap Rees
9. Owen Gwynedd and the Lord Rees
10. Llywelyn the Great
11. The Last Llywelyn
12. Conquered Wales
13. Castle and Long-Bow
14. The Rise of the Peasant
15. Owen Glendower
16. The Wars of the Roses
17. Tudor Order
18. The Reformation
19. The Civil War
20. The Great Revolution
21. Howel Harris
22. The Reform Acts
23. Education
24. Local Government
25. The Wales of To-Day

A. An Outline of Welsh Political History
B. Appendix