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Early Kings of Norway

by Thomas Carlyle

i. Title Page
ii. Preface

1. Harald Haarfagr
2. Eric Blood-Axe and Brothers
3. Hakon the Good
4. Harald Greyfell and Brothers
5. Hakon Jarl
6. Olaf Tryggveson
7. Reign of Olaf Tryggveson
8. Jarl Eric and Svein
9. King Olaf the Thick-Set's Viking Days
10. Reign of King Olaf the Saint
11. Magnus the Good and Others
12. Olaf the Tranquil, Magnus Barefoot, and Sigurd the Crusader
13. Magnus the Blind, Harald Gylle, and Mutual Extinction of the Haarfagrs
14. Sverrir and Descendants, to Hakon the Old
15. Hakon the Old at Largs
16. Epilogue