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Lectures in Medieval History

by Lynn Harry Nelson

i. Title Page
ii. About the Author
iii. Preface

1. The Roman Empire at its Height
2. The Later Roman Empire
3. The Rise of Christianity
4. The Life of Apollinaris Sidonius, (5 November c.430 - 21 August c.483)
5. Thoughts on Reading Beowulf
6. The Coming of the Germans
7. The Age of Justinian
8. Thoughts on Reading Athanasus' Life of Saint Anthony and The Rule of Benedict
9. The Rise of the Franks, 330-751
10. Early Medieval Law
11. The Rise of the Western Church
12. The Origins and Expansion of Monasticism
13. The Rise of Islam
14. Thoughts on Reading Sura 8 of the Qu'ran, "The Spoils"
15. The Carolingian Empire
16. Thoughts on Reading Alcuin's Life of St. Vedastus
17. The Fall of the Carolingian Empire
18. Three Views of Feudalism
19. The Life of Gerald the Good of Aurillac (ca. 855-909)
20. Cluny and Ecclesiastical Reform
21. The Life of Gerbert of Aurillac (ca. 955-1003)
22. The Owl, The Pussycat and the Investiture Controversy
23. Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar, El Cid
24. Thoughts on Reading El Cid
25. Thoughts on Reading The Song of Roland
26. The Peasants: Advances in Agricultural Technology, 800-1000
27. The Rise of Commerce and Towns
28. The Bayeux Tapestry
29. The First Crusade
30. The Troubadours and the Development of Chivalry
31. The State of the Nobility
32. The Paupers
33. Medieval Philosophy
34. The Birth of the Universities
35. The Rise of Popular Heresies
36. Innocent II (1196-1216) and the Challenges to the Church
37. The Mendicant Friars
38. Thoughts on Reading The Little Flowers of St.Francis
39. Jofre Isaac and the Weight of Tradition (1140-1185)
40. Frederick II (1215-1250), Stupor Mundi
41. Europe in 1300
42. The Avignon Papacy, 1305-1378
43. Thoughts on Reading The Process of Na Prous Bonett (1325)
44. The Rise of Capitalism and the Decline of the Guilds
45. The Great Famine (1315-1317) and the Black Death (1346-1351)
46. The Hundred Years' War (1336-1565)
47. The Sundering of Society, 1350-1500
48. The Great Schism, 1378-1415
49. The Rise of the National Monarchies, 1400-1500
50. Thoughts on the Reading The Life of Margery Kempe of Lynn
51. Europe on the Eve of Discovery
52. The Discovery of the New World and the End of the Old
53. Five Contributions of the Middle Ages