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Hungary: The Unwilling Satellite

by John Flournoy Montgomery

i. Title Page
ii. Foreword

1. The Prewar Line-up in Central Europe
2. Hungary's So-Called Feudalism
3. Admiral Horthy's Position as Regent
4. Revisionism in Hungary
5. The Murders of Dollfuss and King Alexander
6. The True Meaning of the Rome-Berlin Axis Pact
7. Austria: Pivot of European Stabilty
8. A Refuge for One Million Jews
9. The Breaking Up of Czechoslovakia
10. The Downfall of Rumania
11. Central European Declarations of War
12. Hungarian Attempts at Making Separate Peace
13. Russia's Responsibility in World War II
14. The German Invasion of Hungary
15. Russian Tactics in Central Europe
16. The Island Submerged
17. America's Responsibilty

A. Appendix I
B. Appendix II
C. Appendix III
D. Appendix IV
E. Chronology