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Annotated Memoirs of Admiral Milklós Horthy, Regent of Hungary, The

by Milklós Horthy

i. Title Page
ii. Foreword by Andrew L. Simon
iii. Introduction
iv. Preface by Horthy
v. About Horthy

1. Out Into the World
2. New Appointments
3. Aide-de-Camp to Emperor Francis Joseph I at the Court of Vienna, 1909-1914
4. Archduke Francis Ferdinand
5. Naval Warfare in the Adriatic. The coronation of King Charles IV
6. The Naval Battle of Otranto
7. Appointment as Commander of the Fleet
8. Revolution in Hungary: From Michael Károlyi to Béla Kun
9. Counter-Revolution.I am Appointed Minister of War and Commander-in-Chief
10. Regent of Hungary
11. Attempts at the Restoration of King Charles in 1921
12. The Road to Freedom
13. The Rome Protocols and the Rome-Berlin Axis
14. Travels and Visitors
15. Friction With Hitler
16. The Second World War; Hungary's Non-Belligerence
17. Hungary Enters the Second World War
18. Appointment of a Deputy Regent
19. The Search for the Way Out
20. The Occupation of Hungary
21. Appealing for Armistice, My Imprisonment
22. The Arrival of the Americans
23. A Last Glance in Retrospect and Outlook on the Future

A. Recollections by Ilona Bowden
B. New 'Data' on Julius Gömbös
C. Harbron Letter to NY Times
D. 'Letters to the Editor: Worldwide Reaction Following Horthy's Reburial in Hungary on September 4, 1993
E. Nonn Letter to the NY times
F. Horthy's Proclamation