[God, Keep Us in Faith]

NATIONAL ANTHEM OF THE SZÉKELYs This is the verse, note and music of the National Anthem of the Székelys, a Hungarian ethnic group, the original inhabitants of Transylvania. This Anthem was composed in 1918, when Rumania occupied Transylvania and 200,000 Hungarians fled to Hungary, among them was 50,000 Székelys. Their cares, despairs, hope in a miracle is chanted in this slowly moving, sad, very touching melody. Strating with a question "Who knows where destiny is leading us?", the song tells about the suffers the Székelys endured from the Tartars, Turks, Habsburgs, and it is in fact, a prayer to God to save their land, Transylvania.
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[Székely girl]

[North Székely-land]

[South Székely-land]

[South Székely-land]

[Székely gate]

[Mountains of Görgény]
Mountains of
Görgény in summer

[Mountains of Görgény]
in winter

[Székely youth]

[Mountains of Hargita]
Mountains of

[Fejünk az ár, jaj, százszor elborítja,<br>

Ne hagyd elveszni, Erdélyt, Istenünk !]
Fejünk az ár, jaj, százszor elborítja,
Ne hagyd elveszni Erdélyt, Istenünk !

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