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  • A new English dictionary on historical principles(169 clicks)
  • Classics Online(161 clicks)
  • "Ethnic" Costume and Textile Links(206 clicks)
    Traditional Dress of the World. Images.
  • 150 Years of Anesthesia(183 clicks)
  • 18th & 19th Century American Newspapers(173 clicks)
  • 18th Century Colonial Demography in the Americas(163 clicks)
    Robert Jackson pdf
  • 18th Century History - The Age of Reason and Revolution(233 clicks) is about the 18th century. Here you will find information and resources covering the period in all its aspects from social history to the revolutions of the era. Mostly US
  • 20th Century Military History(194 clicks)
    From the Canadian Forces College
  • 400 Years of Subs(202 clicks)
  • A Brief History of Economic Thought(263 clicks)
  • A general history of all voyages and travels throughout the old and new world(190 clicks)
    A general history of all voyages and travels throughout the old and new world, from the first ages to this present time, illustrating both the ancient and modern geography, containing an accurate description of each country, its natural history and product; the religion, customs, manners, trade, [etc.] of the inhabitants, and whatsoever is curious and remarkable in any kind. An account of all discoveries hitherto made in the most remote parts, and the great usefulness of such attempts, for improving both natural and experimental philosophy; with a catalogue of all authors that have ever describ'd any part of the world, an impartial judgment and criticism on their works for discerning between the reputable and fabulous relaters; and an extract of the lives of the most considerable travellers, made English from the Paris edition
  • A New Fascist Revolution?(146 clicks)
  • A note on the history of submarine war(201 clicks)
    By Sir Henry Newbolt. 1918
  • A to Z Historical Figures(173 clicks)
    Historical figures by subject like kings, philosophers, politicians, artists, revolutionaries etc
  • A Voyage to the South Sea(199 clicks)
    A Voyage to the South Sea, undertaken by command of His Majesty, for the purpose of conveying the Bread-fruit tree to the West Indies, in His Majesty’s ship The Bounty, commanded by Lieutenant William Bligh. Including an account of the Mutiny on board the said ship, and the subsequent voyage of part of the crew, in the ship’s boat, from Tofoa, one of the Friendly Islands, to Timor, a Dutch settlement in the East Indies.
  • Academic Earth(211 clicks)
    Online degrees and video courses from leading universities.
  • Access History(182 clicks)
    'a refereed journal produced by the University of Queensland Department of History in association with the University of Queensland History Graduates? Association."
  • Advances in Historical Studies(221 clicks)
    AHS is an openly accessible and peer-reviewed journal.
  • Aerial Imagery From Around The World(165 clicks)
    The National Collection of Aerial Photography, held by RCAHMS, is one of the largest and most significant collections of aerial imagery in the world. It is an invaluable resource for historical research across a wide range of disciplines.
  • Agricultural Machinery(191 clicks)
    Appleton's Cyclopedia of Applied Mechanics
  • Albris Books(193 clicks)
    Rare and Out-of-Print Books.
  • All Voices(314 clicks)
    The first open media site where anyone can report from anywhere
  • All World Wars(169 clicks)
  • Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations ((157 clicks)
  • American Historical Association(207 clicks)
    Professional organization for historians residing in the United States.
  • American Historical Association blog(178 clicks)
  • An Explanation of History(248 clicks)
  • Anarchist Posters from the Labadie Collection(175 clicks)
  • Ancient Civilizations(239 clicks)
    Info on ancient civilizations like the Egyptians, the Celts, the Greeks, Romans, Incas, Aztecs, Mayas, Vikings and other cultures.
  • Ancient History : A side for Worldwide history(164 clicks)
    Ancient History of the World,History, Ancient, War, Greece, Roman, Great Leaders of the past, Egyptian, Ceasar, Pharaohs, Cleoprata, Alexander the Great, Celtic, Chinese, Islam, Allah Akbar, Prophet, Moslim, Gods, Ottoman, Persian, Civilizations, culture, arts,
  • Ancient Webb(150 clicks)
    "The Ancient web is an online resource for Students, Teachers, and anyone interested in the cultures of the ancient world."
  • Andrea Doria: Tragedy and Rescue at Sea(182 clicks)
    It was Wednesday, July 25th 1956. At 11:10pm on a dark and foggy night, two great ocean liners, T/N Andrea Doria and MV Stockholm, collided near Nantucket, Massachusetts. I was there, I am a survivor........
  • Antiquarian Books(207 clicks)
  • Archive for the History of Economic Thought(181 clicks)
    McMaster University. "his archive is an attempt to collect in one place a large number of significant texts in the history of economic thought."
  • Archives Made Easy(170 clicks)
    Archives Made Easy serves the global research community by providing transparency of the costs and processes involved in an archive visit – the kind of information researchers need to know beforehand in order to avoid costly mistakes and delays.
  • Art & Architecture mainly from the Mediterranean Basin(191 clicks)
    This server now contains some 150,000 images - about 63 gigabytes of material.
  • Art History(187 clicks)
    Learn everything that you need to know about art history and artists from every era
  • Ask the Past: Advice from Old Books(198 clicks)
  • Associated Press Archives(158 clicks)
  • Audio Archives, Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions(213 clicks)
  • Belief Systems of the World(201 clicks)
  • Belize History(183 clicks)
  • Bell Library, James Ford(169 clicks)
    The James Ford Bell Library documents the history and impact of international trade prior to ca. 1800 C.E. Our premier collection of rare books, maps, and manuscripts illustrates the ways in which cultural influences expanded worldwide, with a special emphasis on European interactions. The James Ford Bell Library, its collection, and its innovative programs support scholarship and education at all levels, and enrich our community by advancing understanding of this global heritage, making the world we live in more meaningful.
  • Best of History Web Sites(169 clicks)
  • Bibliographic Guides to Wars(195 clicks)
  • Biodiversity Heritage Library(220 clicks)
  • Biographical Dictionary(162 clicks)
    "This dictionary covers more than 28,000 notable men and women who have shaped our world from ancient times to the present day."
  • Biographies(145 clicks)
  • Biography.Com(150 clicks)
    Web site of the commerical channel. Lots of useful info.
  • Birth of the Socialist Idea(165 clicks)
    "The term 'SOCIALISM' made its appearance in print in England in 1827. Five years later, the term was used for the first time in a French publication. It is no accident that the socialist idea --and the socialist movement--first appeared in England and France. For socialism was a product of two revolutions in human affairs, each with their respective roots in those two countries: the industrial revolution in England and the popular-democratic revolution in France."
  • Blackbeard the Pirate(194 clicks)
    . . . and the Presumed Wreck of Queen Anne's Revenge.
  • Blog Them Out of the Stone Age(192 clicks)
    "Toward a Broader View of Military History"
  • British Academy PORTAL(165 clicks)
    The British Academy, the United Kingdom's national Academy for the Humanities and Social Sciences, has developed a web site, PORTAL, which is a directory designed as an entry point to academic resources available online for researchers working in higher education.
  • British Movietone Archives(141 clicks)
  • British Museum Images(146 clicks)
    "The British Museum is the authoritative source of images depicting world culture and history including ceramics, sculpture, prints, drawings, and paintings."
  • Brittanica history Blog(171 clicks)
  • Cambridge Digital Library(173 clicks)
  • Center for Oral History, University of Connecticut(208 clicks)
    "The Center for Oral History at the University of Connecticut originates, sponsors, and supports projects which emphasize Connecticut's history and development, as well as projects dealing with a wide variety of other subjects, including the University itself. "
  • Center for the Study of Eurasian Nomads(228 clicks)
    " The Center for the Study of Eurasian Nomads (CSEN) was established to promote research on nomadic cultures who lived in, or are currently living, in Eurasia. CSEN, Zinat Press, and Kids Studying Eurasian Nomads, (KSEN) are subsidiaries of the American-Eurasian Research Institute, Inc. (AERI), a non-profit educational organization."
  • Charles Fourier(198 clicks)
    French socialist thinker before Marx. Considered a "utopian socialist."
  • Chocolate, History of(236 clicks)
    Nectar of the Gods
  • Cinema History(166 clicks)
    From Movie Site
  • Clamen's Political Archives(196 clicks)
    Links to copies and pointers to copies of various political documents that have been electronically available at some point.
  • Cliosophy(179 clicks)
    This site is primarily for academic students of history & philosophy. It features history & philosophy notes, articles, papers, a discussion community, essays, free email and more.
  • Clioweb(173 clicks)
    A blog
  • Closer to Truth(179 clicks)
  • Codex Sinaiticus(203 clicks)
    Codex Sinaiticus is one of the most important books in the world. Handwritten well over 1600 years ago, the manuscript contains the Christian Bible in Greek, including the oldest complete copy of the New Testament. Its heavily corrected text is of outstanding importance for the history of the Bible and the manuscript – the oldest substantial book to survive Antiquity – is of supreme importance for the history of the book
  • Coin and Conscience: Popular Views of Money, Credit and Speculation: Sixteenth through Nineteenth Ce(194 clicks)
  • Comparative Chronology of Money Monetary History from Ancient Times to the Present Day 1920 - 1938(175 clicks)
    A Comparative Chronology of Money Monetary History from Ancient Times to the Present Day 1920 - 1938. © Roy Davies & Glyn Davies, 1996 & 1999.
  • Concord Review(221 clicks)
    Welcome to, the online home of The Concord Review, Inc. We believe that the pursuit of academic excellence in secondary schools should be given the same attention as the pursuit of excellence in sports and other extracurricular activities, and we have found that many students do exemplary work in history. Varsity athletics and athletes are celebrated everywhere. We celebrate Varsity Academics®.
  • Constellations(219 clicks)
    Student scholarly journal, University of Alberta
  • Contemporary Jewish History(177 clicks)
    Subscribe to an e-mail list through this site.
  • Conversations With History(158 clicks)
    "In these lively and unedited interviews, distinguished men and women from all over the world talk about their lives and their work. They reminisce about their participation in great events, and they share their perspectives on the past and reflect on what the future may hold. Guests include diplomats, statesmen, and soldiers; economists and political analysts; scientists and historians; writers and foreign correspondents; activists and artists. The interviews span the globe and include discussion of political, economic, military, legal, cultural, and social issues shaping our world. At the heart of each interview is a focus on individuals and ideas that make a difference."
  • Counterterrorism Blog(168 clicks)
    The first multi-expert blog dedicated solely to counterterrorism issues, serving as a gateway to the community for policymakers and serious researchers. Designed to provide realtime information about terrorism cases and policy developments.
  • Creation Myths(175 clicks)
  • Cromohs(222 clicks)
    Cyber Review of Modern Historiography. In Italian or English.
  • Curious Bits of History(215 clicks)
  • Current Value of Old Money(176 clicks)
    Calculates present value of money (British,U.S., French, etc) for dates since 1650. Contains several calculating engines able to account for inflation, etc. For example, a slave sold wholesale for $1,250 in 1860 would represent a value of over $25,000 in 2000. Useful for converting pounds into dollars, etc. Owned by British economic librarian. Contains links to other financial sites
  • Despotism (1946)(187 clicks)
  • Diagnosis of the Famous Dead(158 clicks)
  • Dictionary of the History of Ideas(192 clicks)
  • Digital Librarian(182 clicks)
    A librarian's choice of the best of the Web
  • Directory of Open Access Journals(184 clicks)
    History and Archaeology
  • Discussion Listserv of the AHC(168 clicks)
    The Association for History and Computing (AHC) exists to encourage and maintain interest in the use of computers in all types of historical studies at all levels, in both teaching and research.
  • Do History(177 clicks)
    "A site that shows you how to piece together the past from the fragments that have survived. Our case study: Martha Ballard."
  • Eadweard Muybridge(205 clicks)
    The Man Who Stopped Time: The Illuminating Story of Eadweard Muybridge - Pioneer Photographer, Father of the Motion Picture, Murderer
  • Early 1900's in Color(174 clicks)
  • Early Americas Digital Archive(158 clicks)
  • Early Modern Resources(145 clicks)
    Early Modern Resources is a gateway site for all those interested in finding electronic resources relating to the early modern period in history. My intention with these pages is to bring together a wide range of online resources for this period. I have not intensively or extensively evaluated the sites; their inclusion here is not a guarantee of quality or historical accuracy.
  • Earthlore(205 clicks)
    Contemporary Relevance of Cultural History
  • The Internet's #1 Audio / Visual Archive(192 clicks)
    World History In Digital Sounds & Pictures The Sound & Image History Of The Media Age. In English, Spanish, Portuguese, french, German, and Italian.
  • eHistory(178 clicks)
    The old site is at
  • Electronic Library of Historiography(199 clicks)
    In English or Italian. "This electronic library is designed to supply in electronic form the full text of classics of historiography, works of methodology, theory and philosophy of history, key works of the historiographical debates, classics of historical erudition, travel literature, historical narratives of the rise and development of particular sciences, arts or techniques, literary works of historiographical relevance, handbooks of history for schools and universities, belonging to modern intellectual history (XVI-XXth centuries)."
  • Encyclopedia Britannica, 1911 edition(192 clicks)
    " It fills 29 volumes and contains over 44 million words. The articles are written by more than 1500 authors within their various fields of expertise. As a research tool, this 1911 encyclopedia edition is unparalleled-- even today. "
  • Encyclopedia Mythica(202 clicks)
    Please enter the award-winning internet encyclopedia of mythology, folklore, and religion. Here you will find everything from A-gskw to Zveda Vechanyaya, with plenty in between.
  • Encyclopedia of World Biography(161 clicks)
  • Encyclopedia of World Biography(138 clicks)
  • Endangered Archives Program(154 clicks)
    Unless action is taken now, much of mankind’s documentary heritage may vanish - discarded as no longer of relevance or left to deteriorate beyond recovery. This website explains what the Endangered Archives Programme is, and how it can help.
  • Eras(162 clicks)
    "Eras is an on-line journal edited and produced by postgraduate students from the School of Historical Studies at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. Papers published by Eras are accepted from the following disciplines: History, Archaeology and Ancient History, Religion and Theology and Jewish Civilisation. "
  • Evaluating Historical Materials(171 clicks)
    Combat Studies Institute. Many who read history make the mistake of accepting at face value all the information an author presents. This is true of those reading a single history book and those conducting historical research and analysis. In reality, only part of any historical work is uncontested fact; the rest is the author's interpretation or opinion of how and why things happened. In addition, errors of fact can easily be found in most books, articles, or documents due to the author's error or errors in the documents he used in his research. The realization of these failings often causes some readers to go to the extreme of doubting all that they read. History can be of immense value to any reader, including the professional soldier, if these shortcomings are recognized and the facts are carefully sifted. To do this, the reader must critically evaluate the book he is reading or the materials he is using in his analysis. This CSI Report deals with ideas and techniques the professional soldier can use to assess historical materials critically. The soldier can apply this evaluation process to individual history books or the assorted documents, articles, and monographs used in historical research. There is nothing complex or even magical about this procedure. The techniques are basically the same commonsense rules or guides the average person uses every day. Essentially, the reader, much as a consumer, is concerned with the quality of the materials used in making the item, the craftsmanship of the person or persons who did the work, and the purpose for which the item was designed to serve.
  • Exploring Ancient World Cultures(159 clicks)
    A variety of cultures and a rationale for studying them. Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Middle East.
  • Exploring Ancient World Cultures(173 clicks)
  • Exploring the Early Americas(174 clicks)
    Ongoing exhibition, opened December 12, 2007. Exploring the Early Americas features selections from the more than 3,000 rare maps, documents, paintings, prints, and artifacts that make up the Jay I. Kislak Collection at the Library of Congress. It provides insight into indigenous cultures, the drama of the encounters between Native Americans and European explorers and settlers, and the pivotal changes caused by the meeting of the American and European worlds. The exhibition includes two extraordinary maps by Martin Waldseemüller created in 1507 and 1516, which depict a world enlarged by the presence of the Western Hemisphere.
  • Federal Rules of Evidence(186 clicks)
  • Few Books(151 clicks)
    Links to history sites and to books
  • Files in Media/History/Sound (MP3)(171 clicks)
  • Firearms History(195 clicks)
    "A collection of articles relating to muskets, rifles, carbines and handguns. Manufacturies, technical descriptions and contemporary comment."
  • First Peoples, 10,000 BC(146 clicks)
    Did Overhunting Cause the Mammoth to Become Extinct?
  • Flags of Nations(221 clicks)
    Great source of flags.
  • Footnotes to History(153 clicks)
    The nations you didn't learn about in high school geography by James L. Erwin
  • clicks) helps intelligent, engaged audiences get smart. Our users find, enjoy, and share videos about the people, issues, and ideas changing the world. We gather the web's largest collection of unmediated video drawn from live events, lectures, and debates going on all the time at the world's top universities, think tanks and conferences. We present this provocative, big-idea content for anyone to watch, interact with, and share --when, where, and how they want.
  • Free Military Art + 2 minute histories at clicks)
    New! FREE Military History Art by Mark Churms For You to Enjoy! + Interesting historical information about Ancient Warriors, Medieval knights, Napoleonic Soldiers, WWII warships, famous Last Stands, Zulus, generals, wars, battles, and more. Click Now!
  • Fried Chicken In The 18th Century? (151 clicks)
  • From Babel to Knowledge: Data Mining Large Digital Collections (191 clicks)
    by Daniel J. Cohen, George Mason University
  • From Jesus to Christ(162 clicks)
    PBS special
  • From Marx to Mao(193 clicks)
    Archive of writings of Marxian socialists from Marx and Engels to Mao.
  • From Shakespeare to Defoe: Malaria in England in the Little Ice Age(209 clicks)
    "Present global temperatures are in a warming phase that began 200 to 300 years ago. Some climate models suggest that human activities may have exacerbated this phase by raising the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Discussions of the potential effects of the weather include predictions that malaria will emerge from the tropics and become established in Europe and North America. The complex ecology and transmission dynamics of the disease, as well as accounts of its early history, refute such predictions. Until the second half of the 20th century, malaria was endemic and widespread in many temperate regions, with major epidemics as far north as the Arctic Circle. From 1564 to the 1730s—the coldest period of the Little Ice Age—malaria was an important cause of illness and death in several parts of England. Transmission began to decline only in the 19th century, when the present warming trend was well under way. The history of the disease in England underscores the role of factors other than temperature in malaria transmission."
  • Gendercide(174 clicks)
    GENDERCIDE WATCH seeks to confront acts of gender-selective mass killing around the world. We believe that such atrocities against ordinary men and women constitute one of humanity's worst blights, and one of its greatest challenges in the new millennium.
  • Global Connections(151 clicks)
    Global Connections is the online home to a family of sites created to help teachers, students, and the general public learn more about events around the world through readings, lesson plans, links, timelines, and maps.
  • Gobal Incident Map(159 clicks)
  • H-NET Job Guide(186 clicks)
    Academic jobs in History and the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Rhetoric
  • H-NET Reviews(148 clicks)
    Book and video reviews in virtually all fields of history usually by professors.
  • H-ORALHIST(223 clicks)
    "H-Oralhist is a network for scholars and professionals active in studies related to oral history. It is affiliated with the Oral History Association."
  • H-PCAACA(177 clicks)
    "H-PCAACA encourages scholarly discussion of popular culture."
  • H-Public(193 clicks)
    "Founded in 1980 to promote the utility of history in society through professional practice, the National Council on Public History works both to enhance public awareness of the value, uses, and pleasures of history, and to support the community of public historians. It serves the historical community specifically by (1) advising historians about their public responsibilities; (2) helping students prepare for careers in public history; and (3) providing a forum for historians engaged in historical activities in the public realm. "
  • H-Rural(199 clicks)
    "The primary purpose of H-Rural is to facilitate discussions about scholarship and teaching in rural and agricultural history. We welcome contributions such as conference announcements, calls for papers, course syllabi, conference reports, news of new datasets, and other items related to our focus, rural and agricultural history over time and place. "
  • H-War(206 clicks)
    Military history discussion list. Has available diverse bibliographical, research and teaching aids.
  • H-World(150 clicks)
    "The H-World discussion list serves as a network of communication among practitioners of world history. The list gives emphasis to research, to teaching, and to the connections between research and teaching."
  • Hanover Historical Texts Project(160 clicks)
    "In 1995, the History Department and Hanover students initiated the Hanover Historical Texts Project. The Project's principal aim is to make primary texts readily available to students and faculty for use in history and humanities courses."
  • Heaven on Earth:Rise and Fall of Socialism(214 clicks)
    PBS. "This 3-hour documentary explores one of the most powerful political ideas in history. Socialism spread farther and faster than any religion Then, in almost the blink of an eye, it all collapsed. What happened?"
  • Helicopter History Site(173 clicks)
  • Historians and Philosophers(175 clicks)
    Biographical dictionary of historians and philosophers, principally European.
  • Historic Preservation Director(172 clicks)
    Historic preservation, mostly US
  • Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century(158 clicks)
    Clever site. Lots of interactive maps.
  • Historical Center for Health Sciences(157 clicks)
    Founded in 1990, the HCHS seeks to document the rich history of medicine in Michigan and serve as a resource for scholars of American medical history.
  • Historical Children's Books(188 clicks)
  • Historical Flags(189 clicks)
    "Historical Flags started in early March of 2001. It was a project aimed at providing large clear images of historical flags on the internet. It started out quite basic, but as the collection of flags grew over the months, it became larger and more complex. "
  • Historical Jesus(170 clicks)
    Course taught by Stanford University professor Thomas Sheehan. Who was the historical Jesus of Nazareth? What did he actually say and do, as contrasted with what early Christians (e.g., Paul and the Gospel writers) believed that he said and did? What did the man Jesus actually think of himself and of his mission, as contrasted with the messianic and even divine claims that the New Testament makes about him? In short, what are the differences—and continuities—between the Jesus who lived and died in history and the Christ who lives on in believers’ faith? Over the last four decades historical scholarship on Jesus and his times—whether conducted by Jews, Christians, or non-believers—has arrived at a strong consensus about what this undeniably historical figure (born ca. 4 BCE, died ca. 30 CE) said and did, and how he presented himself and his message to his Jewish audience. Often that historical evidence about Jesus does not easily dovetail with the traditional doctrines of Christianity. How then might one adjudicate those conflicting claims? This is a course about history, not about faith or theology. It will examine the best available literary and historical evidence about Jesus and his times and will discuss methodologies for interpreting that evidence, in order to help participants make their own judgments and draw their own conclusions. Presented by the Stanford Continuing Studies Program. Released with a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license.
  • Historical Method(170 clicks)
  • Historical Origins and Development of Racism(197 clicks)
    By George M. Fredrickson
  • Historical Research for Higher Degrees in the United Kingdom(180 clicks)
  • Historical Sounds in MP3 Format(173 clicks)
    "This collection of audio files is intended to archive the greatest speeches in recorded history. Most of the files are from the 20th century, but there are a few exceptions, such as the Edison recordings. Feel free to download, distribute, and learn from these audio files!"
    HISTORICALLY SPEAKING features lively essays, interviews, and forums. Many prominent historians have appeared in our pages, including: Danielle Allen, Niall Ferguson, David Hackett Fischer, Ellen Fitzpatrick, Michael Kammen, John Lukacs, Margaret MacMillan, Pauline Maier, William McNeill, Joseph C. Miller, Geoffrey Parker, Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, and Gordon Wood.
  • Historum(162 clicks)
    Thank you for taking the time to visit Historum. This is a new forum dedicated to serious discussions about some of history's most significant events and influential people. We talk about topics ranging from ancient Egypt and Greece to the American Civil War and World War II. This is an open forum and everyone is welcome to join in on the discussions.
  • History and Culture(174 clicks)
    From the National Geographic
  • History and Historiography(214 clicks)
    Links from the English Server.
  • History and Politics Out Loud(140 clicks)
    Searchable archive of audios of important political speeches.
  • History and Theory(142 clicks)
    History and Theory is an international journal devoted to the theory and philosophy of history. It also manages a discussion network, and sponsors an informational email list.
  • History Channel-Secret Societies(131 clicks)
  • History Cooperative(181 clicks)
    "The History Cooperative is a pioneering nonprofit humanities resource offering top-level online history scholarship. Besides full text, the site also contains collateral content, including multimedia elements that could not be reproduced in the print versions of some articles."
  • History Data Service(153 clicks)
    "The History Data Service collects, preserves, and promotes the use of digital resources, which result from or support historical research, learning and teaching."
  • History Explained(188 clicks)
    The purpose of this web site is to explain the large-scale political, social, and economic problems in the world today. Why is the United States having difficulties with the Arab and Islamic world? Why is it that half of all the countries in the world do not have successful governments and economies? What is going on in emerging and developing nations? What are they emerging from, and what are they developing towards? This includes countries like North Korea, Iran, and Iraq. This web site will use historical data to answer these questions. It will show that the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany, and Japan were once emerging and developing nations themselves. We will look at the recorded history of the problems faced by these countries in their development process in order to understand the problems of developing nations today.
  • History Explorer(203 clicks)
    Smithsonian. "Your gateway to innovative, standards-based online resources for teaching and learning American history, designed and developed by the National Museum of American History as part of Verizon's consortium. Explore the rich resources of the Museum and bring history to life with artifacts, primary sources, and online tools for the classroom, afterschool programs, and home."
  • History Faculty(149 clicks)
    The History Faculty offers FREE video & audio lectures by leading UK historians. Please register for access to all our materials. There's no catch. We will not use your details for any commercial purpose.
  • History for Grownup(223 clicks)
  • History from the Institute for Historical Research(153 clicks)
    Primarily concerned with British matters.
  • History in Color(168 clicks)
    Charles Holman had colorized some photographs of famlous people. In some instances, he had made links to stories about them.
  • History Magazines(159 clicks)
  • History Matters(183 clicks)
    An Undergraduate Journal of Historical Research
  • History News Network(194 clicks)
  • History News Network(144 clicks)
    From George Mason University
  • History News Service(158 clicks)
    "Founded in 1996, the History News Service (HNS) is an informal syndicate of professional historians who seek to improve the public's understanding of current events by setting these events in their historical contexts. HNS carries out its work in three ways: by providing "op-ed" articles to the press, by putting reporters and editors in contact with historians, and by trying to improve links between the news and historical professions."
  • History of Copyright(265 clicks)
  • History of Farming and Cities(218 clicks)
    "Welcome to History Link 101's History of Farming and Cities. Here you will be connected to research notes on the development of farming and cities in the ancient cultures. History Link 101 is designed by a World History Teacher for World History Classes."
  • History of Human Marriage(171 clicks)
    By Edward Westermarck
  • History of Intellectual Culture(182 clicks)
    History of Intellectual Culture (ISSN 1492-7810) is an international peer-reviewed academic electronic journal that provides a forum for publication and discussion of original research on the socio-historical contexts of ideas and ideologies and their relationships to community and state formation, physical environments, human and institutional agency, personal and collective identity, and lived experience. The journal highlights the viability and vibrancy of intellectual history as a scholarly field, presents new perspectives for research and analysis, and promotes critical discussion among researchers, scholars, and students across disciplines.
  • History of Marriage in Western Civilization(175 clicks)
  • History of Nations(161 clicks)
  • History of Religion(177 clicks)
  • History of Sexuality: Resources in the Special Collections Library at Duke University(177 clicks)
    The following are descriptions of manuscript collections and rare books held by the Special Collections Library at Duke. These materials are suggested as possible primary sources for the history of sex, sexuality and the construction of gender. Similar titles and archival collections are available at public, university, and community libraries throughout the world. Contact your local librarian for items available in your area. Feel free to enlist the help of the Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture if you need more information about such materials at Duke.
  • History of the Academy Awards(197 clicks)
    From Movie Star
  • History of the English Language(196 clicks)
  • History of the Photographic Process(190 clicks)
    From Florida Memory
  • History of the World(177 clicks)
  • History of the World(192 clicks)
    Sir Walter Raleigh
  • History On Air(213 clicks)
  • History on the Net(160 clicks)
    The aim of this site is to provide historical information, linked to the United Kingdom Secondary School National Curriculum, that is easy for both children and adults to navigate
  • History Portal(189 clicks)
    History Portal: Search by 20th, 19th, 18th, 17th, 16th century, middle ages, mythology, philosophy, ancient civilizations, legends, revolutions, world wars, monuments
  • History Press, The(190 clicks)
    Community history.
  • History Search(155 clicks)
    A well-designed site with many links.
  • History: Free Courses (208 clicks)
    Get free History courses from the world’s leading universities. You can download these audio & video courses straight to your computer or mp3 player. For more online courses, visit our complete collection of Free Courses.
  • clicks)
    Links by country. All kinds of information.
  • clicks)
    " has articles on specific historical events and broad trends in history. Additionally their is an extensive searchable archive of important events, famous births and deaths spanning hundreds of years."
  • HistoryWorld(154 clicks)
  • HISTOS(190 clicks)
    "'Ancient historiography' includes: the historiographical texts of Greece and Rome; Byzantine historiography; the historiography of other ancient cultures; ancient biography; the influence of historiography and biography on other literary genres; precursors of historiography and biography; modern theory relevant to the study of historiography; and indeed ancient use of non-literary media for the representation of the past."
  • Histoweb(145 clicks)
    French history portal
  • Horizons: Canadian and Russian Landscape Painting (1860-1940) (Virtual Museum of Canada: in English,(157 clicks)
  • Horses and History(145 clicks)
    How the use of the horse formed civilization in Europe and elsewhere.
  • Horus' Web Links to History Resources(180 clicks)
    University of California--Riverside presents this index.
  • Human Prehistory: An Exhibition(225 clicks)
    The evolution of Human Species
  • Humanist Discussion Group(198 clicks)
    Archives since May, 1987.
  • Humanistic Texts(175 clicks)
    From the writings of the authors listed above, Humanistic Texts shows how people around the world gradually develop an understanding of what it is to be human. Multicultural extracts portray the wit, wisdom, and poetry of individuals as they reflect on ethics, philosophy, knowledge, and human relationships.
  • Humanities Research Institute(144 clicks)
    The University of Sheffield has a number of projects in history as it digitizes original documents.
  • Humbul Humanities Hub(180 clicks)
    Online History resources.
  • Hyper History(180 clicks)
  • Identities: How Governed, Who Pays?(161 clicks)
    Book by H.B. Paksoy, distinguished historian of Central Asia
  • If It Were My Home(170 clicks)
  • II International Congress "History under Debate"(146 clicks)
    Proceedings, II International Congress "History under Debate," 14 - 18 july 1999
  • Important Events in Human History(139 clicks)
  • Important Points of Historical Writing(179 clicks)
  • In the First Person(172 clicks)
    This release of In the First Person provides in-depth indexing of more than 2,500 collections of oral history in English from around the world.
  • Index Mundi(156 clicks)
    Welcome to Index Mundi, home of the Internet's most complete country profiles. This site contains detailed country information, charts, and maps compiled from multiple sources.
  • Indian Ocean History(170 clicks)
  • Information Clearing House(178 clicks)
    This website does not suggest that it contains the "truth". The truth is a combination of all information and all facts relating to a topic. It is therefore unachievable (in my opinion) for anyone to say "I know the truth." If you came to this site in search of "the truth" you will be disappointed. That is also true of CNN, FOX , ABC etc. If you came to gather information you may find it a useful resource. Gibran says in the "Prophet" Say not, "I have found the truth," but rather, "I have found a truth." That brings me to my first point: John Adams said "Liberty can not be preserved without general knowledge among people" this statement points to the absolute necessity of an informed citizenry if our nation is to remain a functioning free society. This means that each citizen has a civic responsibility to inform himself and share that information with others. The corporate media pumps information into our homes and does a great job of providing the information that our government wants us to know. It has in my opinion become the propaganda arm of government, and a great number of those who call themselves journalists are in fact nothing less than presstitutes. Those who wish to inhibit free access to information are in my opinion a great danger to our nation. Why would any adult interfere with the right of fellow citizens to inform themselves? There is a war going on for the minds of America, those waging this war are determined to control the American people by taking possession of our minds and by controlling our sources of information. Truth is indefinable. Information is unlimited.
  • Information Literacy Guidelines and Competencies for Undergraduate History Students(185 clicks)
  • Innovation History(161 clicks)
  • Institute for War and Peace Reporting(153 clicks)
    " IWPR manages major programmes in the Balkans, Caucasus and Central Asia, with a special project on the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal and a new project on Afghanistan. It maintains offices in Almaty, Belgrade, Bishkek, Pristina, Skopje, Tashkent and The Hague and representatives in Baku, Sarajevo, Tbilisi, Tirana, Yerevan and Zagreb. Its home office is in London. "
  • Institute of Historical Research, London(181 clicks)
    The IHR has been offering an Internet service to the history community from the summer of 1993 up to the present day. We attempt to provide a comprehensive web site for History in the UK and beyond
  • Inter-University Consortium for Polticsl and Social Research(171 clicks)
    "The Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), established in 1962, is an integral part of the infrastructure of social science research. ICPSR maintains and provides access to a vast archive of social science data for research and instruction, and offers training in quantitative methods to facilitate effective data use."
  • International Relations and Security Network(161 clicks)
    Great database from Switzerland
  • International Terrorism and Security Research(167 clicks)
  • Internet for Historians(171 clicks)
  • Internet Guide to History(169 clicks)
    Patrick Reagan's fine site. He has also publishd a book on this subject.
  • Internet Movie Database(213 clicks)
    Great for finding movies for cinema history
  • Jamaica: Disaster - The Earthquake of 1907(172 clicks)
  • James Lind: A Treatise of the Scurvy(215 clicks)
    From James Lind: A Treatise of the Scurvy in Three Parts. Containing an inquiry into the Nature, Causes and Cure of that Disease, together with a Critical and Chronological View of what has been published on the subject. A. Millar, London, 1753.
  • Jewish Culture and History(151 clicks)
  • Jewish History, Librarians' Internet Index(206 clicks)
  • John Locke, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding(169 clicks)
    Classic philosophical work.
  • Journal for MultiMedia History(184 clicks)
    Great site with numerous articles
  • Journal of World-System Research(199 clicks)
    Electronic journal.
  • Journals: History Cooperative(155 clicks)
  • Karl Marx by Frederick Engels(198 clicks)
    "Short bio based on Engels' version written at the end of July 1868 for the German literary newspaper Die Gartenlaube -- whose editors decided against using it. Engels rewrote it around July 28, 1869 and it was published in Die Zukunft, No. 185, August 11, 1869"
  • LibriVox provides free audiobooks from the public domain. (170 clicks)
  • Links for Students of History and the Social Sciences(159 clicks)
  • Lives(160 clicks)
    This site does not include biographies of living people. Links point to posthumous biographies.
  • MacroHistory: Prehistory to the 21st Century(170 clicks)
  • Marxist Internet Archive(167 clicks)
  • Marxists(158 clicks)
  • Mashing up history on Google Maps(198 clicks)
    Mashing up places of historical significance on a Google Map is one of the most interesting developments in the area of historical research. Now people everywhere can create their own historical maps and use them to explore their surroundings and develop a greater sense of awareness of what took place nearby.
  • Math explains history(175 clicks)
    Simulation accurately captures the evolution of ancient complex societies
  • Meeting God: Elements of Hindu Devotion(176 clicks)
  • Memory of the World(157 clicks)
    "This site aims to offer a listing of major digitized heritage collections and on-going digitization programmes worldwide. It is hoped that this will provide a single focal point of information on digitized collections. This site will act as the 'Memory of the World' virtual library offering direct access to those collections, where permission to link has been granted."
  • Men and Violence(192 clicks)
    Gender, Honor, and Rituals in Modern Europe and America. Edited by Pieter Spierenburg
  • Methods of Research and Writing for History(175 clicks)
  • Military Aircraft Database(189 clicks)
  • Military History Videos(160 clicks)
    Military History Videos for sale. So many users want this kind of video that we've added a link to this outstanding selection.
  • MIT OpenCourseWare » History(176 clicks)
    The MIT History Faculty offers about 70 subjects in the areas of Ancient, North American, European, East Asian, and Middle Eastern history. Students are encouraged to study the past from a variety of perspectives - social, economic, cultural, and political - and to understand the world they inhabit as a product of historical processes.
  • MKodak and the Rise of Amateur Photography(192 clicks)
  • Modern World History(200 clicks)
    From the BBC. Treaty of Versailles onwards.
  • Monsters of the Sea: The Great Ocean Liners of Time(178 clicks)
  • Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry(180 clicks)
    By Pike, Albert, 1809-1891
  • Motion Pictures(220 clicks)
    The Technology, History, People, etc.
  • Movie and Film History(213 clicks)
    Guide to the Web
  • Multilaterals Project(155 clicks)
  • Museum of Yo-Yo History(151 clicks)
    You have found the most comprehensive archive of yo-yo images, historical memorabilia, and information in the world.
  • National Coordinating Committee for the Promotion of History(186 clicks)
    "ince 1982, the National Coordinating Committee for the Promotion of History (NCC) has served as a national advocacy office for historical and archival professions. A consortium of 60 organizations, the NCC represents historical and archival professions on issues involving federal funding and policy issues that have an impact on historical research and teaching, access to government information, employment of historians, public policy issues relating to history, historic preservation, and the dissemination of historical information."
  • Natural History of Peace, A(163 clicks)
    By Robert M. Sapolsky. From Foreign Affairs, January/February 2006
  • Nature of Historical Writing, The(138 clicks)
  • New England Regional World History Association(207 clicks)
    "This website contains information on NERWHA's history, goals, and mission. In addition there are links to NERWHA newsletters, and information about previous electronic conferences and fall symposia."
  • Newseum(167 clicks)
    "The Newseum displays these daily newspaper front pages in their original, unedited form. Some front pages may contain material that is objectionable to some visitors. Viewer discretion is advised."
  • clicks)
  • Newsreels(187 clicks)
    View and download historic film clips and images. Many of these short movies, from 1930-60s, were popular in movie theaters. They were shown just before the movie begins, usually followed by a cartoon (see our cartoon section), then the feature presentation (see our movie index).
  • Nicea, First Council of(195 clicks)
  • Not Even Past(154 clicks)
    Not Even Past provides dynamic, accessible, short articles on every field of History. Founded in 2010 and developed by the Department of History at the University of Texas at Austin, Not Even Past speaks to everyone interested in the past and in the ways the past lives on in the present
  • Notes on nursing : what it is, and what it is not(174 clicks)
    Anyone who has heard the marvelous recording of Florence Nightingale's voice at the British library barking out "I leave my voice for future generations", will be familiar with the tone of this short work; its matter of fact style is quite deceptive. Florence was actually a very subtle and sharp thinker. This is a text kept in libraries out of a sense of propriety, but which is rarely read and whose implications are even more rarely grasped. I won't write the essay here , but if you are interested in the foundations of nursing and the woman whose reforms of hospitals made the achievements of modern medicine possible - read it.
  • Notre Dame Archives, University of(197 clicks)
    The University Archives is responsible for the collection, maintenance, and preservation of the official records of the University of Notre Dame as well as other records that document the life of the Catholic Church and her people as lived in the American context.
  • OAH Jobs Online(223 clicks)
    From the Organization for American Historians.
  • OECD Tax Database(140 clicks)
    The OECD tax database provides comparative information on a range of tax statistics - tax revenues, personal income taxes, non-tax compulsory payments, corporate and capital income taxes and taxes on consumption - that are levied in the 34 OECD member countries.
  • Old Magazines(194 clicks)
  • Old World Contacts(143 clicks)
    "This tutorial focuses on the travellers of Eurasian and African history between 330 BCE and 1500 CE. It introduces students to the agents of contact: the merchants, military men, missionaries, and others who journeyed far from their homelands. It examines the foreign items and ideas these people transported with them across the vast landscape and surrounding seas of three continents. Finally, this tutorial explores how cross-cultural contacts and exchanges affected the Old World's diverse cultural communities through time."
  • Omeka(178 clicks)
    A partnership of CHNM and the Minnesota Historical Society, Omeka is a next-generation web publishing platform for museums, historical societies, scholars, enthusiasts, and educators. Omeka provides cultural institutions and individuals with easy-to-use software for publishing collections and creating attractive, standards-based, interoperable online exhibits. Free and open-source, Omeka is designed to satisfy the needs of institutions that lack technical staffs and large budgets. Bringing Web 2.0 technologies and approaches historical and cultural websites, Omeka fosters the kind of user interaction and participation that is central to the mission public scholarship and education.
  • Oswald Spengler, The Decline of the West(163 clicks)
    Excerpts from this philosophical work about history
  • Out There News(179 clicks)
    Unfiltered and frontline about conflicts.
  • Oxford Text Archive(217 clicks)
    Rich repository of texts in electronic form and in various languages
  • Paisano(204 clicks)
    The Online History journal from the Phi Alpha Theta chapter of the University of Texas-Austin.
  • Peopling North America: Population: Movements & Migration(151 clicks)
    "An historical overview of migratory movements, this tutorial focuses on diasporas to and within Canada, the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean from Europe, Asia, and Africa. Population movements have been occurring for tens of thousands of years and continue to the present day. We shall examine the demographic, economic, cultural, and political nature of major movements, as well as consider their growth and development, their regional and global causes, and their impact."
  • Peter & Paul and the Christian Revolution(202 clicks)
    PBS video
  • Philosopher's corner(410 clicks)
  • Photo Tampering Through Historu(180 clicks)
    Don't believe what you see.
  • Picture History(183 clicks)
    Useful commercial site
  • Podcasts--NY Military Affairs Symposium(180 clicks)
  • Political Graphics, Center for the Study of(192 clicks)
    The Center for the Study of Political Graphics collects, preserves, and exhibits posters relating to historical and contemporary movements for social change. Through its varied programs, CSPG is reclaiming the power of art to educate and inspire people to action
  • Portals to the World(199 clicks)
    Portals to the World contains selective links providing authoritative, in-depth information about the nations and other areas of the world. They are arranged by country or area with the links for each sorted into a wide range of broad categories. The links were selected by Area Specialists and other Library staff using Library of Congress selection criteria.
  • Printer, Publisher, Peddler: The Business of the Jewish Book(162 clicks)
  • Printers and Bookmaking Technology in the 17th Century(143 clicks)
  • Printing in the 17th Century(172 clicks)
  • Race: The Power of an Illusion(180 clicks)
  • Radical History Review(164 clicks)
    "RHR rejects conventional notions of scholarly neutrality and "objectivity,"and approaches history from an engaged, critical, political stance; • RHR analyzes and challenges hierarchies of class, race, gender, sexuality,and empire from a variety of oppositional perspectives; • RHR's scope is international and global; • RHR refuses to limit itself to one facet of historical study, addressingeconomics, politics, and culture -- and the interconnections between them; • And RHR breaks with the academic journal format by offeringa range of features in every issue . . ."
  • Ragz International(144 clicks)
    World history topics: Ancient Mesopotamia, Sumeria, Babylon, Amorites, Elamites, Hyksos, Guti, Chaldeans, Akkadians, Hittites, Persia, Greece, Rome, Egypt, Hieroglyphics, Cuneiform, Archeology, Gothic, Art, Renaissance, Philosophy, Historical Documents, American Presidents, American Civil War, American Revolution, World War One, World War Two, European History, The Enlightenment, Franks, Visigoths, Goths, American History, Archeology, Anthropology, Human Origins, Crusades, Reformation, Holy Roman Empire, Carthage
  • Rare and Manuscript Collections --Cornell(203 clicks)
    The Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections includes 400,000 printed volumes, more than 70 million manuscripts, and another million photographs, paintings, prints, and other visual media. The Rare Book collections document the history of the written word from ancient clay cuneiform tablets to an extensive representation of works by 20th-century authors. The collections support research in fields such as medieval and Renaissance studies, the Reformation, 18th-century France and England, American history, Anglo-American literature, Icelandic history and culture, the history of science, and women's studies. Other collections focus on medicine, ornithology, witchcraft, human sexuality, the graphic arts, New York state history and agriculture, and architecture and city planning. The Division also houses the Cornell University Archives, which includes records of the founding and growth of the university as well as an extensive collection documenting regional history. These collections are located on Level 2B of the Carl A. Kroch Library, where students, faculty and independent scholars will find an ideal setting for research and instruction.
  • Raúl Alfonsín(197 clicks)
  • Red Flag(181 clicks)
    As the twentieth century rushes toward its conclusion, People's Century looks back at the story of our times. This award-winning, twenty-six part PBS television series offers new insight into the turbulent events of these hundred years through the revealing personal testimony of the people who lived them.
  • Reportret(214 clicks)
    "A reportret is a reconstructed portrait, or a portrait that goes back in time. In many cases a contemporary image of a certain personality from world history is not on hand."‘
  • Research in Computing in Humanities(144 clicks)
    The Universty of Kentucky institute is extensive.
  • Resource for Historic & Cultural Resource Preservation(141 clicks) is a research tool and resource for preservation organizations, restoration professionals and the general public.
  • Responses to War(209 clicks)
  • Richard J Evans , The Future of History(171 clicks)
    "What is History? EH Carr's famous question has been answered by post-modernists who argue that writing history is simply about power, and that all interpretations are equally valid. Richard J Evans says the post-modernists (and Carr) are wrong."
  • Robert Owen, 1771-1858(209 clicks)
    The famous socialist thinker and philanthropist who inspired socialist communities.
  • Saint Nicholas: Discovering theTruth About Santa Claus(161 clicks)
  • Samuel de Champlain, Voyages(145 clicks)
    "Introduction to Samuel de Champlain's voyages France, together with Portugal, Holland, Sweden, and England, followed the lead of Spain. Each nation envied the growing wealth and power of Spain that were derived from its possessions in the New World. Each nation, therefore, saw its future position as dependent upon New World colonies. The first French voyager of note was Jacques Cartier, who began his explorations of North America in 1534. But Samuel de Champlain was responsible for a series of French explorations into North America in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries that resulted in the founding of the first successful French colony at Quebec in 1608. The passage is taken from Champlain's writings, the sense of European competition, particularly with Spain, for the New World is well-developed."
  • Science, Magic, and Religion: History 2D, UCLA (223 clicks)
    Professor Courtenay Raia lectures on science and religion as historical phenomena that have evolved over time. Examines the earlier mind-set before 1700 when into science fitted elements that came eventually to be seen as magical. The course also question how Western cosmologies became "disenchanted." Magical tradition transformed into modern mysticisms is also examined as well as the political implications of these movements. Includes discussion concerning science in totalitarian settings as well as "big science" during the Cold War.
  • Sea Power: 1652-1860(145 clicks)
  • Search H-NET Discussion Groups(207 clicks)
    Search H-LATAM and H-MEXICO among other discussion groups
  • Secret societies of all ages and countries, The. (167 clicks)
    By Charles William Heckethorn. Published 1875 by R. Bentley and son in London
  • Secular Web(188 clicks)
  • Sewer History(156 clicks)
  • Sexuality & Modernity(187 clicks)
  • Show World(140 clicks)
    SELECT a subject from the top menu and watch the countries on the map change their size. Instead of land mass, the size of each country will represent the data for that subject --both its share of the total and absolute value.
  • Sidney Webb: Utilitarianism, Positivism, and Social Democracy(197 clicks)
  • Sikhism(159 clicks)
  • Slave Movement During the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries(140 clicks)
    "This site provides access to the raw data and documentation which contains information on the following slave trade topics from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries: records of slave ship movement between Africa and the Americas, slave ships of eighteenth century France, slave trade to Rio de Janeiro, Virginia slave trade in the eighteenth century, English slave trade (House of Lords Survey), Angola slave trade in the eighteenth century, internal slave trade to Rio de Janeiro, slave trade to Havana, Cuba, Nantes slave trade in the eighteenth century, and slave trade to Jamaica."
  • soc.history(138 clicks)
    A usenet discussion group which is unmoderated and, thus, one is likely to all kinds of ideas. Searchable.
  • soc.history.moderated(199 clicks)
    soc.history.moderated, a newsgroup for general historical discussion, presently moderated by a group of four people.
  • Socialism and Marxism(193 clicks)
    "Socialism is an ideology whose defining condition is ownership of the means of production by the government or by a collective." This is college course site.
  • Society for Military History(211 clicks)
    The Society is devoted to stimulating and advancing the study of military history. Its membership (today more than 2300) has included many of the nation's most prominent scholars, soldiers, and citizens interested in military history.
  • Society for the History of Discoveries(162 clicks)
    The Society for the History of Discoveries was formed to stimulate interest in teaching, research, and publishing the history of geographical exploration. The scope of the Society's activities encompasses the discovery, exploration, and mapping of the earth's land and sea surface from earliest times
  • Society of Architectural Historians(249 clicks)
    "Founded in 1940, the Society encourages scholarly research in the field and promotes the preservation of significant architectural monuments that are an integral part of our worldwide historical and cultural heritage."
  • Spanish Stamps(182 clicks)
    A stamp album about the History of Medieval Spain. Relive the history trough the stamps. Free album pages to download and important links colection.
  • Special Reports(210 clicks)
    Buy reports on specialized topics.
  • Spinning Clio(185 clicks)
  • Storia della Storiografia(224 clicks)
    History of historiography
  • Story of My Home(157 clicks)
    The Story of My Home lets you become your own historian. You can document your life and leave a record for old friends, family and even historians to use when piecing together a history of your life, or of your neighborhood's development. This is a cultural preservation tool that lets a family's experiences live on even if a home becomes a teardown or infill development candidate.
  • Strange adventures of Captain Quinton(158 clicks)
    The strange adventures of Captain Quinton being a truthful record of the experiences and escapes of Robert Quinton during his life among the cannibals of the South seas, as set down by himself. Published 1912 by The Christian herald in New York .
  • Studies in the World History of Slavery, Abolition and Emancipation(197 clicks)
    "An occasional publication featuring essays, documents, images, bibliographies and database information relevant to the history of slavery, abolition, and emancipation."
  • Studies in the World History of Slavery, Abolition and Emancipation(161 clicks)
    "Studies in the World History of Slavery, Abolition and Emancipation (ISSN: 1090-6231) is an occasional publication featuring essays, documents, images, bibliographies and database information relevant to the history of slavery, abolition, and emancipation. The journal is intended to provide a global context for slave studies. The project is intended also to link scholars in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Although the project's primary means of dissemination is electronic, printed copies can be made available to scholars and libraries that lack access to the Internet."
  • StudyWeb(192 clicks)
    All kinds of history, guides, etc. Also by grade level
  • Submarine warfare, past and present (1907)(172 clicks)
    Submarine warfare, past and present Herbert C. Fyfe Submarine warfare, past and present Close Submarine warfare, past and present by Herbert C. Fyfe Add Cover Image Book Covers Close * Add * Manage Submarine warfare, past and present 2d ed., rev. by John Leyland. With fifty-four illustrations. by Herbert C. Fyfe ... With an introduction by Admiral the Hon. Sir Edmund Fremantle ... Published 1907 by E.G. Richards in London .
  • Submarines: the "Monge"--the "H.3"--the "U.C.12"--Ours ... (143 clicks)
    Publications of the Special department of the Ministry of marine. Published 1916 by Alfieri & Lacroix in Milan . By Guido Milanesi
  • Tale of Three Cities(168 clicks)
    Alexandra in 1 A.D., Cordoba in 1000 A.D., NewYork City in 2000 A.D. How life has and has not changed. Done by the National Geographic.
  • Television(255 clicks)
  • Terrorism and Political Violence(214 clicks)
    An International Bibliography on : International and Transnational Terrorism - Autonomy and Independence Movements - Guerrilla Warfare - Urban Guerrilla - Bombs and Bombings - Assassination - Terrorists - Insurgency and Counterinsurgency - Hijacking of Aircraft - Intelligence Services - Secret Services - Hostage-Taking Embassy Takeovers - Protest Movements - Riots - Urban Violence - Secret Wars - Civil Wars - Low Intensity Conflicts - Coup d'Etat - Vigilantism - Death Squads - Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Threat-Warfare - State-Sponsored Terrorism - State Violence - Civil Rights - Torture - Brainwashing Mind Control - Genocide - Herbicidal Warfare - Agent Orange - Yellow Rain - Depleted Uranium - War Crimes - Mass Murders - Serial Murders - Organized Crime - Mafias - Camorra - Drug Traffic - Triads Yakuza - Street Violence - Motorcycle Gangs - Law Aspects - Victimology - Psychological and Sociological Aspects - Moral and Religious Aspects - Links of Terrorist Groups - Fascism - Theories Revolutions - Geographic Subdivision of Terrorism.
  • Terrorism Knowledge Database(179 clicks)
    Developed by the National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism (MIPT), the Terrorism Knowledge Base offers in-depth information on terrorist incidents, groups, and trials.
  • That Whacky Millenium~(169 clicks)
    " or Stuff That Happened from 1001 C.E. to 2000 C.E." Informative and fun from Roger M. Wilcox.
  • The Association for History and Computing(160 clicks)
    "H-AHC. The Association for History and Computing exists to encourage and maintain interest in the use of computers in all types of historical studies at all levels, in both teaching and research."
  • The Avalon Project(182 clicks)
    Yale University project supplying documents to the world.
  • The Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale(178 clicks)
    A Guide to the Collections; searchable database.
  • The British-American Tobacco Document Collection: Internal Documents from the Guildford Depository(155 clicks)
    "The British-American Tobacco Document Collection: Internal Documents from the Guildford Depository Search the Collection -- Select this link to access over 2,000 tobacco industry documents about the British-American Tobacco Document Collection. These documents represent a small subset of a print collection of over 8 million pages of documents from the British-American Tobacco Company (BATCo), held at the Guildford Document Depository in Guildford, England. These documents were produced through the legal discovery process for a successful suit by the Attorney General of Minnesota and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Minnesota against the major tobacco companies. The suit was settled in 1998."
  • The Centre for Research into Freemasonry(138 clicks)
    "The Centre for Research into Freemasonry was established by the University of Sheffield in the academic session 2000-2001. The Centre undertakes and promotes objective scholarly research into the historical, social and cultural impact of freemasonry, particularly in Britain. Freemasonry is a rich field of investigation which has been largely neglected by professional humanities scholars in Britain. The Centre for Research into Freemasonry will create bibliographies, guides to research resources, and other materials to facilitate such research, as well as running an active public programme of lectures, seminars and conferences, and developing its own large-scale research projects."
  • The Communist Nations Since 1917(194 clicks)
    by ANNA CIENCIALA. December, 1999.
  • The EServer(144 clicks)
    The EServer (founded in 1990 as the English Server) attempts to provide an alternative niche for quality work. We offer 42 collections on such diverse topics as contemporary art, race, Internet studies, sexuality, drama, design, multimedia, accessible publishing and current political and social issues. In addition to written works, we publish hypertext, audio and even video recordings.
  • The Fernand Braudel Center(166 clicks)
    for the Study of Economies, Historical Systems, and Civilizations
  • The First Coming: How the Kingdom of God Became Christianity(155 clicks)
    Thomas Sheehan analyses the historical background of Jesus and his teachings, and finds, amidst variously-conceived messianic expectations among Jews of the time, the probable content of what Jesus taught: a message of God's definitive presence among humankind, with radical implications for social justice and personal ethics. Sheehan argues that Jesus thought of himself not as God or Christ but as God's eschatological prophet proclaiming the arrival of God's kingdom, that the resurrection had nothing to do with Jesus coming back to life, and that the affirmation that Jesus was divine first arose among his followers long after his death.
  • The First Coming: How the Kingdom of God Became Christianity(212 clicks)
    book by Stanford University scholar Thomas Sheehan
  • The Gospel Truth: Sometimes A Little Hazy(184 clicks)
  • The Historian Underground(197 clicks)
    A site that criticizes traditional historiography and historical method from a post-modern and philisophical perspective. This site examines the educators and acedemics role in terms of history for life, with an emphasis on movements in Cultural Studies. Topics include the influence of Nietzsche, Heidegger, Bataille, post-structuralism, etc.
  • The History Buff(180 clicks)
    The Discovery Channel presents press coverage from the past.
  • The History Calendar(207 clicks)
    General site, mostly US
  • The History Carper(194 clicks)
    We provide primary source documents and histories for scholars and those who just have an interest in history.
  • The History Channel(149 clicks)
    The Web site for the TV program
  • The History Guide(153 clicks)
    "The History Guide is an Internet-based subject gateway to scholarly relevant information in history with a focus on Anglo-American history and the history of Central and Western Europe. Meanwhile it is maintained in cooperation between Göttingen State and University Library (History Guide) and Bavarian State Library (InformationsWeiser Geschichte). Resources are described and evaluated with a set of Dublin Core metadata."
  • The History Journals Guide(163 clicks)
    "The History Journals Guide is an international directory for journals and discussion lists in the fields of history and archaeology. History is understood in a broad sense as the study of the past including all periods, all regions and all fields. The HJG covers scientific and popular-scientific, current and ceased, frequently or irregularly appearing, and interdisciplinary periodicals and lists."
  • The History Net(149 clicks)
    Large, sophisticated site
  • The History of Espionage(175 clicks)
    Spying and the institutions that spy.
  • The Internet Public Library: History Texts(185 clicks)
    Links to texts.
  • The Media History Project(158 clicks)
    Promoting the study of media history.
  • The Omnivore(189 clicks)
    " The Omnivore (tm) is a fast, comprehensive, and intuitively easy-to-use point of entry into the myriad sources of news on the Web. Taking the "World-Wide" part of the Web seriously, the Omnivore is truly global in scope. "
  • The On-Line Books Page(136 clicks)
    The On-Line Books Page is a website that facilitates access to books that are freely readable over the Internet.
  • The UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History(257 clicks)
    "The UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History is organized to collect, preserve, study, interpret, exhibit, and publish art and material culture primarily from Africa, Asia, Oceania, Native and Latin America, past and present. It is committed to presenting highly contextualized interpretive exhibitions, publications, and public programming heavily informed by interdisciplinary approaches and by the perspectives of the cultures being represented."
  • The Wilfred Owen Multimedia Digital Archive(163 clicks)
    Excellent site.
  • Thinking in Public(163 clicks)
  • Thomas Paine, Age of Reason(173 clicks)
    Published by the Revolution to Reconstruction Web site.
  • Thomas Paine, The Rights of Man(149 clicks)
    By the leftist who helped spark the American Revolution.
  • Thoughts on Slavery, 1774(184 clicks)
    By John Wesley, Anglican clergyman and a founder of Methodism.
  • Tiempos Modernos(177 clicks)
    Journal dedicated to history of XVI, XVII and XVIII centurys, with articles and others materials
  • Time Magazine 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century(139 clicks)
  • Time Stripes(169 clicks)
    Journeys in Time
  • To What Extent Was Keynes's General Theory Revolutionary ...(218 clicks)
  • Today in History(197 clicks)
    From the History Channel
  • Top Biography Resource Portal.(172 clicks)
    Provides Online Full Text Biography Collection includes Famous Historical Figures.
  • Traditions of Magic(185 clicks)
  • Turning the Pages(209 clicks)
    "Turning the Pages is an award-winning interactive display system developed by The British Library to increase public access and enjoyment of some of its most valuable treasures.

    Visitors are able to virtually "turn" the pages of manuscripts in an incredibly realistic way, using touch-screen technology and animation. They can zoom in on the high quality digitised images and read or listen to notes explaining the beauty and significance of each page. There are other features specific to the individual manuscripts - in the Leonardo notebook, for example, a mirror button turns the text round so visitors can try to read his famous mirror handwriting."

  • Understanding the World Today(134 clicks)
    Goal: Bring together knowledge of our social, political and economic world. Where we are, how we got here, and where we are going. A solid understanding of the world is the first step for improving living conditions of all people throughout the world.
  • UNESCO Photobank(137 clicks)
    "PHOTOBANK is a selection of UNESCO's collection of photographs and slides made available online to professionals and to the public at large. The collection --covering a wide range of subjects related to the Organization's fields of competence: education, science, culture and communication-- was started in 1946 when UNESCO was founded and currently contains over 10,000 digitalized images."
  • Untying the knot: a short history of divorce (171 clicks)
  • Urban Legends(212 clicks)
  • Vestris Disaster(177 clicks)
  • Veterans Organizations and Support Groups(359 clicks)
    This page contains information and links to Vietnam Veteran's organizations and support groups throughout the world. This information is provided "as is," and no endorsement of these groups is intended. Please contact these groups at their addresses provided to obtain further information.
  • Villanova University Digital Library(146 clicks)
  • Violence, History of(196 clicks)
    By Steven Pinker
  • Virtual books(174 clicks)
    The video shows how you can use our award-winning 'Turning the Pages™' software to leaf through our great books and magnify the details. Choose the volume you'd like to see from the lists below. British Library
  • Voices of History(188 clicks)
    Sound Recordings
  • Voices of History(171 clicks)
    Voices of history archive. Listen to some of the most famous speeches and broadcasts of the yesteryear.
  • Voices of History--Free Old time Radio Shows(147 clicks)
  • Wait But Why(192 clicks)
    Putting Time In Perspective
  • War, Peace and Security WWW Server(186 clicks)
    Exquisite resource provided by the Canadian Forces College
  • War, Slavery, and Emancipation(159 clicks)
    # Stephanie McCurry, Professor of History at the University of Pennsylvania, discusses the impact of war and conscription on the emancipation of slaves throughout the Western Hemisphere. Often, slaves have been able to exploit the conditions of war -- such as a lack of manpower -- to their advantage. podcast
  • Web Sites Related to the Witchcraft Bibliography Project(172 clicks)
    Across the Western world.
  • Web Sources for Military History(160 clicks)
    Done by Richard Jensen
  • What the World Thinks in 2002(201 clicks)
    The first section of the report looks at how people evaluate their lives and concerns. Section II focuses on public attitudes toward national conditions and institutions. Section III examines public views of the world and global threats. Section IV analyzes how the people of the world view the United States.
  • WhoWhatWhen(176 clicks)
    Interactive historical timelines.
  • Witchcraft(183 clicks)
    " Welcome to the Witchcraft Collection The Cornell University Library Witchcraft Collection is an online selecton of titles from the Cornell University Library's extensive collection of materials on Witchcraft. The Witchcraft Collection is a rich source for students and scholars of the history of superstition and witchcraft persecution in Europe. It documents the earliest and the latest manifestations of the belief in witchcraft as well as its geographical boundaries, and elaborates this history with works on canon law, the Inquisition, torture, demonology, trial testimony, and narratives. Most importantly, the collection focuses on witchcraft not as folklore or anthropology, but as theology and as religious heresy."
  • World Cultures(196 clicks)
  • World Digital Library(153 clicks)
    "The World Digital Library will make available on the Internet, free of charge and in multilingual format, significant primary materials from cultures around the world, including manuscripts, maps, rare books, musical scores, recordings, films, prints, photographs, architectural drawings, and other significant cultural materials. The objectives of the World Digital Library are to promote international and inter-cultural understanding and awareness, provide resources to educators, expand non-English and non-Western content on the Internet, and to contribute to scholarly research."
  • World Heritage(201 clicks)
    UNESCO project to preserve cultural and natural heritage sites.
  • World Heritage as seen through postage stamps(196 clicks)
    At present stamps and philatelic material from 768 properties in 136 different nations are online ( 2006-10-13 )
  • World History(169 clicks)
  • World History Association(194 clicks)
    The WHA is the foremost organization for the promotion of world history through the encouragement of teaching, research, and publication. It was founded in 1982 by a group of teachers and academics determined to address the needs and interests of what was then a newly emerging historical sub-discipline and teaching field.
  • World History Compass(178 clicks)
    Its immediate goal is to provide links to history sites anywhere in the world.
  • World History: People, Places, Events(179 clicks)
    At our mission is to bring history to life for everyone on the planet. We believe history can come to life for you when you learn about how your parents, grandparents, and ancestors fit into history. Your own family may have left records that can add to the story of the world. History also comes to life when you read firsthand accounts from eyewitnesses who experienced history as it happened -- those who fought in great battles, experienced political events, watched governments rise and fall, started great companies, or invented new machines. Much of what we do at is gather up the historical records and organize them into topical timelines that are easy to search or browse.
  • World Wide Topsites(187 clicks)
    Directory of sites
  • World's indigenous and tribal people(167 clicks)
    About 6 percent or 350 million of the world's population, are indigenous or tribal people. They belong to some of the 5.000 ethnic groups that are to be find around the globe, often called as we understand them; remote regions.
  • Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race(165 clicks)
    By Jared Diamond, University of California at Los Angeles Medical School, Discover Magazine, May 1987, Pages 64-66
  • Year By Year 1900-2003(183 clicks)
  • zFacts on Controversial Topics(165 clicks)
  • Zwerdling Nursing Archives(152 clicks)
    " The ZNA specializes in rare art and photographic postcards dating from 1893 to 2002 related to the nursing profession worldwide. The primary functions of the ZNA are to preserve these images and to make them accessible to the nursing profession and to those associated with it. The Archives comprises over 4700 postcards selected for historic significance, artistic composition, and condition. 71 countries are represented."