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  • History of Mathematics(159 clicks)
    From Math Archives
  • History of Mathematics(131 clicks)
    Ancient to modern
  • History of Mathematics(106 clicks)
    Small site
  • Images of Mathematicians on Postage Stamps(104 clicks)
    Updated regularly
  • Internet Resources for Latin America(114 clicks)
    From New Mexico State University
  • Mathematical Atlas(106 clicks)
  • Nobel Prize Winners and Famous Hungarians(102 clicks)
    "Did you know that the developers of the atomic bomb; the holograph; moon rover; Model T Ford; and the fathers of binary code, BASIC and computer programming; nuclear engineering; the California wine industry; the U.S. Cavalry; full-length motion pictures; and of the U.S. aerospace industry are all Hungarian-Americans? And what about Joseph Pulitzer, of "Pulitzer Prize" fame? He was responsible for raising the funds needed to erect the Statue of Liberty. The statue sat disassembled, with New York refusing to pay for construction. Pulitzer's idea was to place the name of anyone giving a donation for the project in his newspaper - now that's snob appeal! And can you believe there was a Hungarian King of Madagascar?"
  • Past Notable Women of Computing & Mathematics(120 clicks)
    Honoring the close connection between mathematics and computing, TAP provides information on pioneers in both areas.
  • The MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive(113 clicks)
    Biographies are among the features of this site