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  • 1952-1954, Guatemala(126 clicks)
    Foreign Relations, 1952-1954 Guatemala Editor: Susan Holly General Editor: David S. Patterson
  • A Case History of Communist Penetration, Guatemala(97 clicks)
    "This pamphlet discusses communist colonial expansion attempts, into the Western Hemisphere, by gaining political control of the government of Guatemala. Collaborating writer, Dulles, John F.; Author, Department of State. Government Printing Office, April 1957."
  • CIA and Assassinations: The Guatemala 1954 Documents(112 clicks)
    Documents the involvement of the CIA in the overthrow of the Arbenz government
  • CIA and Assassinations: The Guatemala 1954 Documents(106 clicks)
    These documents, including an instructional guide on assassination found among the training files of the CIA's covert "Operation PBSUCCESS," were among several hundred records released by the Agency on May 23, 1997 on its involvement in the infamous 1954 coup in Guatemala
  • El Movimiento de Liberación Nacional(99 clicks)
    The site says: " El Movimiento de Liberación Nacional está hipotecado a los deseos de nuestro pueblo y a las esperanzas de todo un Continente que quiere una Guatemala que no sea un peligro para la seguridad y la paz."
  • Guatemala Documentation Project(101 clicks)
    Fron the National Security Archive
  • Guatemala Documentation Project(87 clicks)
  • Guatemala: Memory of Silence(92 clicks)
    The main purpose of the Report is to place on record Guatemala’s recent, bloody past. Although many are aware that Guatemala’s armed confrontation caused death and destruction, the gravity of the abuses suffered repeatedly by its people has yet to become part of the national consciousness. The massacres that eliminated entire Mayan rural communities belong to the same reality as the persecution of the urban political opposition, trade union leaders, priests and catechists. These are neither perfidious allegations, nor figments of the imagination, but an authentic chapter in Guatemala’s history.
  • Guatemalan Military: What the U.S. Files Reveal (91 clicks)
  • Guatemalan Photo Gallery(91 clicks)
    By Dirck Du Flon. Taken over several years.
  • Hidden Wars: Guatemala(121 clicks)
  • Historia del Militar de la República de Guatemala(154 clicks)
    The Guatemalan army presents its version of its history.
  • Jennifer Harbury / Efrain Bamaca and Other Human Rights Cases(82 clicks)
    The site says ". . . a Harvard-educated lawyer whose three-year quest to find her Guatemalan husband has revealed high-level involvement between the CIA and the Guatemalan military in his capture, torture, and murder."
  • Lest We Forget(96 clicks)
    Transcript on Guatemala from the PBS Series on history of CIA.
  • Maroons & Free Blacks in Spanish America in the 1600s(101 clicks)
  • Massacre at Río Negro(110 clicks)
    The murder of 70 men by a conservative paramilitary group on March 13, 1982.
  • Memory of Silence(106 clicks)
    From the 1960s until 1996, Guatemala suffered internal violence. The army, in particular, was notorious for abusing the population. This is the report of the Historical Clarification Commission.
  • Operación Sofía: Documentando Genocidia en Guatemala(103 clicks)
  • The Cost of Conflict(87 clicks)
    "For centuries the question of the Belize/Guatemala territorial issue has hampered and stunted economic growth and development in Belize and retarded commercial relations between these two countries. A concerted effort has been made in the past to improve and normalize relations through diplomatic channels and negotiations."
  • The Final Battle: Ríos Montt's Counterinsurgency Campaign(119 clicks)
    U.S. and Guatemalan Documents Describe the Strategy Behind Scorched Earth
  • The Guatemalan Military: What the U.S. Files Reveal(110 clicks)
    by Kate Dolye of the National Security Archive. The military has often played a brutal role in Guatemalan history.
  • U.S. Policy in Guatemala, 1966-1996(99 clicks)
    National Security Archive.
    Extensive library of links