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  • Historia argentina, La modernización económica(180 clicks)
  • 1816--La Independencia(154 clicks)
    In Spanish, traces the history of the independence movement.
  • A Journey into the Past(156 clicks)
    Argentine history presented in an attractive format
  • A Brief History of 19th Century Argentina(148 clicks)
    A much-consulted article by Heath Douglas.
  • Academia Nacional de la Historia - República Argentina(155 clicks)
    The Academy is devoted to the Argentina history and Latina American history.
  • Acta de la Declaración de la Independencia(129 clicks)
    9 de julio de 1816
  • Argentina 1930-Present(155 clicks)
    Susan Socolow site
  • Argentina From A British Point of View(193 clicks)
    and Notes in Argentine Life. A Guterg Project Book. Original published in 1910
  • Argentina's History(150 clicks)
    From Argentina Tour
  • Argentina: History(206 clicks)
    Brief history
  • Argentina: History, Immigration(171 clicks)
    In Spanish. Good on immigration. Late 19th century and afterwards.
  • Argentine Political Chronology(136 clicks)
    From 1806 to 1999.
  • Battle Atlas of the Falkland War1982 - by Land, Sea and Air(163 clicks)
    Book. Downloadable
  • Brief Notes on Argentina Since 1930(151 clicks)
    A capsulated view.
  • British and the Argentine Beef Trde(162 clicks)
    Extracted from The Forgotten Colony, by Andrew Graham Yooll, published by Hutchison, 1981
  • Buenos Aires Herald On Line(253 clicks)
    English languages newspaper
  • Bureaucratic Authoritarianism(161 clicks)
    Argentina, 1966–1973, in Comparative Perspective by Guillermo O'Donnell. Translated by James McGuire in collaboration with Rae Flory. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS: Berkeley · Los Angeles · Oxford © 1988 The Regents of the University of California
  • But We are a Separate Race! The Image of the Jew in the Argentine Popular Theatre, 1890-1935 (A Ques(164 clicks)
    Essay by Donald S. Castro, Professor of History, California State University, Fullerton. Prepared for delivery at the 1995 meeting of the Latin American Studies Association, The Sheraton Washington, September 28-30, 1995.
  • Captain Sir Thomas, Lord Cochrane(139 clicks)
    During the Napoleonic Wars a British naval officer proposed the use of saturation bombing and chemical warfare. By Robert Malcomson
  • Collapse of the Federalists: Rural Revolt in Argentina 1863-1876, The(142 clicks)
    David Rock, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Contrabando en el Río de La Plata(155 clicks)
  • Coronel Domingo A. Mercante(150 clicks)
    "Coronel Domingo A. Mercante was an early and close collaborator of Juan Domingo Perón, three-time president of Argentina. Coronel Mercante was Perón's primary liaison with the Argentine labor movement during the decisive years 1943 - 1945. Elected governor of Buenos Aires province in 1946, he served as governor until 1952. In 1949 Mercante was elected president of the constitutional convention that amended the 1853 constitution to allow for the reelection of the president and vice-president and to reflect the three principles of the Peronist movement: social justice, economic independence and national sovereignty."
  • Documentación sobre los Desaparecidos en Argentina(143 clicks)
  • Domingo F. Sarmiento(144 clicks)
    In Spanish. The great statesmen and founder of Argentine public education
  • Domingo F. Sarmiento(142 clicks)
    Homage to the great statesman and educator. President of Argentina.
  • Dr. Carlos Saul Menem(139 clicks)
    President of Argentina in the 1990s. A Peronista who was conservative.
  • En Negro y blanco, del Cordobazo al Juicio de la juntas(157 clicks)
    Slide show of historical photos
  • End of the Slaughterhose(146 clicks)
    Corned Beef. What is left of Fábrica Col?n, now Pueblo Liebig, are the memories of better times, with never an ill word about the British.
  • Eva Peron Foundation(170 clicks)
    Site maintained by the family.
  • Eva Peron: Two Views(131 clicks)
    Two views of Evita.
  • Evita Peron(135 clicks)
  • Falkland Islands War (1982)(134 clicks)
    War between Argentina and the United Kingdom
  • Falkland-Malvinas Forum(138 clicks)
    The Falkland-Malvinas Forumuses a functional approach to the past, that regards history as an endless process of narrative construction that generates multiple perspectives. Each party to the 1982 armed conflict has a different way of stating the facts, and they retain confidence in the rights and legitimacy of their respective versions."
  • Falklands/Malvinas(173 clicks)
    Falklands/Malvinas (A): Breakdown of Negotiations and Appendix B: Early History and Legal Issues by Don Lippincott and Gregory F. Treverton
  • First Page(121 clicks)
    Observations on Argentina beginning in 1978
  • Gender and generation: the university reform movement in Argentina, 1918(157 clicks)
    From: Journal of Social History | Date: 12/22/2005 | Author: Milanesio, Natalia
  • Genealogia de la Tragedia Argentina(129 clicks)
    La violenta transición de un orden patrimonial-predatorio a una democracia condicionada por un creciente pretorianismo neo-colonial (1870-1912).
  • Historia Argentina(135 clicks)
    In Spanish
  • Historia Argentina(150 clicks)
    Independence through founding of the UCR
  • Historia Argentina del Siglo XIX(130 clicks)
    Short history
  • Historia del Cine Argentino(203 clicks)
    Spanish language. History of the cinema industry.
  • Historia del Pais(144 clicks)
  • Historia General de las Relaciones Exteriores de la Republica Argentina(151 clicks)
    Spanish language. History of foreign relations
  • Historia Siglo XIX(122 clicks)
    In Spanish.
  • Isabelita: The Last Peron(155 clicks)
    President of Argentina after Juan died and overthrown and arrested.
  • Juan Domingo Peron(148 clicks)
    Biography in Spanish
  • Juan Domingo Peron(138 clicks)
    Biography By Lindon Ratliff.
  • Juan Manuel Rosas(155 clicks)
    The great dictator in the 19th century. In Spanish.
  • Juan Manuel Rosas(131 clicks)
    Short biography from
  • Juan Peron(149 clicks)
  • Justicialism(151 clicks)
    Juan Peron's political philosophy
  • Kingdom of Araucania & Patagonia(134 clicks)
  • Kissinger to the Argentine Generals, 1976(145 clicks)
    Washington, August 27, 2004 - A newly declassified document obtained by the National Security Archive shows that amidst vast human rights violations by Argentina's security forces in June 1976, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger told Argentine Foreign Minister Admiral Cesar Augusto Guzzetti: "If there are things that have to be done, you should do them quickly. But you should get back quickly to normal procedures."
  • La Gran Guerra(156 clicks)
    Argentina and the First World War
  • La Patagonia Rebelde(180 clicks)
    Repression of strikes in Patagonia in the early 1920s
  • La Revolución del "43"(148 clicks)
  • Mapping Newcomers in Buenos Aires, 1928(147 clicks)
  • Materials for the History of Argentine Railways(134 clicks)
    A collection of official statistics, directors' reports, proceedings of shareholder meetings, biographies, and selections from technical, historical, and economic literature, illustrated with numerous photographs and diagrams, that contains mostly primary documents instead of secondary works, all collected on a compact disk.
  • Miguel Belgrano(142 clicks)
    Argentine statesman
  • Museo Maritimo de Ushuaia (153 clicks)
  • Nathaniel H. Bishop, The Pampas and Andes(135 clicks)
    A Thousand Miles' Walk Across South America, 1869.
  • O'Donnell, Guillermo. Bureaucratic Authoritarianism: Argentina 1966-1973 in Comparative Perspective(142 clicks)
    Important scholarly book
  • Obras Compeltas de Juan Domingo Peron(146 clicks)
    Multimedia presentation of his life and works.
  • Operación México(171 clicks)
    Programa argentino de rendición extraordinaria revelado por documentos desclasificados
  • Oral History--1930s(140 clicks)
    Argentine industrial and manufacturing figures describe technological changes, relationships with foreign enterprises, and attitudes toward organized labor. Political leaders discuss internal organization and practices of political groups, with examples from municipal and national campaigns.
  • Peron, Eva(279 clicks)
    YouTube bio
  • Peron, Juan Domingo(233 clicks)
    YouTube Video
  • Peron, Juan Domingo(227 clicks)
    Contemorary footage
  • Peronism in Argentina(122 clicks)
    Susan Socolow provides an excellent site from an Emory University server.
  • Problems of Democracy in Argentina: Alfonsín, Crisis and Elections(127 clicks)
    Manuel ALCÁNTARA. pdf file
  • Proyecto Biblioteca Digital Argentina(133 clicks)
  • Racking Argentina by David Rock(134 clicks)
    "Meltdown and pauperization in what was once Latin America’s wealthiest economy. David Rock analyses the social and political longue durée of the largest sovereign default in history, and worst casualty of doctrinal neoliberalism to date."
  • Resistencia Libertaria: Anarchist Opposition to the Last Argentine Dictatorship(143 clicks)
    The following interview offers a corrective to that omission. It tells the story of Resistencia Libertaria, a clandestine anarchist organization founded shortly before the Argentine military seized power in 1976. Resistencia Libertaria (RL) was active in the student, labor, and neighborhood movements and also had a military wing with which it defended and financed its activities. At its peak, it had between 100 and 130 members and a much broader network of sympathizers. The organization was crushed in 1978 and 80 percent of its members perished in the dictatorship's concentration camps and torture chambers.
  • Rosario: Trains(132 clicks)
  • Rulers, Argentine Provinces, 1820-62(164 clicks)
    Listing with dates
  • Salta, Argentina(134 clicks)
    Ecos de Historia de Salto Argentina, Propiedades de las tierras de Salto, Parroquia San Pablo, Paraje del Salto, Canal del Norte, etc.
  • San Martín: el desafío del cruce(153 clicks)
    Citas de texto, fotos de época, extractos de periódicos, imágenes digitalizadas, links a sitios relacionados y crearon relatos e informes originales.
  • San Martin´s home page(171 clicks)
    Short history of the liberator of Argentina, Chile and Peru.
  • South American Immigration: Argentina(155 clicks)
    by Wanda A. Velez
  • Sucesos Históricos Argentinos(126 clicks)
    Argentina, 1810
  • The Argentine right: its history and intellectual origins, 1910 to the present(137 clicks)
  • The Crisis that Was Not Prevented: Lessons for Argentina, the IMF, and Globalisation(135 clicks)
    The financial crisis in Argentina has led to an avalanche of studies explaining its origins and suggesting remedies. In a broad and in-depth approach, this book gives a unique overview of the current thinking about the lessons of the Argentine crisis. The book provides a wealth of facts, arguments and policy suggestions, that go beyond the specific case of Argentina.
  • The Erosion of Checks and Balances in Argentina (135 clicks)
    working paper
  • The San Martín Society(121 clicks)
    The liberator of Chile, part of Peru, and Argentina.
  • The Vanished Gallery(169 clicks)
    Thousands disappeared during military rule, 1976-1983. This site is about the disappeared ones.
  • The Virtual Jewish History Tour: Argentina(165 clicks)
  • Timeline of the 1976-83 Argentine Military Dictatorship(133 clicks)
  • Timeline of the 1976-83 Argentine Military Dictatorship(144 clicks)
  • Two 2 Tango(130 clicks)
    "Describing the rise of that peculiarly Argentine dance from the barrios of Buenos Aires to the concert halls of Europe and North America."
  • Un Debate Histórico Inconcluso en la América Latina (1600-2000).(145 clicks)
    Subtitle: Cuatro siglos de lucha en el espacio colonial Peruano y Rioplatense y en la Argentina Moderna y Contemporánea
  • Vida Cotidiana de la Oligarquía Argentina (1880-1890)(159 clicks)
    In Spanish
  • Yrigoyen en la Ley Sáenz Peña al Golpe de Estado(137 clicks)
    Biography of Yrigoyen and with a number of persons important in Argentine history.