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  • 1970 Chliean Presidential Election(158 clicks)
  • Ambrosio O'Higgins(157 clicks)
  • Archivo General Histórico(135 clicks)
    Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores. "Bienvenidos! Este espacio ha sido diseñado para facilitar el acercamiento, consulta y conocimiento de nuestra historia desde las fuentes primarias."
  • Autumn of the Autocrat(159 clicks)
    On the Pinochet regime. By Saul Landau and Sarah Anderson.
  • Behind the Coup in Chile(138 clicks)
    BY Robert Nichols. Reprinted from WIN, September 27, 1973. Nichols holds the US responsible.
  • Bernardo O´Higgins(142 clicks)
    Liberator and Supreme Director of Chile.
  • Chile(123 clicks)
    Brief history of independent Chile through the end of the Pinochet dictatorship.
  • Chile 1964-1973: A hammer and sickle stamped on your child's forehead(149 clicks)
    Excerpt from the book Killing Hope by William Blum
  • Chile and the End of Pinochet(221 clicks)
  • Chile and the United States: Declassified Documents(133 clicks)
    National Security Archives. Chile and the United States: Declassified Documents relating tothe Military Coup, 1970-1976
  • Chile from the CIA's Greatest Hits(151 clicks)
    "In 1973, the CIA destroyed the oldest functioning democracy in South America. Twenty years later, the agency is still trying to deny its involvement."--Mark Zapezauer
  • Chile History(135 clicks)
    Korean secondary school site
  • Chile Wine Making Industry(158 clicks)
    Chile's wine industry dates from the arrival of the conquistadores.
  • Chile, History(137 clicks)
  • Chile-A Country Study(132 clicks)
    From the Library of Congress
  • Chile: A Brief Naval History(132 clicks)
    By Carlos Lopez U. A book published by the HTA. Includes illustrations.
  • Chile: Intelligence Agencies(132 clicks)
    From the FAS Intelligence Resource Program
  • Chile: The Laboratory Test(147 clicks)
    Was there an economic miracle under the post-1973 right-wing governments?
  • Chilean Documentation Project(149 clicks)
    Frm the National Security Archive. Original, declassified documents.
  • Chilean Photos(147 clicks)
    More than 3000 historical and comtemporary photos of Chile indexed by region, activities.
  • CIA Acknowledges Ties to Pinochet's Repression(132 clicks)
  • CIA Activities in Chile(141 clicks)
    From the CIA
  • Crimes of the Chilean Generals(142 clicks)
  • Dark days in Chile; an account of the revolution of 1891(130 clicks)
    Downloadable book by Maurice H. Hervey. Internet Archives
  • Declaration of the Breakdown of Chile’s Democracy(118 clicks)
    "This is the complete text of the resolution that Chile’s Chamber of Deputies approved by an overwhelming majority on August 23, 1973."
  • Detenidos Desaparecidos, Ejecutados Políticos (126 clicks)
    Informe de la Comisión Presidencial Ases ora para la Calificación de Detenidos Desaparecidos, Ejecutados Políticos y Ví ctimas de Prisión Política y Tortura
  • Dossier Orlando Letelier(141 clicks)
    Victim of a Chilean government-directed bombing in Washington, DC
  • El ejercito de Chile(146 clicks)
    In Spanish. Official site of the Chilean army.
  • Ex-Saltritera Santa Laura(172 clicks)
    "Esta colosal obra humana abandonada en medio del desierto de Tarapacá se volatiliza poco a poco, por obra del viento pampino, del tiempo que todo lo corrompe y la inconciencia del hombre."
  • From the "Socialist Experiment" to the Military Regime – the Structural Rupture of Social Systems(123 clicks)
    By Jörg Sancho Pernas. "The social system has been a victim of the neoliberal economy of the military regime."
  • Grandes Biografías de la Historia de Chile(131 clicks)
    "Grandes Biografías de la Historia de Chile, es un nuevo esfuerzo editorial de Icarito y del diario La Tercera, con una propuesta que se ha transformado en una excelente alternativa para que la familia y los estudiantes cuenten con materiales elaborados de acuerdo con las necesidades de la educación actual."
  • Historia de la Armada de Chile(123 clicks)
    In Spanish. Very detailed site.
  • Historia del Chile Republicano(129 clicks)
    Reune documentos claves para la reconstrucción historiográfica de Chile. Además, posee galería de imágenes sobre personajes históricos; informa sobre el estado de la historiografía chilena; posee una editorial opinante.
  • Homenaje a Salvador Allende(157 clicks)
    In Spanish. Homage to the president the military overthrew in a violent coup in 1973.
  • José Manuel Balmaceda(130 clicks)
    President of Chile, 1886-91. Liberal.
  • Nixon on the Chilean Intervention, 1970-1973(147 clicks)
  • Pinochet File, The(125 clicks)
    Augusto Pinochet, brutal dictator, and Richard M. Nixon.
  • Pinochet Page(133 clicks)
  • Report of CIA Chilean Task Force Activities, 15 September to 3 November 1970.(136 clicks)
  • Republic of Chile: A Guide to the 20th Century(120 clicks)
    Brief essay by by Kristi Armstrong.
  • Salvador Allende's Leftist Regime(146 clicks)
    Short but effective article
  • Servicio Electoral(132 clicks)
    All manner of information abolut Chilean elections.
  • Soviet War Photos, 1941-45(137 clicks)
  • Spotlight on Chile(133 clicks)
    Recent history with background information
  • The Chile Coup -- The U.S. Hand(141 clicks)
    By Peter Kornbluh, iF magazine, Oct. 25, 1998
  • The Chilean Electoral System Before 1973(141 clicks)
    1973 was the beginning of the Pinochet dictartorship.
  • The Crimes of Pinochet(130 clicks)
    "This site contains accounts of the crimes of Augusto Pinochet, who ruled Chile from 1973 to 1990. The texts explain what people are talking about when they call him a "dictator" or "strong man" who committed a few "human rights violations". These reports tend to confirm one another, and collectively give some idea of the range and scale of the atrocities."
  • The Myth of the Chilean Economic Miracle(133 clicks)
    An Analysis of Chilean Economic and Socioeconomic Policy: 1975-1989 by Sherman Souther, University of Colorado at Boulder, May 1998
  • The Truth About Pinochet(137 clicks)
    Chile's legacy of torture, murder, international terrorism and "the disappeared"
  • U.S. Responsibility for the Coup in Chile(134 clicks)
    By Daniel Brandt.
  • Virtual Jewish Tour: Chile(157 clicks)
  • WWW-VL HISTORY: CHILE(127 clicks)
    Library of links.