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  • Bolivia--A Country Study(85 clicks)
    From the Library of Congress
  • Christmas Massacre, 30 December, 1996(100 clicks)
    "The recent bloody confrontation between miners and military forces in Northern Potosi, which began with the occupation of the Amayapampa and Capasirca mines by miners on Thursday, December 19, and ended with a "peace" agreement between the latter and the government on Sunday, December 22, 1996"
  • Coca and the Illicit Cocaine Trade in Bolivia(134 clicks)
  • Death of Che Guevara(120 clicks)
    Declassified document from the National Security Archive
  • Guerra de la Triple Alianza(100 clicks)
    In Spanish
  • History of Bolivia(85 clicks)
    Links for this South American country.
  • Photographs(85 clicks)
    Numerous photographs taken by Robert H. Jackson.
  • Potosi Silver Mining(90 clicks)
    Dr. Kris Lang presents photos from the great silver mine. Click on the thumbnails.
  • The Chaco War(87 clicks)
    :The Chaco War (1932-1935) was the result of a territory dispute between Bolivia and Paraguay. "