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  • Chronology of the History of Peru(121 clicks)
    Chronology of the History of Peru in Spanish.
  • Colonial Lima(130 clicks)
    Colonial Lima,Peru from Jorge Juan and Antonio de Ulloa, A Voyage to South America (1748).
  • Convention with Peru for the Satisfaction of Claims of American Citizens; March 17, 1841(123 clicks)
  • Huancavelica and Almaden(128 clicks)
    Dr. Kris Lang presents photos of Huancavelica and Almaden, Peru. Click on the thumbnails.
  • Hunefeldt, Christine. Paying the Price of Freedom: Family and Labor Among Lima's Slaves, 1800-1854(141 clicks)
    Scholarly book
  • Ice Treasures of the Incas(171 clicks)
    Interactive site from National Geographic
  • Lost Civilizations of the Andes(189 clicks)
  • Peru: Photographs(134 clicks)
    Excellent photographs of Peru with commentary.
  • Peru: A Country Study(145 clicks)
    Excellent site from the Library of Congress.
  • PeruLinks(150 clicks)
  • Peruvian Artifacts in the Cobb Museum(128 clicks)
    Photographs of artifacts held by the Cobb Museum
  • Peruvian Revolution(133 clicks)
  • Photographs of Peru(124 clicks)
    By robert H. Jackson. Black & white images.
  • Red Científica Peruana(119 clicks)
    Great maps and images
  • The Fascinating Afterlife of Peru's Mummies(237 clicks)
  • Tupac Amaru(169 clicks)
    The Life, Times, and Execution of the Last Inca
  • “Fujimori’s Rasputin”(134 clicks)
    The declassifed files on Peru's former intelligence chief, Vladimiro Montesinos.