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  • 1956 to 1960 Juke Box(156 clicks)
    Briarcliff Manor High School, Class of 1960
  • 50 Years of Rock'n'Roll(174 clicks)
    Memphis site
  • 60s Playlist(168 clicks)
  • Andy Anderson and the Dawn Breakers(127 clicks)
  • Aristocrat Label(140 clicks)
    by Robert L. Campbell, Robert Pruter, George R. White, and Tom Kelly
  • Australian Rock(261 clicks)
  • B. B. King: King of the Blues(175 clicks)
    by Christine Wilson
  • Beach Music, History of(150 clicks)
  • Bill Haley and the Comets(166 clicks)
    British site fan site.
  • Biographies Classic Rock Bands of the 60s, 70s, 80s(190 clicks)
    Comprehensive site.
  • Black Cat Rockabilly: Europe(125 clicks)
    "Here you will find lots of rock 'n' roll, rockabilly, surf and fifties stuff."
  • Blues, R&B, Rock n' Roll Saxophone(138 clicks)
  • Bob Dylan(130 clicks)
    Official site.
  • Bob Dylan's 1965 San Francisco Press Conference--A Closer Look(168 clicks)
    From Dylan Pool, a blog
  • Chuck Berry(216 clicks)
    "A great resource for fans of rock and roll's poet laureate. "Jeff Tamarkin, Discoveries, March 2000.
  • Classic Rock Page(128 clicks)
  • Delta Blues Museum(118 clicks)
  • Diane's Rock-n-roll Oldies(130 clicks)
    Downloadable wav files of oldies from the 1950s and 1960s.
  • Dirty Water: The Boston Rock and Roll Museum(121 clicks)
    Boston rock scene. MP3s as well.
  • Disco Savvy(158 clicks)
    "This website, founded at the dawn of the new millennium on January 1, 2001, is a centralized repository of disco information, highlighting the best disco music from the 1970s through today and offering the largest and most chronologically complete year-by-year lists ever compiled of disco songs."
  • Doo Wop Preservation League(210 clicks)
    "Wildwood, NJ-based organization dedicated to the appreciation of pop culture of the 50s and 60s. Also preservation of 'Doo-Wop' retro roadside architecture."
  • Elvis Biography(152 clicks)
    From All About Elvis
  • Elvis Presley: The Early Years(134 clicks)
    bt Christine Wilson
  • EMI, A Brief History of(105 clicks)
    One of the premier recording companies.
  • Follow That Dream: Florida's Rock & Roll Legends(158 clicks)
  • Gourmet Rock and Roll(139 clicks)
    Striving to be the most comprehensive Classic Rock & Roll artist Links on the net.
  • History of Rock & Roll(129 clicks)
    The History of Rock and Roll Demo was first distributed in 1969, when Drake-Chenault and American Independent Radio were succesfully syndicating the magic of KHJ worldwide.
  • History of Rock and Roll(159 clicks)
  • How Great Thou Art: Photographs From Graceland(173 clicks)
    Through its black and white photographs, How Great Thou Art presents a complex meditation upon the fans who helped a man become in death the “Greatest Entertainer in the World.” Through its text panels, How Great Thou Art offers insight into the cult of Elvis by use of the words of the fans themselves. Between word and image, through language and photography, How Great Thou Art explores the complex emotions that compel fans to return to Graceland time and again.
  • JD Hay's Crooners Collection.(134 clicks)
    This is the complete listing of all artists on JD Hay's Crooners Collection. Male, female, groups and instrumental artists with songs in full length music wavs. Listed alphabetically by first name. These are not sorted by genre but cover easy listening, jazz, rhythm and blues, country, pop, oldies and vintage from the 1930's to the 1970's. Some artists have more than one page and a few may have an alternate site. Just click on "2", "3" or "Alt" to go to that page.
  • Jimmie Rodgers: The Father of Country Music(168 clicks)
    by Ted Ownby
  • Kithara/Guitar(142 clicks)
    History of the instrument
  • Life Rock 'n Roll Gallery(111 clicks)
    From Life Magazine. Text and photos.
  • Little Richard(161 clicks)
    One of the most influential of early rock'n'roll stars.
  • Malaco Story(134 clicks)
    After more than 30 years of making black music for black people, Malaco Records defines the state of contemporary southern rhythm and blues, soul, and gospel.
  • Marshal Sehorn homage(160 clicks)
  • Middle Aged Rock & Roll Sax Player, The(122 clicks)
    by the disntinguied John Laughter
  • Motown Records(132 clicks)
    Photos of the original Motown Records in Detroit.
  • Muddy Waters(167 clicks)
    Official site
  • New York Rock(156 clicks)
    Rock & roll served up New York City style. Full-length RealAudio and RealVideo clips. Some news that's fit to print, some that's not. Gossip, slander and more.
  • North Florida Music Hall of Fame(164 clicks)
  • Origins of Rock 'n Roll: Select Bibliography(118 clicks)
    Short bibliography with links to some of the books.
  • Perfect Sound Forever(118 clicks)
    Good articles
  • Peter, Paul, and Mary(135 clicks)
    Official site. Not exactly rock'n'roll but influential.
  • Photography(142 clicks)
  • Psychedelic '60s(131 clicks)
    Literary Tradition and Social Change
  • Red Saunders Research Foundation(103 clicks)
    Since 1997, the Red Saunders Research Foundation has been dedicated to increasing our knowledge of the musicians who filled the clubs and recording studios of Chicago with great music during the two decades after World War II.
  • Remembering Johnny Vincent(108 clicks)
  • Robert Christgau(115 clicks)
    Rock critic's site
  • Rock 'n' Folk: Musicians of the Sixties(117 clicks)
    The list includes some people who were not musicians themselves but were very much part of the music of the sixties as essential participants in the scene, as well as some others whose work was intimately involved with the music and those who played it.
  • Rock and Roll (179 clicks)
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum(156 clicks)
    Official site
  • Rock and Roll Roadmap(152 clicks)
  • Rock&Roll: the PBS Series(113 clicks)
    As usual, PBS produces excellent work.
  • Rockapella(132 clicks)
    Vocal harmony (Doo Wop) group.
  • Rockin Pneumonia: An Interview with Johnny Vincent(131 clicks)
    Founder of Ace Records. Frank discussion of his career, Alan Freed, Dick Clark, and others. Vincent was frank.
  • Rockin' My Life Away: Listening to Jerry Lee Lewis(93 clicks)
    A full length book by Jimmy Guterman
  • Rockmine(117 clicks)
    From the UK. Claims to be the Internet's largest rock music resource.
  • Santana(117 clicks)
    Memorabilia, photos, more
  • Sun Studios Virtual Tour(107 clicks)
    Great tour
  • The Byrds(120 clicks)
    Appreciation site.
  • The Collectors Guide to the Music of Chuck Berry(130 clicks)
    "This Web site presents you with a complete guide to the music written and recorded by Chuck Berry, one of the fathers of Rock 'n' Roll."
  • The Fifties(125 clicks)
    Great site. Includes acess to music
  • The History of Rock and Roll(169 clicks)
    The Golden Decade 1954 - 1963. Searchable.
  • The Music Didn't Die(121 clicks)
  • The Nixon-Presley Meeting: The Documentation(126 clicks)
    National Security Archives presents narrative and documents of the meeting between President Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley.
  • The Original (Unofficial) Elvis Page(122 clicks)
    ll you wanted the know about "the King."
  • The Platters(115 clicks)
    The Platters were one of the top vocal groups of the 1950's, selling 53 million records and being among the first doo-wop groups to be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame (1990).
  • The Pretenders(133 clicks)
    Twenty years of material!
  • The Rock and Roll Vault(105 clicks)
    Great site with lots of detail.
  • Vee-Jay Records: The Early Years(131 clicks)
    Robert Pruter, Robert L. Campbell, Robert Stallworth, Bob Marovich, and Tom Kelly. Updated December 31, 2009
  • When Nixon Met Elvis(135 clicks)
    National Archives
  • Woodstock '69 Lives!!!!(162 clicks)