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  • 25 Military Police Platoon(191 clicks)
    Canadian military police.
  • A WWII Propaganda Campaign Popularized the Myth That Carrots Help You See in the Dark(226 clicks)
  • African-Americans in WWII(241 clicks)
  • America & World War II - Directory of Online Resources(175 clicks)
  • Anzacs of WWII(217 clicks)
    A range of books about the 3 Services in World War 2
  • Art and War: Australia, Britain and Canada in the Second World War(156 clicks)
    "Art and War - Australia, Britain and Canada in the Second World War consists of 96 works of art from the collections of the Canadian War Museum, the Australian War Memorial, and the Imperial War Museum...This is the first exhibition of its kind to explore how Australia, Britain and Canada lived through and recorded the greatest conflict in human history. The works on display highlight notable differences in outlook and expectation, both nationally and individually."
  • Bill Mauldin cartoons(154 clicks)
    Some cartoons from the late Bill Mauldin
  • Blitzkrieg Baby(277 clicks)
    This page is dedicated to all women who served during WWII and helped to win the war against the enemies of freedom and democracy.
  • Books on World War Two(233 clicks)
    From Military Reading List. Recommended books. Links to other wars.
  • Building the ALCAN Highway(224 clicks)
    95th Engineer Regiment - Colored . World War II, 1942-1943, Canadian Wilderness.
  • Casablanca Conference(192 clicks)
    Roosevelt's radio address.
  • Coca Cola at War (on BOTH sides)(191 clicks)
  • Codes and Ciphers in WW II(259 clicks)
    The Website for the history, science and engineering of cryptanalysis in World War II
  • Dad's War(254 clicks)
    Finding and Telling Your Father's World War II Story
  • Democracy at War. Canadian Newspapers and the Second World War(250 clicks)
    "During the Second World War, the staff of the century-old Hamilton Spectator newspaper kept its own monumental record of the war. This collection of more than 144,000 newspaper articles, manually clipped, stamped with the date, and arranged by subject, includes news stories and editorials from newspapers, mostly Canadian, documenting every aspect of the war. "
  • Dr. Seuss Went to War(254 clicks)
    The Dr Seuss Went to War web site provides access to political cartoons drawn by Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr Seuss) for the New York publication PM between 1941 and 1943.
  • Events Leading Up To World War II(212 clicks)
  • FDR's "Day of Infamy" Speech(200 clicks)
  • Great Britain and Canada in World War 2(204 clicks)
    Huge amounts of information of the role of the staunchest of Allies - Great Britain and Canada during World War 2. Includes timeline, guestbook, history, background and much much more.
  • HIST E-1890 World War and Society in the 20th Century: World War II(233 clicks)
    This course is a thematic exploration of the war and its time through feature films, primary sources, and scholarly interpretations. It seeks to provide a means for analyzing and evaluating what one reads or sees about World War II in terms of historical accuracy and for gaining a broader understanding of different perspectives. Themes include the impact of war on soldiers and civilians, on the home front, women in war, the Japanese and German viewpoints, and postwar issues. Films include Mrs. Miniver, The Pianist, The Winter War, So Proudly We Hail, Taking Sides, The Hiding Place, and The Cranes Are Flying.
  • Historic Government Publications from WWII(214 clicks)
    From Southern Methodist University. A Digital library.
  • - Collectable handguns resources(190 clicks)
    A host of free and highly valuable historic and technical data unavailable anywhere else. - Collectable handguns thoroughly analysed such as : Luger, Colt, WWII subguns, Nambu, Steyr 1907, Nagant revolvers - Firearms ebooks are available - One free ebook about the Savage 1907 pistol ....
  • How I Fought the War with a Typewriter(162 clicks)
    The Story of Paul F. Tice who served almost four and a half years in the Allied Forces Head Quarters during World War II
  • Hyperwar: A Hypertext History of WWII(317 clicks)
    great site!
  • Institute on World War II and the Human Experience(215 clicks)
  • Kilroy Was Here: Remembering the War Years(233 clicks)
  • Krenn Papers, The(228 clicks)
    This Website is the Memorial to WWII Veteran and War Hero - Staff Sgt Arthur E. Krenn, U.S. Army
  • Letters from World War II Online(209 clicks)
    "Letters between soldiers and their loved ones form a natural library of first person and eye witness accounts of war. They are an excellent written record with precise dates covering both the macro and micro scale of the conflict. Our simply aim is to database them, free-to-view online."
  • Maps for World War II(232 clicks)
  • Museum of World War II(235 clicks)
  • Nga Toa: New Zealand(225 clicks)
    Nga Toa meaning "Many Warriors" in the Maori language is a project dedicated to preserving the oral histories of New Zealandís last remaining World War II veterans. To date, over 150 interviews have been compiled in the Nga Toa video archive.
  • One of Many(203 clicks)
    World War II. British army.
  • Paperless Archives World War II Titles(268 clicks)
    Paperless Archives World War II titles covering Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower presidential papers, Hitler, Berlin, Cold War Beginning, Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower presidential papers, Pearl Harbor, Tokyo Rose, Invasion of Japan plans, A-Bomb development and usage.
  • Parliament Congratulations, WWII(238 clicks)
    Parliament congratulates the Allied forces for winning in North Africa, 1943.
  • Peggy Hayes Sings the Songs that Got Us Through WWII(224 clicks)
    Peggy Hayes has recorded 19 of the most popular songs written or played between 1939 and 1945. The band swings and Peggy's voice resonates with the era.
  • Royal Hampshire Regiment(202 clicks)
    Meredith's 37th of Foot and 67th of Foot
  • Second World War Experience Centre(326 clicks)
    OUR MISSION: To collect, document, preserve, exhibit and encourage access to the surviving material evidence and associated information of the men and women who participated in the war in whatever capacity whether military, civilian or conscientious objector.
  • Segunda Grande Guerra / Second World War(222 clicks)
    In Portuguese. Talks about the Second World War and all his causes, consequences, countries that participated, biographies, etc., all accompained by multimedia elements.
  • Sounds of War(186 clicks)
    The Sound of War is an 18 episode collection. Jay Hickerson's "The Ultimate Guide to all Circulating Shows" states that this is how many were produced. The series used the tagline "The Actual Sound Record of World War II. A drama preserved for all time through the medium of radio. An era not to be forgotten." The Sound of War contains many sound clips, some rare from such notable figures as Adolf Hitler, Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Benito Mussolini, Neville Chamberlin, General Douglas McArthur, Charles DeGaulle, Hermann Goering, and many more. It's not clear when the show was broadcast but they appear to be from the late 1950s or early 1960s. There are three episodes that are all labeled "The Fall of France" but they are indeed unique to each other. The producers seemed to place an emphasis on this period for some unknown reason.
  • The Atlantic Charter(219 clicks)
    Statement of US & UK war aims, 1941.
  • The Forgotten Campaigns of WWII(251 clicks)
  • The Rutgers Oral History Archives of World War II(220 clicks)
    "The "Rutgers Oral History Archives of World War II," directed by Sandra Stewart Holyoak, is an enterprise to record the personal experiences of the men and women who served on the homefront and overseas."
  • The Valour & The Horror, Canada at War(273 clicks)
    In Desperate Battle, Normandy 1944
  • The Women's Army Corps(225 clicks)
  • The World at War(204 clicks)
    History of the 1939-1945 war.
  • The WWII Sound & Image Archive(229 clicks)
    Hear and see WWII
  • U.S. Army in World War II Series(257 clicks)
    From the Center for Military History. The Center publishes a number of books.
  • Victory Mail(233 clicks)
    Victory Mail, more commonly known as V-Mail, operated during World War II to expedite mail service for American armed forces overseas.
  • War Letters(200 clicks)
  • Weapons of World War II(252 clicks)
    Weapons and uniforms
  • Why World War II?(219 clicks)
    Analysis of the causes.
  • Women at War(197 clicks)
    US women were active in the war
  • Women in Combat(201 clicks)
    The World War Two Experience in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, and the Soviet Union. By D'Ann Campbell. Journal of Military History (April 1993), 57:301-323
  • Women of World War II(207 clicks)
    "Women of World War II" is the most extensive collection of photos featuring women who served in the military and its auxiliary branches during WWII that you will find anywhere! All of the branches of the military are represented here, including the Navy WAVES, the Army WACs and WASPs, Army nurses, the Coast Guard SPARS, and the Marine Corps Womens Reserve.
  • World War II(217 clicks)
    Primary source materials on the Web. Original documents regarding all aspects of the war.
  • World War II(198 clicks)
    From the K-12 Teaching & Learning Center.
  • World War II(263 clicks)
    BBC site
  • World War II Books and Trivia(202 clicks)
    Self-published books plus various trivia..
  • World War II era WAVES (188 clicks)
  • World War II in Color(189 clicks)
    "Welcome to a great collection of World War II photographs on the Internet. Experience World War II like you never seen it before by viewing some of the most dramatic photos taken during the war. Contribute to history by posting your comments on each photo. Videos are coming soon."
  • World War II Maps by Date(203 clicks)
    This is an index to maps on the History Department server, for the use of faculty and students of the University of San Diego in class projects. These pictures may be used for research and educational purposes, but may not be published or sold in any way. Please respect any original copyrights of these pictures.
  • World War II Memorial(245 clicks)
    The US memorial
  • World War II Military Situation Maps(208 clicks)
  • World War II Oral History(165 clicks)
    Hundreds of veterans' firsthand accounts. Stories, interviews, photos, books.
  • World War II Photos(245 clicks)
    From the US National Archives
  • WORLD WAR II PLUS 55(189 clicks)
  • World War II, 1939-1945(314 clicks)
  • WWII U.S. Veterans Website(224 clicks)
    Among other items, it has a searchable database of veterans.
  • WWII, A British Focus(233 clicks)