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  • A Brief History of the Internet(3068 clicks)
    Walt Howe's anecdotal history.
  • An Atlas of CyberSpaces(2689 clicks)
    Historical Maps of ARPANET and the Internet.
  • Awards to the Historical Text Archive(2176 clicks)
    We have to brag at all of our awards!
  • Before the Web: the early development of History on-line(2417 clicks)
  • Browser Emulators(2368 clicks)
    See how we used to do it! Emulates the old browsers.
  • Carrie: A Full-Text Online Library(2280 clicks)
    Lynn Nelson tells the story of the creation of Carrie, a story which also involves the creation of the HTA.
  • Digital History(1341 clicks)
  • Electronic Mail and Historians (1991)(2164 clicks)
    Pioneering article. See how far we've come!
  • Electronic Sources for West European History and Culture(2911 clicks)
    Document from 1994.
  • History and the Internet(2389 clicks)
    A guide by Patrick Reagan. EXCELLENT.
  • History at your Fingertips(2280 clicks)
    Subtitled Electronic Information and Communication for Historians. By Thomas Zielke
  • History of the Historical Text Archive(2191 clicks)
    How it all began in 1989!
  • History of the Internet(1522 clicks)
    A variety of histories including usenet and BITNET.
  • History of the Internet(1206 clicks)
    YouTube video
  • HNSource, the First History Site on the WWW (591 clicks)
  • How Discussion Lists are Transformed into Networks(1377 clicks)
    The H-NET, Humanities OnLine Experience by David Halsted and Melanie Shell.
  • Internet for Historians, History of the Internet(1575 clicks)
    Course outline
  • Internet Histories(1488 clicks)
    Great articles on the history of the Internet.
  • Internet Timeline(1972 clicks)
    Traces the history of the Internet.
  • Logging in as an Anonymous Guest(1294 clicks)
    Presented to the Mid-America Conference on History, meeting at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas, September 17, 1992. Transmitted through computer telecommunications.
  • Museum of Media History(1033 clicks)
  • Nethistory: An Informal History of BITNET and the Internet(1473 clicks)
    "The purpose of NetHistory is to give you a feeling for what it was like in the pioneering days of BITNET and the Internet. Hopefully, you will gain some perspective and come to understand the early Internet experience (although one could argue that the experience in question is a lot like sitting in front of a mainframe terminal in the middle of the night with a Twinkie-and-Jolt buzz). At worst, you should find it entertaining."
  • rebecca's pocket(1129 clicks)
    weblogs: a history and perspective
  • The Internet Archive Wayback Machine(1402 clicks)
    "The Internet Archive, working with Alexa Internet, has created the Wayback Machine. The Wayback Machine makes it possible to surf pages stored in the Internet Archive's web archive."
  • Usenet history(1446 clicks)
    Interesting site about one of the former mainstays of the Internet.