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  • A Narrative of the Expedition to Botany Bay(167 clicks)
    by Watkin Tench. 1788
  • An account of a voyage to New South Wales(166 clicks)
    An account of a voyage to New South Wales by George Barrington ; to which is prefixed a detail of his life, trials, speeches, &c., &c. Published 1810 by Printed for M. Jones in London .
  • Australia in the Vietnam War(158 clicks)
    Why Australia fought.
  • Australian History(144 clicks)
    Main source of links for rthis nation's history.
  • Australian History and Geography(153 clicks)
    From the National Library of Australia.
  • Australian Light Horse Association(190 clicks)
    "The site is dedicated to the Australian Light Horse Regiments, and the Light Horsemen who served their country in both war and peace, and contains both historical and current information on famous regiments and famous battles, as well as information on both ordinary soldiers and commanders, existing Military Units, current Re-enactment Troops, and Light Horse Museums."
  • Australian Mining History Association(203 clicks)
    Official site of the association.
  • Australian National Maritime Museum(197 clicks)
    Excellent site with interactivity.
  • Australian Studies Network(172 clicks)
    Web guide to Australian studies and its centers.
  • Australian War Memorial(188 clicks)
    Our most consulted resource is the Roll of Honour, which provides details of the more than 102,000 Australian servicemen and women who have fallen in all conflicts since the Sudan commitment of 1885. The Australians at War section of the site is a rich source of information for anyone interested in Australian Military History. Major recent additions to the website are the digitised versions of The Official history of Australia in the war of 1914–1918 and the Official History of Australia in the War of 1939–1945. Our aim in putting these volumes on the Website has been to provide access to them for all Australians.
  • Ballarat, Australia(164 clicks)
    Ballarat owes its existence to the discovery of gold in 1851. It's a story of tragedy and comedy, of success and failure, of industry and enterprise.
  • Belonging: Who Shaped Australia?(167 clicks)
    "Since Federation in 1901, people have felt that they belonged or did not belong in Australia for many different reasons. Belonging explores some of the ways people experienced 'belonging' in Australia in the twentieth century. Drawing on the extensive collections of the State Library of New South Wales, the State Library of Victoria, the National Archives of Australia and the National Library of Australia, this exhibition challenges viewers to consider the question: Where do I belong?"
  • Blue Mountains History Plaza(163 clicks)
    Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia .
  • Captured in Colour(137 clicks)
  • Captured in Colour(162 clicks)
  • Challenging Histories(157 clicks)
    Views of Australia in a centenary year. Program of a conference.
  • Child and youth labour in Queensland, 1885-1900(135 clicks)
    A world dominated by youth: child and youth labour in Queensland, 1885-1900. Bradley Bowden Griffith University
  • Child and youth labour in Queensland, 1885-1900(145 clicks)
    A world dominated by youth: child and youth labour in Queensland, 1885-1900. Bradley Bowden Griffith University
  • Constitution(164 clicks)
    As of 1973.
  • Dawn of the Legend(176 clicks)
    25 April 1915 is a date etched in Australia’s history. Its anniversary is commemorated across the country each year as ANZAC Day. To many this is Australia’s most important national day.
  • Documenting A Democracy: Australia's Story(150 clicks)
    Australia's founding documents and more.
  • Electronic Research Archive of the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library(133 clicks)
    "The Electronic Research Archive (ERA) has been developed by the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library to enhance access to the JCPML collection of personal papers, photographs, oral histories, copies of official records and other archival material relating to the life and times of John Curtin. In addition, ERA provides electronic access to John Curtin related materials held in other institutions around the world."
  • Federation Debates and Participant's Writings, The(137 clicks)
  • First Fleet(122 clicks)
    "First Fleet Online consists of information about the convicts who were transported to Australia in 1787. A fleet of ships carrying over 1000 convicts and military under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip arrived in Australia in January 1788 after a journey of seven months. Few ships had been here before other than the early Dutch, French, and British explorers. So it was quite a journey to undertake."
  • Gold 150(134 clicks)
    Celebrating 150 years of Gold Rush History.
  • Harry's Letters(164 clicks)
    This website contains the letters, postcards and photographs sent by Harry Gordon Gracie, aged 24, to his parents and family from a 5½ month world trip in 1924/5.
  • Historical Records (154 clicks)
  • History Australia(203 clicks)
    History Australia is the official journal of the Australian Historical Association (AHA)
  • History of Canberra(159 clicks)
    Canberra: Australia's capital city
  • History of Places in Australia(183 clicks)
    This index lists cities, towns, suburbs and places in Australia with links to Web pages giving the history of that location. This is a perpetually growing index which should be visited regularly to check updates.
  • Index of Inward Passenger Lists for British and Foreign Ports 1852-1889(143 clicks)
    You can search this index for names of unassisted passengers who boarded ships to Victoria, Australia from British and Foreign ports between 1852 and 1889.
  • Irish Famine Orphan Immigration(164 clicks)
  • Irish Famine Orphan Immigration(149 clicks)
  • Irish Famine Orphan Immigration(178 clicks)
  • Journeys in Time, 1809-1892(166 clicks)
    "Journeys in Time 1809 -1822 is a joint project between Macquarie University and the State Library of New South Wales to make available full transcripts of the journals of Lachlan and Elizabeth Macquarie in the period 1809 - 1822."
  • Kalgoorlie 1892-1905(159 clicks)
    History of a gold rush town.
  • Kokoda Trail" or "Kokoda Track"(136 clicks)
    "Kokoda was arguably Australia's most significant campaign of the Second World War. More Australians died in the seven months of fighting in Papua, and the Japanese came closer to Australia than in any other campaign."
  • Lighthouses of Australia(135 clicks)
    This page is a project undertaken to promote and coordinate the presentation of Australian lighthouses on the internet.
  • Melbourne Olympics-1956(168 clicks)
  • Milton Ulladulla Local and Family History Site(180 clicks)
    The Milton Ulladulla district is on the NSW South Coast, being part of the city of Shoalhaven. Captain Cook first saw Aboriginals on our beaches in 1770. The first white Settler was Rev Thomas Kendall in 1828 who started cedar cutting at Narrawallee Creek near Milton.
  • National Archives of Australia(146 clicks)
    Principal repository of historical documents
  • National Treasures(149 clicks)
    National Treasures from Australia’s Great Libraries opens at the National Library of Australia in Canberra on 3 December 2005. This exhibition brings our national memory to life, drawing together for the first time over 170 priceless treasures from the magnificent collections of Australia’s National, State and Territory libraries.
  • Nineteenth Century Exploration of Australia(147 clicks)
    Although Australian coasts were charted in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and the first permanent European settlement established in New South Wales in 1788, exploration of the interior of the continent was entirely a nineteenth century phenomenon. During the 1800s a great number of intrepid (but sometimes foolhardy) adventurers, prospectors, surveyors and naturalists crisscrossed the continent in all directions, more than a few of them losing their lives along the way.
  • Nineteenth Century Exploration of Australia(149 clicks)
    Features the reproduction of the 1893 map of explorers' routes from the great naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace's regional study Australasia, plus links to online sources on the explorers involved, and the full-text of Wallace's own treatment of the period of Australian exploration from his book.
  • Nineteenth Century Exploration of Australia(170 clicks)
    "Although Australian coasts were charted in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and the first permanent European settlement established in New South Wales in 1788, exploration of the interior of the continent was entirely a nineteenth century phenomenon."
  • Oral History Program in the UNSW Archives(145 clicks)
  • Papers of Sir Joseph Banks(137 clicks)
    "The present work is limited to those papers of Sir Joseph Banks which are held in the Mitchell and Dixson collections at the State Library of New South Wales, in Sydney, Australia. These amount to approximately 10,000 manuscript pages and include correspondence, principally letters received, but also reports, invoices and accounts, journals, plus a small quantity of maps, charts and watercolours."
  • Port Stephens Historical Society(125 clicks)
    Includes photographs.
  • Records of the Australasian Federation Conference of the 1890s(159 clicks)
    Contains Debates and Proceedings of the Australasian Federation Conference, Melbourne, 6-14 February, 1890 Debates of the National Australasian Convention, Sydney, 2 March to 9 April, 1891 Debates of the Australasian Federal Convention of 1897/8 in three sessions: First session, Adelaide, 22 March-23 April 1897. Second session, Sydney, 2-24 September 1897. Third session, Melbourne, 22 January-17 March 1898.
  • Sydney(191 clicks)
  • The Australian Institute for Conservation of Cultural Materials(162 clicks)
    "In Australia, the national organisation for conservators and people interested in the preservation of the nation's heritage is the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material Inc. (AICCM)."
  • The Bushranger Site(157 clicks)
    Have you ever wondered what drove men (and sometimes women) to abandon all social rights and privileges, take up arms against authority and earn a doubtful living by becoming Bushrangers?
  • The Electronic Journal of Australian and New Zealand History(126 clicks)
    Since then it has evolved to become a peer reviewed forum Peer-reviewed journal serving H-ANZAU, H-Net's network for the history of Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • The fate of La Perouse(140 clicks)
  • The George Raper Collection(132 clicks)
    "The National Library's most recent acquisition is a rare First Fleet collection. Experience the wonder and peril of the voyage that changed Australian history, through the eyes of seventeen year old Midshipman George Raper."
  • The Great North Road Convict Trail(155 clicks)
    "Between 1804 and 1822 convicts who committed another crime after arriving in the Colony had been banished to the penal settlement at Newcastle, then only accessible by sea. In 1826 re-offending convicts were put to work on one of 19th century Australia’s greatest engineering feats - the Great North Road."
  • The Heritage Conservation | Historic Preservation(178 clicks)
  • The Life on the Goldfields(128 clicks)
  • The Merzies Era(128 clicks)
    Australian history including the Vietnam War
  • The Welsh in Australia(169 clicks)
  • Tyrrell Photographic Collection(188 clicks)
    "The Tyrrell Collection consists of 7903 glass plate negatives from the studios of Charles Kerry (1857-1928) and Henry King (1855-1923) who had two of Sydney's principal photographic studios in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The Tyrrell Collection provides an important record of city and country life at the time with a number of broad themes: Sydney and suburbs; south coast; Blue Mountains; transport; rural New South Wales; shipping; caves; sports; Indigenous peoples of Australia and the South Pacific."
  • Wellington Valley Project(190 clicks)
    Papers Relating to the Church Missionary Society Mission to Wellington Valley, New South Wales 1830 - 42