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  • Agreement Between Germany and France Relative to Morocco, February 9, 1909(213 clicks)
    Original document.
  • Algerciras Conference, 1906(199 clicks)
    Algerciras Conference, 1906 (7545 total words in this text) (read: 146 times) GENERAL ACT of the Algeciras Conference relating to the Affairs of Morocco (Great Britain, Austria-Hungary, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, United States). Signed at Algeciras, April 7, 1906.
  • British Consuls to Morocco, 1787-1897(198 clicks)
    List with some payment noted.
  • British Order in Council (1875)(205 clicks)
    British Order in Council, for the regulation of British Consular Jurisdiction in Morocco. Osborne, February 4, 1875
  • Commercial Treaty Between Spain and Morocco (1861)(207 clicks)
    Spanish text.
  • Convention as to Cape Spartel Lighthouse (1865)(203 clicks)
    Translation. Convention as to Cape Spartel Lighthouse between the United States, Austria, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal ,Spain, Sweden and Norway, And Morocco
  • Convention between Great Britain and Morocco (1861)(199 clicks)
    Convention between Great Britain and Morocco relative to a Loan to be raised in London by Morocco, signed at Tangier, 24 October 1861
  • Convention Between Morocco and Spain (1859)(207 clicks)
    Convention Between Morocco and Spain extending the Limits of Melilla etc., signed at Tetuan, 24 August 1859. Spanish text.
  • Convention between Morocco and Western Nations, 1880(194 clicks)
    Convention as to Protection in Morocco Between the United States, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden and Norway and Morocco
  • Declaration Between the Governments of France and Spain, Respecting the Integrity of Morocco(205 clicks)
    Signed at Paris, October 3, 1904.
  • Exchange of Notes Between France and Morocco, August 14-December 25, 1909(214 clicks)
    Translated original document.
  • French Consuls in Morocco(205 clicks)
  • Letter Threatening Military Reprisals by French on Moroccan Pirates,1855(208 clicks)
    Archives Diplomatiques de Nantes Tanger, A 115 - a 15/2 "Correspondance de l'Agence Consulaire de T‚touan, 1849-1855," bundle for 1855, draft of letter [ Charles Jagerschmidt, Charg‚ d'Affaires of France in Tangier] to Muhammad al-Hadary 1 May 1855
  • Moroccan delegation to Edward VII(218 clicks)
    Photographs from the Lafayette Collection
  • Morocco(246 clicks)
    General links for Morocco.
  • Morocco: History(279 clicks)
    From Arab Net
  • Proclamation by the French Consulate-General, Tangier, [1862](219 clicks)
    translation of the original.
  • Swedish Consuls in Morroco, 1800-1849(195 clicks)
    Information supplied by K Kjoelsen, Head of the Archives and Library, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Asiatisk Plads 2, DK-1488, Kobenhavn K, DENMARK
  • Swedish-Norwegian Consuls in Morocco(205 clicks)
    Source: except where indicated, Kingdom of Sweden, Utrikesdepartementets Kalender 1990 (Stockholm 1990) 314-315.
  • Treaty of Peace between the United States and Morocco (1836)(197 clicks)
    Treaty of Peace between the United States and Morocco, Meknes, 16 September 1836
  • US Consuls to Morocco(201 clicks)