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  • Accounts of Meröe, Kush, and Axum, c. 430 BCE - 550 CE(156 clicks)
    "the main accounts of Ancient Nubia and Ethiopia from classical sources. There are a few accounts missing from this text: Pliny the Elder, Claudius Ptolemaeus, and the Periplus, though they used the same source that Strabo did."
  • Hidden Wars: Sudan(133 clicks)
  • Neither Goddesses Nor Doormats: The Role of Women in Nubia(129 clicks)
    Essay by Tara Kneller
  • Nubia - "Its glory and its people"(138 clicks)
    Exhibit by The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago
  • Sudan News & Views(143 clicks)
  • The Siege of Khartoum(155 clicks)