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  • A Brief Review of Modern Egyptian History(128 clicks)
    Begins in mid-18th century.
  • Alexandria(157 clicks)
  • Americans in the Egyptian Army 1868-1883(128 clicks)
    The unusual but nonetheless true tale of 50 U.S. citizens (mostly veterans of the late War of Secession) who donned the uniform of Egypt in the service of Khedive Ismail.
  • Ancient Egypt(148 clicks)
    Life of the ancient Egyptians.
  • Ancient Egypt(162 clicks)
    Variety of materials on Egypt.
  • Ancient Egypt Site(133 clicks)
    The Ancient Egypt Site is an interactive book about the history, language, monuments and culture of Ancient Egypt. It can easily be accessed by topic or by keyword. A lengthy list of books for your further reading, a list of websites, addresses of places where you can study this magnificent pharaonic culture, an overview of recent archaeological finds in Egypt and a list of movies about Ancient Egypt, complete this book. Simply click on the buttons above, or use the menu to the left to pick your favourite topics.
  • Ankhesenamun: Princess of Amarna / Queen of Destiny(176 clicks)
    Poignant biography of the Princess/Queen Ankhesenpaaten/Ankhesenamun - wife of the pharaoh Tutankhamun. Also features Amarna book and link resources, and a Galleria of Amarna art images.
  • Annual Egyptological Bibliography.(130 clicks)
    "The Annual Egyptological Bibliography has been in existence for well over fifty years. Virtually from the outset it established itself as an indispensable working tool for Egyptologists and for scholars in neighbouring disciplines."
  • Black Pharoahs(157 clicks)
    National Geographic
  • Boy King Returns: Tutankhamun(131 clicks)
    Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs. National Geographic.
  • Cleopatra on the Web(164 clicks)
  • Duke Papyrus Archive(133 clicks)
    The Duke Papyrus Archive provides electronic access to texts about and images of 1,375 papyri from ancient Egypt.
  • Egypt Archive(135 clicks)
    Photos by Jon Bidsworth
  • Egyptian Artifacts Exhibit(130 clicks)
    from the University of Memphis
  • Egyptian Kings, Governors and other Rulers(174 clicks)
    Popular site
  • Egyptology Resources(127 clicks)
    The first Egyptology resource on the Internet
  • Firman of Appointment of Muhammad `Ali as Pasha of Egypt Issued by Ottoman Sultan, 1840(138 clicks)
    Translation of the original document.
  • History of Christianity in Egypt(123 clicks)
    Sie deals with a collection of Egyptian saints that were instrumental in the growth of Christianity in Egypt.
  • History of the Presence of Italians in Egypt, 1800/1956(155 clicks)
  • Hypatia of Alexandria (146 clicks)
    Hypatia of Alexandria was the first woman to make a substantial contribution to the development of mathematics.
  • Ministry of Tourism(140 clicks)
  • Muhammad `Ali'S Tax Inspectors(144 clicks)
    Muhammad `Ali'S Tax Inspectors (1631 total words in this text) (read: 181 times) Muhammad `Ali'S Tax Inspectors from Chronicles of al-Jabarti - cAbd al-Rahman al-Jabarti cajaib al-athar f-il-tarajim w-al-akhbar, Cairo 1297/1879 IV, 93-94,141-142, 154, 183, 208-209).
  • Pyramids: The Inside Story(144 clicks)
    From PBS. Explore the Great Pyamid.
  • Ramses the Great(138 clicks)
    Warrior King and Son of Ra
  • The Bibliography of Ancient Egypt(122 clicks)
  • The Bibliography of Ancient Egypt(140 clicks)
    Titles for a number of different fields.
  • The Egyptian Book of the Dead(133 clicks)
    1240 BC. The Papyrus of Ani Translated by E.A. Wallis Budge
  • The Egyptian pyramids: an analysis of a great mystery [1845](129 clicks)
  • The jugular vein of empire : the imperial attachment to the Suez Canal from 1875 to (138 clicks)
    This thesis is examines the imperial attachment to the Suez Canal from 1875 to 1956. It begins with the canal share purchase by the Disraeli Government and ends with the Suez Crisis. Traditional scholarship views relations between the Britain and the Suez Canal as disjointed and highlighted by sporadic significant events. This thesis aims to evaluate the history of these relations. The thesis is divided into five chapters with the imperial attachment to the canal is divided into three chronological periods. In each phase of attachment there is at least one distinct policy shift and re-evaluation of the importance of the Suez Canal. While canal importance fluctuated, the continued re-strengthening of the attachment demonstrates a continuous attachment to the canal. These findings disprove traditional view of Anglo-Suez relations being disjointed. Summarily, this thesis proved the existence of a continuous imperial attachment to the Suez Canal from 1875 to 1956.
  • The University of Memphis Institute of Egyptian Art and Archeology(130 clicks)
    Scholary site
  • Tomb of Tutankhamon(168 clicks)
  • Understanding Egypt's Eighteenth Dynasty(127 clicks)
    " The eastern Mediterranean during the period 2000-1000 BCE offers a chaos of unexplained clues-- so this page will try to gain clarity by narrowing its focus to Egypt's dramatic 18th dynasty (?1550-?1293 BCE). "