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  • An Abridged History of Cental Asia(185 clicks)
    Book by William M. Brinton
  • Association for the Advancement of Central Asian Research(193 clicks)
    Bulletin of the Association begiining with Volume 2.
  • Central Asia(175 clicks)
    Website with original materials plus many links.
  • Central Asia and the Caucasus, 1998-2001(194 clicks)
    Database from Sweden.
  • Central Asian Identity Under Russian Rule(194 clicks)
    Book by H. B. PAKSOY
  • Central Asian Monuments(176 clicks)
    The present volume presents essays on eight Central Asian Monuments. Each essay discusses one Monument, placing it in historical perspective.
  • Essays on Central Asia(185 clicks)
    By H. B. Paksoy
  • Genghis Khan(187 clicks)
    Short biography of Genghis Khan
  • Major Events Relevant to Central Asian History(169 clicks)
  • The Alpamysh, part 1: a fateful contest between friends(211 clicks)
  • The History of a National Catastrophe(178 clicks)
    by Rahim Masov Edited and Translated by Iraj Bashiri. "The 1917 October Revolution, led by Vladimir Ilich Lenin, opened a new vista on Europe and Asia. It touched the lives of people living anywhere from China to Eastern Europe and from Novgorod to the Caucasus and Central Asia. In this regard, the formative decade of Soviet power (the 1920's) was epoch-making. During this decade the Civil War between the White Army-assisted by the United States, Europe, Japan, and Canada-and the Red Army resulted in the victory of the latter; the New Economic Policy (NEP) was introduced; the Kronstadt rebellion took place; Lenin died; and Stalin took over the Party machine. The decade ended with the introduction of a program of forced collectivization and rapid industrialization of the new nation. "
  • The Mongols(183 clicks)
    History of the Mongols
  • The Politics of Muslim Cultural Reform: Jadidism in Central Asia(202 clicks)
    Scholarly book by Adeeb Khalid
  • The Question of "Religious Fundamentalism" in Central Asia(174 clicks)
    By H. B. Paksoy. Presented to the Central Asian Studies Program Conference on The Revival of Central Asian Culture. (The Oklahoma State University, March 1997) Published in Reform Movements and Revolutions in Turkistan (1900-1924), Studies in Honor of Osman Khoja. Timur Kocao­lu, Ed. (Haarlem: SOTA, 2001) Pp. 329-39
    H B Paksoy
  • Z. V. Togan: The Origins of the Kazaks and the ˘zbeks(198 clicks)
    Togan's investigation of the origin of the Kazaks and the ˘zbeks is adapted from his T┼rkili T┼rkistan, a project he worked on during the 1920s, a period when he was establishing extensive contacts with the Central Asian population from Ferghana to the shores of the Caspian on behalf of the Turkistan national liberation movement.