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  • 1989 Democracy Movement(177 clicks)
  • A Great Story of a Tiananmen Survivor(170 clicks)
    E-mail essay of Date: 11 Jun 89 00:21:36 GMT
  • Between Winds and Clouds: The Making of Yunnan (Second Century BCE to Twentieth Century CE).(163 clicks)
    Book by Bin Yang
  • Boxer Rebellion(173 clicks)
    Fists of Righteous Harmony resist Western imperialism
  • Brief history of China(193 clicks)
    From Maryland. Has maps and photos.
  • China expert Pye examines Tiananmen massacre(186 clicks)
    By Sophia Yee. Pye is a leading political scientist.
  • China From The Inside(161 clicks)
    PBS program
  • China History Forum(171 clicks)
  • China News Digest(209 clicks)
    The Cyberspace Info Center for Chinese and Friends Worldwide
  • China Photos(169 clicks)
    This collection comprises a portion of the photographs taken by Dr. Rush G. Miller during his six trips to mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan between 1991 and 2001.
  • China Through the Stereoscope(165 clicks)
    A Journey Through the Dragon Empire at the Time of the Boxer Uprising By James Ricalton, Edited by Jim Zwick
  • China Through the Stereoscope(171 clicks)
    A Journey Through the Dragon Empire at the Time of the Boxer Uprising By James Ricalton. Edited by Jim Zwick. New York: Underwood & Underwood, 1901. BoondocksNet Edition, 2000
  • China's Continuous Revolution: The Post-Liberation Epoch, 1949-1981(184 clicks)
    Scholarly book by Lowell Dittmer
  • China: Chronology(150 clicks)
    The EAWC Internet Index tracks a variety of resources that are relevant to ancient and medieval times and that might prove useful to students and teachers who are engaged in serious study.
  • China: Eploring the Interior, 1903-1904(168 clicks)
  • China: The Roots of Madness (1967)(176 clicks)
  • Chinese History for Beginners(165 clicks)
    Condensed China is an introduction to Chinese history. It exists to inform, enlighten, and attract netizens interested in China.
  • Classical Historiography for Chinese History(263 clicks)
    History of historical writing about China. From UCLA
  • CNN-Visions of China(168 clicks)
    Great site done by CNN
  • Confucius, The Ethics of (181 clicks)
    by Miles Menander Dawson [1915]. This is a study of the ethical system presented in the Confucian texts, organized by topic. This book was reprinted in 1939 under the title 'The Basic Thoughts of Confucius,' and in 1942 as 'The Basic Teachings of Confucius.'
  • Discovering China(177 clicks)
    Upheavals in Chinese History
  • Erosion of the CCP's ideology(153 clicks)
    Mao's Political Ideology and the erosion of the CCP's ideology after Mao's Death.
  • Exploring Chinese History(171 clicks)
    The official site for The Journal of Chinese History
  • HIST E-1825 China: Traditions and Transformations(237 clicks)
    Modern China presents a dual image: a society transforming itself through economic development and social revolution; and the world’s largest and oldest bureaucratic state, coping with longstanding problems of economic and political management. Both images bear the indelible imprint of China’s historical experience, of its patterns of philosophy and religion, and of its social and political thought. These themes are discussed in order to understand China in the modern world and as a great world civilization that developed along lines different from those of the Mediterranean.
  • History of China(181 clicks)
  • History of the Great Wall(170 clicks)
    History of the wall and why it was built.
  • Internet guide for China Studies(153 clicks)
    Done by the Institute of Chinese Studies, University of Heidelberg , this is the WWW Virtual Library site for China.
  • Modern Chinese Historical Research(175 clicks)
    University of California at San Diego site on Modern China
  • Monarchs and Ministers: The Grand Council in Mid-Ch'ing China, 1723-1820(179 clicks)
    Scholarly book by Beatrice S. Bartlett
  • Nanjing Massacre(174 clicks)
    This is an archive for the historical documents and still photography related to the the Nanjing Massacre, and other atrocities committed by Japanese army in China during WW II.
  • Nanjing Massacre(168 clicks)
    WWW Memorial Hall of the Victims in the Nanjing Massacre
  • Native Place, City, and Nation: Regional Networks and Identities in Shanghai, 1853-1937(203 clicks)
    Scholarly book by Bryna Goodman
  • Old Shanghai(172 clicks)
    This site attempts to give a feel for the world of Old Shanghai through a hyperlinked collage of words and images.
  • People's Republic at 50: Special report(158 clicks)
    BBC Special
  • Reinventing Modern China(172 clicks)
  • Season of High Adventure: Edgar Snow in China(157 clicks)
    Scholarly book by S. Bernard Thomas
  • Selections from the Naxi Manuscript Collection(170 clicks)
    Selections from the Naxi Manuscript Collection features ceremonial writings of the Naxi people of Yunnan Province, China.
  • Silk Road: Trade, Travel, War and Faith, The(180 clicks)
    In association with the British Museum
  • Stefan Landsberger's Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages(203 clicks)
    From 1949 to the present. Great collection
  • The Boxer Rebellion(197 clicks)
    Short history with photos.
  • The Chinese Empire(156 clicks)
    From Washington State University
  • The International Dunhuang Project (IDP): Silk Road(180 clicks)
    In 1900 a hidden cave was discovered at a Buddhist site near the ancient Silk Road town of Dunhuang. Sealed in about 1000 AD, it contained tens of thousands of manuscripts, paintings and printed documents on paper and silk dating from 400-1000 AD. The world’s earliest and largest paper archive, the cave’s contents included many unique documents, including the world’s earliest dated printed book (868 AD). The majority were in Chinese, but there was a large collection of Tibetan documents as well as items in Turkic Uighur and several other languages.
  • The Nanjing Atrocities(178 clicks)
  • The Shang Dynasty, 1523-1027 BC(165 clicks)
    Earliest dynasty for which there is written evidence
  • The Silk Road(154 clicks)
    "Humanities West presents Venice to Xanadu: Marco Polo's Silk Road. Distinguished speakers offer an illustrated journey to the Silk Road, with special attention to features and discoveries from Marco Polo's lifetime; along with tales of Marco Polo and other early European travelers. Art historian Lauren Arnold provides beautiful images from the medieval art exchange that influenced both Europe and China. Examples of rare music, and a demonstration of authentic costume and dance from central Asia add to the richness of the of the Humanities West journey."
  • The Stubborn Earth: American Agriculturalists on Chinese Soil, 1898–1937(186 clicks)
    Scholarly book by Randall E. Stross
  • Third and sixth century crises east and west(172 clicks)
  • Third and sixth century crises east and west(159 clicks)
    by Daniel Foss
  • Tiananmen Square(175 clicks)
    Essay by Richard Geib
  • Tiananmen Ten Years Later: A Perspective(162 clicks)
    From China News, this article argue that the U.S. has misrepresented what happened
  • Victims of the Tiananmen Massacre(180 clicks)
  • War and Popular Culture: Resistance in Modern China, 1937-1945(156 clicks)
    Scholarly book by Chang-tai Hung