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  • Afganistan, A Country Study(174 clicks)
    Federal Research Division, Library of Congress, Edited by Peter R. Blood, Research Completed 1997
  • Afghanist(169 clicks)
    Backgrounds about Afghanistan in German language
  • Afghanistan(166 clicks)
  • Afghanistan 1969-1974(183 clicks)
  • Afghanistan 1979-1992(175 clicks)
    Extract from Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II, By William Blum
  • Afghanistan: Images from the Harrison Forman Collection(167 clicks)
    Contains 195 images which document the life and culture of Afghanistan in the late 1960s. The photographs portray the daily life of Afghanis, capture the beauty of the land, and document historic sites, including the great Buddhas of Bamiyan destroyed by the Taliban in 2001.
  • Afghanistan: The Soviet Invasion and the Afghan Response, 1979-1982(173 clicks)
    Scholarly book by M. Hassan Kakar
  • Artillery And Counterinsurgency: The Soviet Experience in Afghanistan(174 clicks)
    Lester W. Grau, Foreign Military Studies Office, Fort Leavenworth, KS. Uploaded June 1997
  • Connecting Histories in Afghanistan: Market Relations and State Formation on a Colonial Frontier.(181 clicks)
    Book by Shah Mahmoud Hanifi
  • Edwards, David B. Before Taliban: Genealogies of the Afghan Jihad(227 clicks)
    Scholarly book
  • History of the Taliban(189 clicks)
    History of the Taliban: Who They Are, What They Want
    By Pierre Tristam,
  • Institute for Afghan Studies(166 clicks)
    The Institute for Afghan Studies (IAS) is a non-profit, non-political and independent organization, founded and run by young Afghan scholars from around the globe. The mission of the Institute is to be a center for research and a credible source of information about Afghanistan. The Institute promotes research on social, economic, political and other issues of critical importance pertaining to Afghanistan by providing a forum and soliciting contributions from recognized Afghan and non-Afghan scholars, think-tanks and experts on Afghan studies. The Institute, nevertheless, is of the belief and conviction that Afghans themselves have the best source of information and solutions for the numerous problems facing Afghanistan today. To this end, it encourages and makes possible quality interaction between informed, educated and professional Afghans around the globe.
  • Kakar, M. Hassan Afghanistan: The Soviet Invasion and the Afghan Response, 1979-1982(191 clicks)
  • Second Afgan War, 1878-80(210 clicks)
    This website is a developing online resource for anyone interested in knowing more about the Second Anglo-Afghan War of 1878-1880. It is also the home of the Second Afghan War database project, a collection of names, family histories and stories concerning those who participated in this lesser-known campaign from the days Queen Victoria's British Empire.
  • Silent Solider:The Man behind the Afghan Jehad(180 clicks)
    Full length book
  • The Afghan Taliban(179 clicks)
    The Afghan Taliban: Like It or Not, It Occupies Two-Thirds of Afghanistan and Shows No Sign of Weakening By Musa M. Maroofi, April 1998.
  • The Bear Trap: Afghanistan's Untold Story(172 clicks)
    Full length book
  • The Soviet War in Afghanistan: Histry and Harbinger of Future War?(167 clicks)
    by General (Ret) Mohammad Yahya Nawroz, Army of Afghanistan & LTC (Ret) Lester W. Grau, U.S. Army
  • The Taliban and Afghanistan(173 clicks)
    Implications for Regional Security and Options for International Action
  • The Taliban Biography(202 clicks)
    The Structure and Leadership of the Taliban 1996-2002
  • War in Afghanistan, 1979-1989(173 clicks)