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This subcategory contains 11 links

  • Invasión Yanqui(99 clicks)
    The Mexican War. Interactive site.
  • Merchant Marine in the Mexican-American War(107 clicks)
    Role of the merchant marine in the war.
  • Mexican and Civil War Books (189 image records)(105 clicks)
  • Mexican-American War Memorial Homepage(97 clicks)
    From Mexico. In English or Spanish
  • Monuments, Manifest Destiny, and Mexico(125 clicks)
    by Michael Dear
  • The Impact of the U.S.-Mexican War(112 clicks)
    Short but valuable essay on the war's impact.
  • The Mexican-American War and the Media(113 clicks)
    Transcriptions of over 5700 newspapers articles published in the Times (London), the Niles' National Register, the Richmond Whig, and the Martinsburg Gazette between 1845 and 1848 relevant to the Mexican-American war. Also includes links to digital archives with illustrations from the period, chronologies, and bibliographies.
  • Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, 1848(122 clicks)
    By which Mexico lost 45% of its territory.
  • Two Bloody Days at Buena Vista(103 clicks)
    The most important battle of the Mexican War.
  • US-Mexican War(111 clicks)
    PBS site
  • War Message of President Polk, May 11, 1846(101 clicks)
    In order to get Congress to declare war on Mexico, Polk made the dubious, at best, claim that American blood had been spilled on American soil,