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  • 9th Avenue Elevated, The(145 clicks)
    An Early History of New York City's First Elevated Railway By G. J. Christiano
  • Bathers, Steel Pier, Coney Island(128 clicks)
  • Boats (1938)(130 clicks)
    Trip down the Hudson River from Albany to New York City.
  • Brooklyn Collection(133 clicks)
    Treasures from Brooklyn Public Library's Brooklyn Collection, dedicated to the rich history of the Borough of Brooklyn. Visit us at Brooklynology for in-depth narrative.
  • Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1841-1902(143 clicks)
  • Brooklyn History(146 clicks)
  • Brooklyn Photos(175 clicks)
  • Buffalo History Works' Photographic Collection(133 clicks)
  • Burned Over District(144 clicks)
    "Throughout the 1800s religious fervor roiled Western New York. Shakers, Spiritualists,Mormons and others found solace in a land of free thinkers."
  • Coney Island(120 clicks)
  • Coney Island History(177 clicks)
  • Coney Island: The Ups and Downs of America’s First Amusement Park(147 clicks)
    From PBS
  • Cornell Daily Sun(138 clicks)
    "The Cornell University Library and the Cornell Daily Sun are collaborating on an ambitious new digitization project to provide online access to the Sun's historical files. All of the original newspapers will be scanned and made available on a web site maintained by the Cornell University Library."
  • Drums Along the Mohawk(140 clicks)
  • Early Rapid Transit in Brooklyn, 1878-1913(165 clicks)
  • Enclosure: Photographs of Manhattan, 1964-69(119 clicks)
  • Experiences of a Street Car Conductor(118 clicks)
    Independent, LV (Aug, 13, 1903), 1920 24. From Digital History
  • Fort Niagara(158 clicks)
    Old Fort Niagara, Youngstown, NY. A Registered National Historic Landmark
  • Fun American Style!(143 clicks)
    Coney Island.
  • Greater Astoria Historical Society(126 clicks)
  • Historiography of Coney Island(132 clicks)
  • Hitler's LI Legion(133 clicks)
  • Home Movies: Medicus collection: New York World's Fair, 1939-40] (Reel 1)(119 clicks)
  • clicks)
    The Erie Canal is over 300 miles long, stretching across the whole state of New York from Albany to Buffalo. But we don't have to travel the whole length of the canal to learn about it — although it might be fun! The canal came right through the city of Rochester. By looking at the canal here, maybe we can find out how the canal worked in those far-away places.
  • Levittown Historical Society Newspage(120 clicks)
  • Levittown: Documents of an Ideal American Suburb(124 clicks)
    Photographic essay with links.
  • Local Bus Companies of Manhattan(128 clicks)
    by Joe Brennan
  • Long Island History(132 clicks)
    "Long Island: Our Story, the most extensive series ever undertaken by Newsday, documents local history from the Ice Age to the Space Age. In addition to the hundreds of pages produced for Newsday's print editions, this site offers a wealth of additional photos, source documents, audio, video and more."
  • Long Island Rail Road(139 clicks)
  • Lower East Side Tenement Museum(163 clicks)
    Interesting site concerning a tenement which has been preserved sinvce 1935.
  • Middleton Family at the New York World's Fair(142 clicks)
  • Middletown: A Photographic History(132 clicks)
    New York. By Peter Laskaris
  • New York and Manhattan Beach Railway(136 clicks)
  • New York canals(179 clicks)
    Guide to the canals, the most famous of which was the Erie Canal.
  • New York City Subway(179 clicks)
    "Welcome to the premiere unofficial site about the history of New York City's subway system-- and other transit systems around the world."
  • New York City Subway(125 clicks)
  • New York City--1930s(131 clicks)
    Flickr photos
  • New York History Net(160 clicks)
    Historians, material for kids, jobs, genealogy, and more!
  • New York Military Affairs Symposium(119 clicks)
  • New York Public Library Digital Collections(148 clicks)
  • New York Public Library Digital Library Collection(133 clicks)
    Great collection of materials. More than New York.
  • New York State Archives(192 clicks)
    Well-organized site by a powerful state archive.
  • New York: Historic Images(131 clicks)
  • Notable Men of Central New York(137 clicks)
  • NYC: Walker Evans Photographs(172 clicks)
    Walker Evans had a reputation, if not a steady income, as a photographer when Roy Stryker hired him at the Resettlement Administration in October 1935. Evans had taken up photography in 1928, at the age of twenty-five. He lived, in his own words, "very shabbily" in New York City, where he began to experiment with the medium by photographing city street life and vernacular architecture and by making portraits of his artist and intellectual friends. During the late 1920s and early 1930s, his paid projects included illustrating a book that exposed the evils of Cuba's Machado regime and photographing African sculpture for the Museum of Modern Art.
  • NYNY(142 clicks)
    NYNYm a series of ever-expanding timelines covering New York City and State, from approximately 1,100,000,000 BC to 1990 AD.
  • Oneida Community Collection(127 clicks)
    Syracuse University Library
  • People of Colonial Albany(149 clicks)
    The official website of the Colonial Albany Social History Project. It is intended to introduce everyone to the people of colonial Albany and their world. It is also the best contact point for the operations and programs of the Colonial Albany Project.
  • Rochester Historical Society(136 clicks)
  • Syracuse China, History of(149 clicks)
    Onondaga Pottery Company
  • The 1939 Dairy Farmers Union Milk Strike in Heuvelton and Canton, New York(141 clicks)
    The Story in Words and Pictures. Part I. by Thomas J. Kriger
  • The Colonial Frontier of New York(145 clicks)
    PowerPoint presentation.
  • The Life of a City: Early Films of New York, 1898-1906(143 clicks)
  • The Lost Museum(151 clicks)
    Barnum's New York City Museum, 1841
  • The Making of New York(128 clicks)
  • The New York Approach(136 clicks)
    Robert Moses, Urban Liberals, and Redevelopment of the Inner City Joel Schwartz
  • Their Sisters' Keepers: Prostitution in New York City, 1830-1870(125 clicks)
    Scholarly books by Marilynn Wood Hill
  • Time Freeze Photos(131 clicks)
    New York City
  • Twenty Years in New Yorkers' Lives: 1900 to 1920(121 clicks)
    Fascinating information about a set of about 50 people who lived in New York City in 1920. See hoe people lived!
  • Virtual New York History(152 clicks)
    WELCOME to Virtual New York, a website devoted to the history of New York City and its people. Produced by the New Media Lab at the Graduate Center, City University of New York, VNY offers resources on New York City's past unavailable elsewhere on the Web and, informed by the latest scholarship, new ways to understand that history. Virtual New York's inaugural exhibit "DISASTER!" examines the worst of times and how they changed the city.
  • Weeksville, NY(166 clicks)
    "Historic Weeksville was a nineteenth century community located in the Ninth Ward of Brooklyn, New York. It was named for James Weeks, an African American who purchased land there in 1838 from Henry C. Thompson (another free African-American)."
  • Yestercuse(136 clicks)
    Snapshots of Syracuse history. The rise and fall of a city center.