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  • Ty Cobb: Death in the Dark(99 clicks)
  • 19th Century Baseball(88 clicks)
    Links to clubs, etc.
  • America's National Games(101 clicks)
    "Over 500 photographs, prints, drawings, caricatures, and printed illustrations from the personal collection of materials related to baseball and other sports gathered by the early baseball player and sporting-goods tycoon A. G. Spalding. This collection includes 19th-century studio portraits of players and teams of the day, rare images, photographs, and original drawings."
  • Atlantic Coast Conference(84 clicks)
  • Ball Parks(81 clicks)
    All kinds
  • Baseball Almanac(120 clicks)
  • Baseball and Jackie Robinson(118 clicks)
  • Baseball Cards, 1887-1914(112 clicks)
    "This collection presents a Library of Congress treasure -- 2,100 early baseball cards dating from 1887 to 1914. The cards show such legendary figures as Ty Cobb stealing third base for Detroit, Tris Speaker batting for Boston, and pitcher Cy Young posing formally in his Cleveland uniform. Other notable players include Connie Mack, Walter Johnson, King Kelly, and Christy Mathewson."
  • Baseball Cards: 1887-1914(88 clicks)
  • Baseball in Florida(81 clicks)
  • Baseball in the 1930s(88 clicks)
  • Baseball Links(80 clicks)
  • Baseball's Louisville Slugger, Behind the Bat(101 clicks)
  • Baseball: Minor Leagues(95 clicks)
  • Basketball History(148 clicks)
    Part of the Springfield, MA site
  • Bell, James "Cool Papa" Bell(81 clicks)
    Interview with Bell, a Starkville, Mississippi native who starred in the Negro League.
  • Biographical Dictionary of American Sports: Baseball(93 clicks)
    "With over 1,450 entries including Major League, Negro League, and All-American Girls Professional Baseball League players, managers, umpires and executives, the newly revised and expanded Biographical Dictionary of American Sports: Baseball represents the inaugural effort of Greenwood's online sports reference project."
  • Birdie Tebbetts, "I'd Rather Catch."(98 clicks)
    Atlantic Monthly, September, 1949. "A New Hampshire Yankee, George (Birdie) Tebbetts of the Boston Red Sox has been voted by the fans the most popular catcher in the American League, and this is his thirteenth year of major league baseball. After forty-four months in the Army Air Forces he returned to the diamond rusty and, some thought, past his peak. But he has made a remarkable recovery, and today there is no keener, quicker mind behind the plate. Off season, Mr. Tebbetts is associated with the Paul Sadler Insurance Agency of Nashua, New Hampshire."
  • Black Sox(99 clicks)
    The 1919 World Series resulted in the most famous scandal in baseball history. Eight players from the Chicago White Sox (later nicknamed the Black Sox) were accused of throwing the series against the Cincinnati Reds.
  • Black Sox Scandal, 1919(79 clicks)
  • Bobsled, History(82 clicks)
  • Business of Baseball(109 clicks)
    This section of the BERA Sports Industry guide provides resources on the major league baseball business in the United States. It does not include the minor league, Olympic, college, or amateur baseball market. For references to works dealing with baseball business in other countries, please search the Library of Congress online catalog and the directory of international baseball federations.
  • College Football Hall of Fame(100 clicks)
    Official site
  • College Football History(119 clicks)
  • Crimson Tide Online(93 clicks)
    University of Alabama.
  • Crisis in Baseball: The "Black Sox" Scandal of 1919(104 clicks)
  • Donald Honig, "Out of Reach of All the Glory"(103 clicks)
    "From 1927 to 1939, Wes Ferrell was a pitcher with Cleveland, the Yankees, and the Red Sox. In this interview he tells what it was like to face some of the great hitters as well as to stand in the batter's box."
  • Dressed to the Nines(81 clicks)
    History of Baseball Uniforms
  • ESPN(84 clicks)
    The sports network
  • Fans Only(85 clicks)
    Info for fans
  • First Ladies of Baseball(85 clicks)
    Women's baseball.
  • Football(105 clicks)
    All kinds but mostly pro
  • Girls of Summer(115 clicks)
    "The first girls of summer, women who were paid to play baseball competed in their first game in 1875."
  • Henry Aaron Remembers(104 clicks)
    "With 755 home runs to his credit, the former Braves' slugger discusses Jackie Robinson's challenge of baseball's color line and his own pursuit of Babe Ruth's record." By Bryan Ethier
  • History of Horse Racing(82 clicks)
    US horse racing
  • History of Women's Basketball(86 clicks)
  • Hockey Over Time(109 clicks)
  • clicks)
    Professional basketball
  • Jackie Robinson & Other Baseball Highlights, 1860s-1960s(87 clicks)
  • Jim Brosnan, "The Fantasy World of Baseball"(110 clicks)
    Atlantic Monthly, April, 1964. On baseball fans.
  • Labor Rights and the Restructuring of Major League Baseball, 1969-1992(86 clicks)
    "Despite some gains made since the 1970s, Baseball players face an increasingly hostile labor environment. Management retains the antitrust exemption, and a conservative Congress most likely will not remove the exemption in the near future. Baseball players and other organized workers have few friends in the federal government. Moreover, it appears as if labor disputes in other professional sports such as Hockey and Basketball may give greater impetus to baseball management to take a stronger stance against players in the future. Labor has lost and continues to lose ground vis a vis management."
  • LookSmart links to Bowl Games(98 clicks)
    Most of the bowls.
  • Lou Gehrig, Farewell to Baseball, July 4, 1939(114 clicks)
  • Major League Baseball(99 clicks)
    The official site
  • Moe Berg(126 clicks)
  • National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum(81 clicks)
  • National Football Leagues(95 clicks)
    The official site
  • Negro Baseball Leagues(86 clicks)
  • Negro League Baseball(83 clicks)
    Articles, commerical products, etc.
  • NFL Franchise History(100 clicks)
    A genealogy
  • Notre Dame Football(109 clicks)
    Irish Legends
  • PGA of America(104 clicks)
    Official site of the Professional Golf Association
  • Play Ball! Baseball in the Nineteenth Century(82 clicks)
    Once America's pastime
  • Pre-1845 Baseball: Was Abner Doubleday Really the Originator?(83 clicks)
    By Tom Helgesen
  • Slip Sliding Away(101 clicks)
  • Soccer(101 clicks) Global site for "the beautiful game."
  • Spalding Base Ball Guides, 1889-1939(90 clicks)
    historic selection of Spalding’s Official Base Ball Guide and the Official Indoor Base Ball Guide
  • Sporting News(99 clicks)
    The magazine
  • Sports: Breaking Records, Breaking Barriers(88 clicks)
  • The Golf Historian(84 clicks)
    Golf history from a UK site
  • The Survival of Professional Baseball in Lynchburg, Virginia, 1950s-1990s(78 clicks)
    By John Nagy
  • Tobacco and Chewing Gum Card Collection(80 clicks)
    The Leonard Brecher Tobacco and Chewing Gum Card Collection contains 154 digital images of baseball cards from the early 20th century. Tobacco, candy, and chewing gum companies printed trade cards or advertising cards to include with their products. Cards in this digital collection come from the American Tobacco Company, American Caramel Company, Colgan Gum Company (of Louisville, Kentucky), John H. Dockman & Sons, and the Standard Caramel Company, and primarily date between 1909 and 1911.
  • Turf War: A History of College Sports(87 clicks)
  • United States Tennis Association(82 clicks)
    Official site
  • World Golf(79 clicks)