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  • President's Daily Briefs from Kennedy and Johnson Finally Released (Eight Years After Archive, Pro(110 clicks)
  • 10 recessions that the U.S. has experienced since the end of the WWII.(116 clicks)
  • 1948: Year of Turmoil(124 clicks)
    Truman Library
  • 1954 How to dial your phone by Bell System (171 clicks)
    movie clip
  • 1960 Kennedy-Nixon Debates(131 clicks)
    A kinescope of the John F Kennedy and Richard M Nixon presidential debate.
  • 1960s Audio Files(112 clicks)
    Internet Archive
  • 1968(116 clicks)
    The Whole World Was Watching: an oral history of 1968
  • 1970-1979 Radio News(129 clicks)
  • 2,100 Henry Kissinger "Memcons" Recounting the Secret Diplomacy of the Nixon-Ford Era(103 clicks)
    National Security Archives
  • A Visit to Yesterland: Disneyland(132 clicks)
    Disneyland as it was
  • Ad*Access Project(105 clicks)
    "The Ad*Access Project, funded by the Duke Endowment "Library 2000" Fund, presents images and database information for over 7,000 advertisements printed in U.S. and Canadian newspapers and magazines between 1911 and 1955."
  • AdViews(133 clicks)
    AdViews AdViews: A Digital Archive of Vintage Television Commercials AdViews is a digital archive of thousands of vintage television commercials dating from the 1950s to the 1980s. These commercials were created or collected by the ad agency Benton & Bowles or its successor, D'Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles (DMB&B). Founded in 1929, Benton & Bowles was a New York advertising agency that merged with D'Arcy Masius McManus in 1985 to form DMB&B. Major clients included are Procter & Gamble, Kraft, Schick, Vicks, and Post, among others. Commercials will be added in phased batches over several months in 2009. The commercials are a part of the D'Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles Archives found at the John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History in Duke University's Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library.
  • Alger Hiss Story(115 clicks)
    "The Alger Hiss Story" Web site has been created with grants from The Alger Hiss Research and Publication Project of the Nation Institute and from a Donor Advised Fund at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona. This Web site recreates one of the most important legal cases in this country's history, often cited as a turning point in 20th century American thinking. The Web site is dedicated to students of recent American history at all levels, including high school, college, and post-graduate work; to the research community of scholars, archivists, and teachers; and to a wide general audience - to all who Search for the Truth.
  • Alladin Readi-Cut Homes(123 clicks)
  • America 4 Life(111 clicks)
    American Facts, History and important documents, and an all round account of america in the twentieth century
  • American Cultural History: 1980-89(105 clicks)
    The 1980s became the Me! Me! Me! generation of status seekers. During the 1980s, hostile takeovers, leveraged buyouts, and mega-mergers spawned a new breed of billionaire. Donald Trump, Leona Helmsley, and Ivan Boesky iconed the meteoric rise and fall of the rich and famous. If you've got it, flaunt it and You can have it all! were watchwords. Forbes' list of 400 richest people became more important than its 500 largest companies. Binge buying and credit became a way of life and 'Shop Til you Drop' was the watchword. Labels were everything, even (or especially) for our children. Tom Wolfe dubbed the baby-boomers as the 'splurge generation.' Video games, aerobics, minivans, camcorders, and talk shows became part of our lives. The decade began with double-digit inflation, Reagan declared a war on drugs, Kermit didn't find it easy to be green, hospital costs rose, we lost many, many of our finest talents to AIDS which before the decade ended spread to black and Hispanic women, and unemployment rose. On the bright side, the US Constitution had its 200th birthday, Gone with the Wind turned 50, ET phoned home, and in 1989 Americans gave $115,000,000,000 to charity. And, Internationally, at the very end of the decade the Berlin Wall was removed - making great changes for the decade to come! At the turn of the decade, many were happy to leave the spendthrift 80s for the 90s, although some thought the eighties TOTALLY AWESOME.
  • American Motel(116 clicks)
    Most of these motels hail from the Middle Era of Motorized Mobility, the 50s and 60s. There were motels in the 20s and 30s, but they were likely to be a collection of shanties and cabins with a humble sign out front. In the 50s and 60s the sign took on great prominence; it was a way of establishing identity and rank even when no other feature of the motel was unique. The sign didn’t just sell the place; it was the place.
  • American Roots Music(127 clicks)
  • Are You Experienced?? A Trip Through the Sixties(93 clicks)
  • Atom Bomb [Joe Bonica's Movie of the Month](122 clicks)
  • Awesome 80s(102 clicks)
    1980s nostalgia site.
  • Beat Generation(104 clicks)
  • Budgets and Deficits(113 clicks)
    Few issues in American politics are as misunderstood as the national deficit and debt. On one hand, supply-siders claim that the debt is insignificant; on the other, Ross Perot claims that it's a national disaster. The numbers say it's neither.
  • CIA Family Jewels(118 clicks)
    Agency Violated Charter for 25 Years, Wiretapped Journalists and Dissidents
  • Classic Television Commercials(141 clicks)
  • Clio's Favorites: Leading historians of the United States, 1945-2000(105 clicks)
    Interesting book reviews
  • Comic Books of the 1950s(116 clicks)
  • Consumer Spending: 1950s(123 clicks)
  • Critical Crossings: The New York Intellectuals in Postwar America(115 clicks)
    Scholarly book by Neil Jumonville
  • Devotion to the Chief(106 clicks)
    "President Harry S. Truman relied heavily on Dean Acheson for his most significant foreign policy achievements." by Robert L. Beisner
  • Did Reagan Propose Higher Spending?(110 clicks)
  • Documents Relating to the Iran/Contra affair(112 clicks)
    The sordid story
  • Dubious Secrets(117 clicks)
    What is classifies as national security--including a joke about Santa Claus!
  • Early Radio History(118 clicks)
  • Eyewitness, 1948(118 clicks)
    'The Story of Television' of WNBT's 'Eye Witness'
  • Famous People Investigated by the FBI(102 clicks)
    FBI files. Many show J. Edgar Hoover's obsessions.
  • Fifty Years From Trinity(107 clicks)
    The Seattle Times traces the history of the atom bomb and of nuclear energy.
  • Francis Gary Powers(120 clicks)
    Eisenhower, the U2 spy plane, and Francis Gary Powers.
  • Free Speech Movement, 1964-65(117 clicks)
    Student Protest - U.C. Berkeley, 1964-65.
  • Freedom’s Fortress: The Library of Congress, 1939-1953(104 clicks)
    "From 1939 to 1953 the Library underwent a myriad of changes that established the institution as one of America’s foremost citadels of intellectual freedom."
  • From Pearl Harbor to Elvis: Images That Endure(127 clicks)
    By Ellen Fried
  • GNP, Population, National Debt--1960-1990(113 clicks)
    Graphic image showing the growth of the GNP, National Debt, and Population.
  • Gulf War, 1990-1991(122 clicks)
    PBS special on events leading to and on the Gulf War
  • Hindsight: The Hard Hat Riot on 1970(121 clicks)
    On May 8, 1970, construction workers in New York City attacked and beat anti-Vietnam War demonstrators. This site explores why and the consequences.
  • History of Television(141 clicks)
    by Mitchell Stephens
  • clicks)
    Romp through the futuristic landscape of the Seattle World's Fair, centered in the Bell System pavilion.
  • In Nixon tapes, Billy Graham refers to 'synagogue of Satan' (137 clicks)
    USA Today article
  • Iran-Contra 20 Years On(115 clicks)
    Documents Spotlight Role of Reagan, Top Aides. Pentagon Nominee Robert Gates Among Many Prominent Figures Involved in the Scandal.
  • John Bull & Uncle Sam(122 clicks)
    Popular Culture: from Baseball to Rock and Roll
  • Kefauver Committee(116 clicks)
    Estes Kefauver, Democratic Senator from Tennessee, investigated organized crime, specifically Murder, Inc.
  • Kennedy-Nixon Debates(118 clicks)
    A kinescope of the John F Kennedy and Richard M Nixon presidential debate.1960
  • Kent State Shootings(121 clicks)
    "Kent State University was placed in an international spotlight after a tragic end to a student demonstration against the Vietnam War and the National Guard on May 4, 1970. Shortly after noon on that Monday, 13 seconds of rifle fire by a contingent of 28 Ohio National Guardsmen left four students dead, one permanently paralyzed, and eight others wounded. Not every student was a demonstration participant or an observer. Some students were walking to and from class. The closest student wounded was 30 yards away from the Guard, while the farthest was nearly 250 yards."
  • King Kong: The Monster Who Created Universal Studios Florida(95 clicks)
    By Peter Alexander of the Totally Fun Company
  • Kissinger's Secret Trip to China(98 clicks)
  • LBJ Fights the White Backlash(181 clicks)
    The Racial Politics of the 1964 Presidential Campaign By Jeremy D. Mayer
  • Levitate the Pentagon (1967)(116 clicks)
    Photos of the 1967 Pentagon March.
  • Limited Test Ban Treaty - 50 Years Later(127 clicks)
    New Documents Throw Light on Accord Banning Atmospheric Nuclear Testing
  • Los Braceros, 1942-64(111 clicks)
  • LSD and the CIA(114 clicks)
    How the CIA experimented with LSD.A
  • Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism(109 clicks)
  • Malls of America(102 clicks)
  • Manhood in the Age of Aquarius(108 clicks)
    Subtitle: Masculinity in Two Countercultural Communities, 1965–83. Book by Tim Hodgdon.
  • Meltdown at Three Mile Island(108 clicks)
    From PBS. Nuclear power plant failure
  • Mercury 9 mission(117 clicks)
    audio files
  • Mercury Orbits the Earth(101 clicks)
    February 20, 1962 and John Glenn orbits the earth.
  • Monumental Disagreements(124 clicks)
    "In this episode of BackStory we will look at some of the most controversial monuments and memorials spattered across America’s landscape. We’ll tell you why one statue was torn down, beheaded, and turned into bullets, and how one of our favorite historical landmarks may just be the result of one man on an ego trip."
  • My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt(122 clicks)
  • Myths of Reaganomics, The(149 clicks)
    By Murray N. Rothbard. Published by the conservative Ludwig von Mises Institute
  • NBC News, March 17, 1949(127 clicks)
    NBC News Room Chicago - Clifton Utley The News on March 17, 1949 included: - Willis-Overland Cuts Car Prices By 10%, - New Rent Bill Increase Prices 10%, - Italian Communists Riot To Block The Atlantic Pact, - Truman To Give News Conference, - Pullman Strike Set For March 31st, - Sports News, ...
  • New Documents Throw Light on Sensitive Ford and Kissinger Views(131 clicks)
  • Nixon and Khrushchev Kitchen Debate(111 clicks)
  • Nixon and the bomb: “I just want you to think big, Henry!”(131 clicks)
  • Nixon-Kennedy Debates, 1960(121 clicks)
    A kinescope of the John F Kennedy and Richard M Nixon presidential debate.
  • Photographing History: Fred J. Maroon and the Nixon Years, 1970 – 1974(119 clicks)
    "This Web site is based on an exhibition, Photographing History: Fred J. Maroon and the Nixon Years, 1970 – 1974, of 121 photographs by Washington, D.C., freelance photographer Fred J. Maroon. "
  • Photographs from the Sixities(112 clicks)
  • Psychedelic Sixties(101 clicks)
  • Reagan's Spending Pattern(96 clicks)
    A graphic showing Reagan's increase of spending and of the national debt.
  • Regulated Enterprise(111 clicks)
    Natural Gas Pipelines and Northeastern Markets, 1938–1954. Christopher James Castaneda
  • Rewind the Fifties Links(111 clicks)
    Lots of links for 1950s nostalgia.
  • Rosenberg, Julius and Ethel(103 clicks)
    FBI files
  • Rural Civil Defense Spots, 1965(118 clicks)
  • Sandra Day O'Connor: A Life of Action(104 clicks)
    by Meryl Justin Chertoff, Director of the Sandra Day O'Connor Project on the State of the Judiciary at Georgetown Law
  • Science and the Post-Cold War(96 clicks)
    "Science and technology were an integral part of the arms races during the cold war period. They were both an engine for new weapons developments, such as new generation nuclear warheads and laser technology, as well as an instrument in the hand of strategists requiring additional capabilities."
  • Science, Technology and the CIA(125 clicks)
  • Sears Catalog--1971(112 clicks)
    It came from the 1971 Sears Catalog! Some images of a bygone time.
  • Seeing Red, from "City Upon a Hill"(110 clicks)
    The American History Guys share a little-known story about that time Joseph Stalin coined the term “American Exceptionalism."
  • Sixties(121 clicks)
    American Cultural History: 1960 - 1969
  • Sixties, The(112 clicks)
  • Snitch(120 clicks)
    "'Snitch' investigates how a fundamental shift in the country's anti-drug laws -- including federal mandatory minimum sentencing and conspiracy provisions--has bred a culture of snitching that is in many cases rewarding the guiltiest and punishing the less guilty."
  • Standard of Living Increases in the 1960s(109 clicks)
    Diet changes and acquisition of appliances.
  • Student Rebellion in the Sixties(95 clicks)
    Brief, thoughtful essay.
  • Studies in Intelligence: New Articles from The CIA's In-House Journal(115 clicks)
  • Studs Terkel(120 clicks)
  • Ten Economic Paragraphs Worth Reading: December 27, 2009(116 clicks)
    The Semi-Daily Journal of Economist J. Bradford DeLong: Fair, Balanced, Reality-Based, and Even-Handed
  • The '80s TV Theme SuperSite(111 clicks)
    "This site represents one of the largest collections of '80s television history on the internet. More than anything, it is a place for the nitty an obscure advertising jingle that has more sap than a Vermont tree, but is a priceless reflection of the zeitgeist. It is a favorite among many in "the business" not because of the usual primetime themes, but because of the mundane you'll find in the Potpourri, Promos, and Commercials sections. "
  • The 1970s(107 clicks)
    The Web site offers info about music, mnvies, culture, science, sports, etc.
  • The Area 51 File: Secret Aircraft and Soviet MiGs(153 clicks)
  • The Blackout History Project(106 clicks)
    Two massive blackouts in the New York City metropolitan area, one in 1965, the other in 1977. This site allows people to tell of their personal experiences of the blackout as well as offering traditional historical accounts.
  • The Changing Face of the Supreme Court in American History(112 clicks)
    A.E. Dick Howard is the White Burkett Miller Professor of Law and Public Affairs at the University of Virginia School of Law. He analyses the changes in the Supreme Court from the Warren Court of the 1960s to the Rehnquist era.
  • The G.I. Bill(108 clicks)
    After WWII, over 2 million former armed forces personnel received goverment benefits.
  • The Jonestown Death Tape (FBI No. Q 042)(162 clicks)
  • The Kennedy Assassination(121 clicks)
    By John McAdams. "This web site is dedicated to debunking the mass of misinformation and disinformation surrounding the murder of JFK. If you are believer in Oswald as a lone gunman, you are likely to enjoy this web site, since most of that misinformation and disinformation has come from conspiracists. But if you are a sophisticated conspiracist, you likely understand that the mass of silly nonsense in conspiracy books and documentaries does no service to the cause of truth in the assassination, and simply buries the "case for conspiracy" under layers of bunk."
  • The Living Room Candidate(109 clicks)
    A history of presidential campaign commercials, 1952-2000
  • The Oliver North File: His Diaries, E-Mail, and Memos on the Kerry Report, Contras and Drugs(124 clicks)
  • The Psychedelic Sixties(102 clicks)
    Literary tradition and social change.
  • The Secret History of the U-2 — and Area 51(136 clicks)
  • The Sixties Net(111 clicks)
    Variety of items for the 1960s, many not historical.
  • The Sixties Project(112 clicks)
    "The Sixties Project began as a collective of humanities scholars working together on the Internet to use electronic resources to provide routes of collaboration and make available primary and secondary sources for researchers, students, teachers, writers and librarians interested in the Sixties."
  • The United States From Watergate to Bush v. Gore, Pt. 1(102 clicks)
    # Historian James T. Patterson discusses his book Restless Giant: The United States From Watergate to Bush v. Gore. He looks at the United States during the final quarter of the twentieth century, from the 1970s to the election of 2000. This is part one of a two-part lecture.
  • The Whole World Was Watching(114 clicks)
    An oral history of 1968.
  • The Whole World Was Watching: an oral history of 1968(121 clicks)
    The Whole World Was Watching: an oral history of 1968 is a joint project between South Kingstown High School and Brown University's Scholarly Technology Group. The project was sponsored by the Rhode Island Committee for the Humanities and NetTech: the Northeast Regional Technology in Education Consortium. The resource contains transcripts, audio recordings, and edited stories of a series of interviews conducted in the spring of 1998. Members of the Sophomore Class at SKHS interviewed Rhode Islanders about their recollections of the year 1968. Their stories, which include references to the Vietnam War, the struggle for Civil Rights, the Assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy as well as many more personal memories are a living history of one of the most tumultuous years in United States history.
  • Time Capsule: Objects in History(105 clicks)
    "TIME CAPSULE objects in history By Margaret Fortier Although today's travelers and commuters may pass them on a regular basis, few among the post-World War II generation are aware of the remarkable display of friendship between the United States and her oldest ally, France, that is represented by the strange-looking little boxcars that can be seen in such diverse places as the Montana state capitol grounds in Helena; outside the American Legion Post in Helms, Arkansas; and at Pennsylvania's Fort Indiantown Gap."
  • Trivial Complaints(105 clicks)
    'Subtitle: The Role of Privacy in Domestic Violence Law and Activism in the U.S. Book by Kirsten S. Rambo
  • U.S. News and World Report Magazine Photograph Collection(116 clicks)
    " The collection consists of almost 1.2 million original 35mm and 2 1/4 inch negatives (primarily black & white) and 45,000 contact sheets donated by the U.S. News & World Report, Inc. The collection is primarily photographs taken by staff of the U.S. News & World Report Magazine between 1952 and 1986"
  • Vanderbilt Television News Archive (139 clicks)
    The Vanderbilt Television News Archive is the world's most extensive and complete archive of television news. We have been recording, preserving and providing access to television news broadcasts of the national networks since August 5, 1968.
  • Vogue Picture Records(122 clicks)
  • We Choose the Moon(115 clicks)
    Apollo 11 moon landing with audio and photos
  • What Was Really Great About The Great Society(119 clicks)
    By Joseph A. Califano Jr.
  • When Nixon Met Elvis(116 clicks)
  • William Gedney Photographs And Writings(127 clicks)
    From the mid 1950s through the early 1980s, William Gedney (1932-1989) photographed throughout the United States, in India, and in Europe. From the commerce of the street outside his Brooklyn apartment to the daily chores of unemployed coal miners, from the indolent lifestyle of hippies in Haight-Ashbury to the sacred rituals of Hindu worshippers, Gedney was able to record the lives of others with remarkable clarity and poignancy.
  • Wiretap Debate Déjà Vu(125 clicks)
    Documents show Ford White House embraced wiretap law instead of claiming "inherent" Presidential authority in 1976 despite objections from Rumsfeld, G.H.W. Bush, Kissinger Web posting includes Justice report on criminal liability for 1970s warrantless wiretapping, 1990s directives on US surveillance.
  • Woody Guthrie Manuscript Collection(120 clicks)
    American Folklife Center
  • WWW-VL: HISTORY: USA: 1980-1989(126 clicks)
  • Your Hit Parade, February 27, 1954(120 clicks)
  • Zorro - A history of the series(145 clicks)
    The series of the 1950s