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  • Bridgeport Working: Voices From the 20th Century(155 clicks)
    Oral histories of working people
  • Circus Fire, 1944(180 clicks)
    "This is a resource page on the fire that broke out during a performance of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus in the north end of Hartford on July 6, 1944."
  • Connecticut History Online(122 clicks)
  • Eli Whitney Museum and Workshop(130 clicks)
  • History of Connecticut(145 clicks)
    Maintained by the University of Connecticut Library. Excellent site.
  • New Haven History(156 clicks)
  • Other days in Greenwich(133 clicks)
    Other days in Greenwich or, Tales and reminiscences of an old New England town by Frederick A. Hubbard. Published 1913 by J.F. Tapley company in New York .
  • Railroading in Connecticut(212 clicks)