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  • 'A Shaky Truce' : Starkville Civil Rights Struggles, 1960- 1980(184 clicks)
  • 100 Years at Perthside(154 clicks)
    "Perthshire is a plantation in Bolivar County, in the center of the Mississippi Delta. One family has owned the plantation for four generations. Many families have worked it. Throughout this time, Perthshire had a community life like that of any small town--with currency, laws, social activities, churches, schools, store, a rail depot, and a baseball team of its own. Using oral histories, films, photographs, letters, legal documents, and maps, One Hundred Years at Perthshire is a multimedia web site that explores the life of this plantation as it underwent the tremendous changes of the twentieth century."
  • 1927 Flood Photograph Collection(155 clicks)
  • America's Blue Yodel(171 clicks)
    Jimmie Rodgers
  • An Early Black History of Ocean Springs(166 clicks)
    by Ray L. Bellande
  • Belle Kearney, A Slaveholder's Daughter(176 clicks)
    Her life in Mississippi in the 19th century.
  • Betsy Love and the Mississippi Married Women's Property Act of 1839(160 clicks)
    by LeAnne Howe
  • Bombed, Burned, and Boycotted(153 clicks)
    by Hazel Brannon Smith
  • Chickasaws: The Unconquerable People(152 clicks)
    by Greg O’Brien
  • Citizens Council, The(188 clicks)
  • Delta Blues Museum(157 clicks)
    "The rich alluvial plain that is the Delta landscape, and home to Clarksdale, gives visitors to North Mississippi a wonderful backdrop in which they can start their journey through the "birthplace of the blues". The Delta Blues Museum's mission is to assure that visitors learn about the Delta Blues, and stands ready to share that knowledge with all who come."
  • Delta Photo Road Show: Discovering the Unknown Photos of the Mississippi Delta(148 clicks)
    This compilation of 'never before seen' photographs paired with the oral history shared by each donor creates a unique look at the history of many Mississippi Delta towns, events, people and places. This piece was a final project of the History Channel's "Save Our History" Grant awarded to the Delta Center for Culture
  • Delta State College yearbooks(143 clicks)
    The Broom
  • Early Slave Laws of Mississippi(183 clicks)
  • First Monday and Trade Days, Ripley, Mississippi(171 clicks)
    "The First Monday Sale and Trade Days (generally known as ?First Monday?) has been part of Ripley?s community life since 1893. Originally held on the first Monday of every month, it now takes place on the weekend preceding the first Monday."
  • Growth of the Lumber Industry, 1840-1930(158 clicks)
    Mississippi was one the the most important lumber industry states.
  • Hattiesburg Historical Society(182 clicks)
  • History Markers of Mississippi(170 clicks)
    History told through historical markers
  • Horace Harned on Race(156 clicks)
    RACE:MISSISSIPPI TRANSCRIPT OF HORACE HARNED VIDEO SEGMENT. Horace Harned, Plantation Owner, Oktoc, Mississippi
  • Independent Minds and Shared Community: Married Women's Wills in Amite County, Mississippi, 1840-191(173 clicks)
  • Jefferson Davis Estate Davis(156 clicks)
  • Makin' Do(155 clicks)
    Vimeo video. Produced by the Department of History and the Media and Documentary Projects Center at the University of Mississippi. This Oral History based film was produced by history graduate students and documents the experiences of women in Northeast Mississippi who "Made Do" over the course of the 20th Century.
  • Manuel Gayoso and Spanish Natchez(147 clicks)
    By Jack Elliot, Jr.
  • Mississippi Black Code (1865)(159 clicks)
    "The Mississippi Black Code is an example of the manner by which the southern states strove to maintain the old order while limiting the newly acquired rights of African Americans. Many people in the North as well as the Republicans in Congress were alarmed by the Black Codes. Reaction to the codes helped to radicalize Congress and catalyzed its attempt to seize control of Reconstruction from the President Andrew Johnson, ultimately leading to the president’s impeachment."
  • Mississippi Folklife(138 clicks)
    Mississippi Folklife, formerly the Mississippi Folklore Register, publishes articles, photographic essays, and interviews about the diversity of folklife and culture in Mississippi and adjoining regions. The best source for contemporary interpretations of Mississippi folk culture, each issue also includes announcements, cultural news, and book reviews.
  • Mississippi History Now(145 clicks)
    From the Mississippi Historical Society
  • Mississippi Oral History Project(198 clicks)
  • Mississippi River Flood 1927(152 clicks)
    YouTube films about the 1927 Flood
  • Mississippi River Flood of 1927(164 clicks)
    Short silent film produced by the Signal Corps of the Mississippi flood of 1927.
  • Mississippi Writers and Musicians(167 clicks)
    The site includes actors and artists as well. A high school student project.
  • Mississippi's Free State of Jones(146 clicks)
  • Mule Racing in the Mississippi Delta(145 clicks)
  • Mushulatubbee and Choctaw Removal: Chiefs Confront a Changing World(143 clicks)
    by Greg O'Brien
  • Natchez(149 clicks)
  • Natchez Indians(159 clicks)
  • Oh Freedom Over Me(166 clicks)
    Mississippi Freedom Summer
  • Old Ways: Church and Family(148 clicks)
    "Most of the photographs on this website are from “Old Ways: Church and Family,” an exhibition held at the Center’s Gammill Gallery in the fall of 2001. The pictures were made at Hurricane Creek Primitive Baptist Church and Rocky Mount Primitive Baptist Church, both located in rural north Mississippi and both pastored by 92-year-old Elder Robert Atwater."
  • Pushmataha(173 clicks)
  • Reconstruction in Mississippi, 1865-1876(242 clicks)
    by Jason Phillips
  • Sam Bowers, Jr., Interviews(141 clicks)
    Sam H. Bowers, Jr., was convicted in 1998 for his role in the 1966 firebombing death of Mississippi civil rights activist Vernon Dahmer. Bowers died November 6, 2006, in the Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman.
  • Sovereignty Commission Online(153 clicks)
    Series 2515: Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission Records, 1994-2006 comprises the digitized records of the defunct Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission, which functioned as the state's official counter civil rights agency from 1956-1973
  • State of Siege: Mississippi Whites and the Civil Rights Movemnent(181 clicks)
  • The ACLU of Mississippi and the State Sovereignty Commission(147 clicks)
    For over twenty years, the MsACLU has been involved in an effort to preserve and make public the records of the Mississippi Sovereignty Commission, a state spying agency founded in the 1950s and operating through the early 1970s. The purpose of the Sovereignty Commission was to counter the Civil Rights movement; to accomplish this purpose, the agencies activities ranged from spying to public relations.
  • The Origins of the Mississippi Delta Blues(143 clicks)
    Original essay by James Miller.
  • The Rural Electrification of Northeast Mississippi(207 clicks)
  • The Seafood Industry in Biloxi: Its Early History, 1848-1930(144 clicks)
    by Deanne Stephens Nuwer
  • When I Was a Little Girl(144 clicks)
    Anna Hardeman Meade. Life on a Mississippi plantation
  • Whites in the Land of the Blues(156 clicks)
    Memory and Judgment by Jane Adams and D. Gorton
  • ‘Is This America?': 50 Years Ago Sharecroppers Challenged Mississippi Apartheid, LBJ, and the Nation(175 clicks)