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  • Oregon in Depression and War, 1925-1945: Women in the Work Force(139 clicks)
  • Some Documentary Records of Slavery in Oregon(131 clicks)
  • Archives and Records Management Program(140 clicks)
    City of Portland Archives Section
  • Coumbia River History Center(120 clicks)
    The Center for Columbia River History promotes the study of Columbia River Basin history.
  • Fighters on the Farm Front: Oregon's Emergency Farm Labor Service 1943-1947(114 clicks)
    ""Fighters on the Farm Front: Oregon's Emergency Farm Labor Service, 1943-1947" commemorates the state's Emergency Farm Labor Service, a program sponsored by the Oregon State College Extension Service to ensure an adequate farm labor supply during World War II and the years immediately after."
  • clicks)
    From Oregon Pioneers
  • Oregon Historical County Records Guide(123 clicks)
    . The guide includes a comprehensive descriptive inventory of selected records for each of Oregon's thirty-six counties. The Oregon maps section contains maps of the state showing counties, county seats, major cities, and major geographical features such as mountain ranges, lakes, and rivers. The section also includes maps detailing the changes in county boundaries over time.
  • Oregon Historical Society(171 clicks)
    Welcome to the Oregon Historical Society at For over 125 years, OHS has been collecting, preserving, exhibiting and publishing Oregon's history.
  • Oregon History Project(144 clicks)
  • Oregon State Archives(143 clicks)
    Records of state, local, and federal agencies; special projects; and politicians held by Oregon State Archives. Plus exhibits.
  • Portland Music Remembered: 1900-1923(119 clicks)
    Collections from Multnomah County Library and the Oregon Historical Society
  • State Historic Preservation Office of Oregon(115 clicks)
    Oregonís SHPO was established in 1967 within the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department to manage and administer programs for the protection of the stateís significant historic and prehistoric resources.
  • WPA Life Histories from Oregon(133 clicks)
    Life stories from the American Life Histories: Manuscripts from the Federal Writers' Project, 1936-1940.