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  • 8thTexas Cavalry Regiment, 1861-1865(120 clicks)
    Diaries & Journals
  • "James Bowie", a hero of the Alamo (113 clicks)
    By Evelyn Brogan. Published 1922 by T. Kunzman in San Antonio, Texas.
  • 1900 Storm: Galveston(147 clicks)
    Remembering the great hurricane
  • Austin at Work(131 clicks)
    "A look through the photo files of the Austin History Center helps illustrate some of these changes. Looking at these photos from our collection is a reminder that while many things have changed, others definitely haven't."
  • Denton County History Page(133 clicks)
    have tried to provide a compendium of information about the rich history of Denton County.
  • H-Texas(144 clicks)
    "H-Texas encourages scholarly discussion of the history and culture of Texas and makes available diverse bibliographical, research, and teaching aids."
  • Lone Star Junction(131 clicks)
    Welcome to Lone Star Junction, a Texas history resource provided for the benefit of both Texans and "foreigners" alike. If you have an interest in Texas and its rich history, you've found the right place in cyberspace.
  • Nineteenth-Century Forts and the Clash of Cultures on the Texas Frontier(148 clicks)
    Scattered across the state from the Red River to the Rio Grande are the remnants of what was once a formidable military presence on the frontier—Texas' nineteenth-century forts.
  • Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum(114 clicks)
  • Photographs of Mexican Texas(141 clicks)
    robert H. Jackson presents photos of buildings dating from the Mexican period of Texas history.
  • Remember the Alamo(133 clicks)
    PBS special
  • René Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle(133 clicks)
  • Sam Houston(160 clicks)
  • Sixth Floor Museum--Dallas(129 clicks)
    Since 1989, The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza has welcomed more than 6 million visitors from around the world—people of all ages seeking information and understanding about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.
  • Tejano Voices(133 clicks)
  • Texas Hill Country(133 clicks)
    From San Marcos to Llano, Lockhart, Gruene, Round Rock, Lake Travis and more with articles about cowboys, Indians, treasure and travel.
  • Texas Historic Sites Atlas(137 clicks)
    "The Atlas features more than 200,000 historic site records, including data on Texas Historical Markers and National Register of Historic Places properties in Texas, as well as museums, and sawmills. Search our database to discover the sites that make your hometown unique. Click the Atlas' interactive maps to display historic site locations, and plan your own heritage tour of Texas."
  • Texas Ranger Hall of Fame E-Books(143 clicks)
    This E-Book project provides free access to books, dissertations, articles, and unpublished materials about Texas Ranger history. Items are added as time permits.
  • Texas State Historian(133 clicks)
  • Texian Web(127 clicks)
    The TEXIAN WEB is a consortium of web sites dedicated to presentation of high quality material concerning pre-Civil War Texas History on the internet.
  • The Evolution of a State(137 clicks)
    or Recolections pf Old Texas Days by Noah Smithwick. 1990. "From the time he first arrived in Texas in 1827 at the age of nineteen, Noah Smithwick was involved many of the events in the evolution of Texas. For the next thirty-four years before leaving for California just prior to the Civil War, he became closely acquainted with many well-known Texans, several Comanche chiefs, and a large and varied assortment of early Texas pioneers."
  • The Gulf, Colorado, & Santa Fe Railway Company(135 clicks)
    By Lara J. Duhon, Galveston County Historical Commission.
  • Virtual Texan(144 clicks)
    This is the History section but the site is concerned with all things Texan.
  • What Not to Wear to a Texas Barbeque, 1957(146 clicks)
  • WPA Life Histories From Texas(146 clicks)
  • “The Die is Cast”: Early Texans Face the Comanches(132 clicks)