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  • American History and Art from New England(143 clicks)
    American Centuries...view from New England. Explore American History with hands-on activities, exhibits, lessons, historic documents and artifacts.
  • Boston, Concord, Montreal & White Mountains RR(150 clicks)
  • Brief history of the groundfishing industry of New England(145 clicks)
    "Groundfishing, the catching of fishes that swim in close proximity to the bottom, was the first colonial industry in America."
  • Colonial Meeting Houses of New England(139 clicks)
    In colonial New England, there was little distinction between faith and community. Meetinghouses were built by the communities, usually but not always through taxation, and these were used for both religious worship and town business. They were the central focus of the community, and were an important point of contact for all.
  • New England History E-mail List home Page(148 clicks)
    The New England History Email list is for the general discussion of history in and around New England.
  • Northeast Historic Film(143 clicks)
    Northeast Historic Film collects moving images related and of interest to northern New England, as well as related documents, books and periodicals, annotations, photographs, and technology.
  • Shock Troops of Disaster: The Story of the New England Hurricane(157 clicks)
    1938. Movie
  • Shock Troops of Disaster: The Story of the New England Hurricane (1938)(168 clicks)