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  • A century after: picturesque glimpses of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania(117 clicks)
    A century after: picturesque glimpses of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania including Fairmount, the Wissahickon, and other romantic localities, with the cities and landscapes of the state. A pictorial representation of scenery, architecture, life, manners, and character Ed. by Edward Strahan [pseud.]. Published 1875 in Philadelphia. Allen, Lane & Scott and J.W. Lauderbach, 1875 .
  • A. E. Forbes Communist Collection(131 clicks)
    This series of documents was amassed by A. E. Forbes during his involvement with the Communist Party in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from the 1930s through World War II.
  • Aerial Photograph Collection, ca. 1923-1937,(129 clicks)
  • Altoona History(138 clicks)
  • Beyond Steel: An Archive of Lehigh Valley Industry and Culture (124 clicks)
  • Bridging the Urban Landscape: Homepage(118 clicks)
    Exhibit on Pittsburgh.
  • Centennial Exhibition: Philadelphia 1776(118 clicks)
  • Chatham College Images(144 clicks)
  • Clarion County, Pennsylvania(149 clicks)
    History. Topical Index
  • CONSOL Energy Mining Archives(122 clicks)
  • Erie, Pennsylvania(139 clicks)
    A twentieth century history of Erie County, Pennsylvania a narrative account of its historic progress, its people, and its principal interests by John Miller. Published 1909 by Lewis Pub. Co. in Chicago .
  • Historic Tacony(140 clicks)
    "The official site for the Historical Society of Tacony. Tacony is a historical neighborhood in Northeast Philadelphia, PA. The site contains info on the Society as well as essays and photos on the history of the neighborhood."
  • History of Philadelphia, 1609-1884(132 clicks)
  • Johnstown, Pennsylvania(170 clicks)
    Variety of links. Includes one to the great Johnstown flood.
  • Lancaster County Historical Society(135 clicks)
    This site provides you with access to Lancaster County history, including a calendar of upcoming events, online exhibits, library and archival collections, and more.
  • Levittown 2002 Homepage(136 clicks)
    "Welcome to our online celebration of the 50th anniversary of Levittown,Pennsylvania. Here you can immerse yourself in the fascinating history and rich culture of our community."
  • Levittown, PA: Building the Suburban Dream(150 clicks)
    The brainchild of developer William J. Levitt, Levittown, Pennsylvania was the largest planned community constructed by a single builder in the United States. By the time it was completed in 1958, the development occupied over 5500 acres in lower Bucks County and included churches, schools, swimming pools, shopping centers and 17,311 single-family homes.
  • Love Letters(121 clicks)
    Before the telephone, e-mail, and text messages, people relied on letters to carry sentiments and information to loved ones. The letters pictured here provide an intimate look into relationships of bygone days. Reading them enables us to explore the ups and downs of romantic love from the 18th century to the present.
  • McIntyre, Pennsylvania: the Everyday Life of a Coal Mining Company Town, 1910-1947(130 clicks)
    Through the use of photos, documents, letters, and the memories of current and former elderly town residents, the site entitled, "McIntyre, Pennsylvania: The Everyday Life of a Coal Mining Company Town, 1910-1947" tells the story of a representative bituminous coal town in western Pennsylvania from its founding in 1910 to its demise as a company town in 1947. It is divided into a number of sections including the Coal Company, Miners and Mining, the Union, School and Education, Family and Town Life, Leisure and Recreation, Church and Religion. The eloquent memories of a number of elderly residents provide readers with first hand accounts of life in a coal town during the early part of the 20th century. The site contains many internal links as well as external ones that help illuminate the history of the town and place it within a broader historical context. I am an assistant professor in the library department of Slippery Rock University, Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, and am also pursuing my second master's degree in history. The Preface link from the homepage gives the reader information on the purpose of the study, information sources used, web accessibility, design of the site, arrangement of the site, author information, dedication and thanks. Thank you for considering my site.
  • Miner's Son, Miners' Photographer: The Life and Work of George Harvan(183 clicks)
    "This retrospective explores the life and work of George Harvan of Lansford, Pennsylvania, a remarkable documentary photographer. The son of a Slovak-born miner, Harvan spent over 50 years recording the work and community life of the last generation of underground miners in the anthracite region of northeastern Pennsylvania. This documentary record speaks to the resilience and dignity of men and women living hard lives in a region hit by catastrophic economic decline: it is one man's quest to record and present those times and that spirit to more than a regional audience."
  • Pennsylvania Archives on Footnote(135 clicks)
    If you're interested in Pennsylvania history and want information relating to historical events, facts about ancestors, or original documents to support a research paper, the Pennsylvania Archives is an important publication to explore. This series contains essential records relating to one of America's earliest colonies, from 1664 to 1780, including military, tax, marriage, and land records, as well as documents from American history covering the Revolutionary War and the Whiskey Rebellion.
  • Pennsylvania German Broadsides(122 clicks)
    Windows into an American Culture
  • Philadelphia City Archive (136 clicks)
  • Philadelphia Historical Digital Image Library(123 clicks)
  • Pittsburgh Photographs(135 clicks)
  • Rush's Account of the Yellow Fever Epidemiv, 1798(117 clicks)
    An Account of the Bilious Yellow Fever As It Appeared in Philadelphia in the Year 1798 by Benjamin Rush
  • Salisbury, Pennsylvania Historical Web Site(182 clicks)
    From the Cornplanter Indians to early settlers, through plague and disaster, to its war heroes and sports exploits, discover the charm of this southwestern Pennsylvania town.
  • Small Town Noir(149 clicks)
    The mug shots on this site were all taken in New Castle, Pennsylvania, between 1930 and 1960, and were rescued from the trash when the town's police department threw them out. The information that has been used to reconstruct the stories behind the pictures comes mostly from old copies of the local paper, the New Castle News.
  • Suburb in the City: Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, 18501990(143 clicks)
    By David R. Contosta. Ohio State University Press book.
  • The Atwater Kent Museum(140 clicks)
    Philadelphia history.
  • The Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania Labor Legacy(130 clicks)
    "An innovative Databank section contains a web-accessible storehouse of historical information on the officers, organizers, and chartering dates of Pittsburgh/Western Pennsylvania unions. Data on existing minute books and union newspapers is also included. At present, information on more than 500 local and regional labor organizations is included. For example, lists of the Presidents of the Pittsburgh Musicians and Typographical unions, lists of officers of the Pittsburgh and Washington, Pennsylvania Bricklayers unions, charter dates of Western Pennsylvania Steelworkers and Electrical Workers locals and certification dates of Service Employees union chapters ? to name only a few ? have been entered."
  • University of Pennsylvania University Archives and Records Center(169 clicks)
    The mission of the University Archives and Records Center is the orderly retention and disposition of all University records, active, inactive and historical.
  • Wyoming Historical and Geological Society(151 clicks)
    The Wyoming Valley