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  • A Concise History of Louisville(141 clicks)
    From "Spirited City: Essays in Louisville History" by Clyde F. Crews.
  • August 2009 Flood(128 clicks)
    This collection contains 210 selected digital images and 3 digital videos from an archived community collection devoted to documenting one of the worst floods in Louisville's history. On the morning of August 4, 2009, record-breaking rains fell in central Louisville and surrounding counties between 7 am and 10 am EDT, with reported hourly rainfall rates as high as 8.83 inches. The Louisville Free Public Library's main branch and the University of Louisville's Belknap and Health Sciences campuses were particularly hard hit by the deluge.
  • Caufield & Shook Photo Collection(134 clicks)
    In 1903 James Caufield and Frank W. Shook founded the eponymous photography studio in Louisville, Kentucky. Will Bowers later joined the firm as a partner and chief photographer. Few aspects of life in Louisville escaped the lens of Caufield & Shook, whose company motto was "We photograph ANYTHING, day or night." The collection includes work for Louisville architects, builders, banks and financial houses, wholesale and retail merchants, advertisers, government agencies, public utilities, and private individuals. In 1924 Caufield and Shook became the official photographer of the Kentucky Derby.
  • I Can Almost See the Lights of Home ~ A Field Trip to Harlan County, Kentucky(154 clicks)
    ""I Can Almost See the Lights of Home" offers a new mode of thinking about and presenting oral history. Termed an "aural essay" by joint authors Alessandro Portelli and Charles Hardy III, this extended and pathbreaking audio work explores place, form, time, and the act of historical interpretation; it is an attempt by two oral historians, one from Pennsylvania, USA, and the other from Rome, Italy to create a new aural history genre that counterpoises the voices of subject and scholar in dialogueŚnot merely the dialogue that takes place in the real time of an oral interview, but the one that occurs as interpretations are created and scholarship is generated."
  • Kentuckiana Digital Library(127 clicks)
    The Kentuckiana Digital Library is your gateway to rare and unique digitized collections housed in Kentucky archives.
  • Kentucky Distillers Association(131 clicks)
    "Kentucky Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey have a history and a tradition as long and strong as the nation itself. And here in the Bluegrass State, known for its thoroughbred horses, rolling pastures and southern hospitality, nothing really says Kentucky like the nectar spirit we know as Bourbon."
  • Kentucky Historical Society(148 clicks)
  • Kentucky Historical Society(135 clicks)
    The state site.
  • Kentucky History(141 clicks)
    From the University of Louisville
  • Kentucky's 1935 gubernatorial election(131 clicks)
    This thesis deals with the events and issues which were connected with the 1935 gubernatorial election. There is first a brief sketch of Kentucky politics prior to the 1935 election. Particular interest is given to the history of the Democratic party and the split which occurred in it at the turn of the century. A great deal of attention is given to the factional struggles which occurred in the period between 1931 and 1935. The controversy and drive for a primary law is discussed in detail. Because of the nature of the primary law enacted in 1935 two primary elections were held before the Democratic Party selected its candidates. The candidates, issues and significance of each primary is discussed. Also included is an analysis of the vote given to the candidates in both parties. In a like manner, the campaigns of the two gubernatorial nominees are discussed. The significance of the results of the election and the factors which were responsible for its outcome are presented.
  • Lousiville Herald Post Collection(137 clicks)
  • Royal Photo Company Collection (143 clicks)
    The Royal Photo Company Collection contains approximately 30,000 photographic negatives from the Royal Photo Company taken between 1937 and 1972 in and around Louisville, Kentucky. Most of the negatives are 8 x 10- inch safety negatives.
  • Sin city Kentucky : Newport, Kentucky's vice heritage and its legal extinction, 1920-1991(149 clicks)
    This thesis is an examination and analysis of the role of law enforcement in the transformation of a city's downtown from one dominated by sleazy strip bars and prostitutes to one of family entertainment. The focus is on the police and prosecutors; however, a substantial portion of the thesis discusses the role of Newport, Kentucky's, City Commission. The thesis chronicles Newport's vice history from early Prohibition through the early 1990s and the impact of city government upon anti-vice efforts becomes evident, but law enforcement that paved the way. The approach is chronological. Newport's transformation was an evolutionary process. Elected officials influenced the city's vice problems, but state legislative changes and United States Supreme Court cases also had a part in the course of anti-vice efforts. Changes in the law and court cases often gave city officials and law enforcement direction in the regulation and prosecution of illegal vices.
  • Waverly Hills...The History(125 clicks)
    Waverly Hills Tuberculosis Sanatorium