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  • 1898 La Guerra Hispano Americana en Puerto Rico(142 clicks)
    In Spanish
  • A History of the Coins and Numismatics of Puerto Rico(132 clicks)
    "This page will be dedicated to the study of the history of coins in Puerto Rico during the Spanish period. From 1493 to 1898 Puerto Rico was part of Spain. In 1898 there was a change in government as the United States took control of the Island during the Spanish American War. The articles presented here were first published in a magazine from The Museum and The Center for Humanistics Studies at Turabo University in Gurabo, Puerto Rico.'
  • Puerto Rican Hall of Fame(117 clicks)
    This site is dedicated to promoting Puerto Ricans and the island of Puerto Rico. It is written in English and aimed at those who are not very familiar with our customs, our music, our island, or our people. This site contains links to other people's pages which contain biographical information of any kind describing Puerto Ricans.
  • Puerto Rico(145 clicks)
    LANIC at the University of Texas provides ample links.
  • Puerto Rico Cultural history(147 clicks)
    Puerto Rico today is caught between two diverse cultures and is constantly under scrutiny and judgement of visitors with only a scant understanding of the island and its people. Outsiders and especially mainland Americans will increasingly be called upon to understand Puerto Rico and her unique culture.
  • The Center for Puerto Rican Studies(132 clicks)
    The Center for Puerto Rican Studies is the only university-based research institute in the United States devoted to the interdisciplinary study of the Puerto Rican experience.
  • The Puerto Rican U.S. Army 65th Infantry Regiment(124 clicks)