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  • A Late 19th-Century Day-by-Day Commemorative Map of the Mormon Journey West(170 clicks)
  • Daughters of the Utah Pioneers and Their Mothers(135 clicks)
    By James T. Jakeman
  • History of Utah, 1540-1886(153 clicks)
    Hubert Howe Bancroft
  • History of Washington Terrace, Utah(140 clicks)
    From a WWII military housing development into a city.
  • Polygamy(120 clicks)
  • Polygamy Articles(203 clicks)
    Salt Lake Tribune
  • Route of the Mormon pioneers from Nauvoo to Great Salt Lake, Feb'y 1846-July 1847 (116 clicks)
  • Utah History Encyclopedia(125 clicks)
  • Utah Multimedia Encyclopdia(151 clicks)
    "The Utah Collections Multimedia Encyclopedia is a continuing series of CD-ROM volumes as well as an ever-expanding world wide web site whose contributors include many institutions, organizations and agencies throughout Utah. Utah Collections serves as a storehouse of multimedia items which educators, professors and students can freely use in lesson plans, reports and projects without fear of copyright infringement."
  • Utah State Historical Society(121 clicks)
    Abundant materials