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  • Archives and Manuscript Repositories in West Virginia(141 clicks)
    Library of Congress supplies links.
  • Coal Miners and Their Communities in Southern Appalachia, 1925-1941(110 clicks)
    By Rhonda Janney Coleman. West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly, VOLUME XV, NO. 2 April, 2001
  • John McCaffary and the Abolition of Capital Punishment in Wisconsin(111 clicks)
    "John McCaffary and the Abolition of Capital Punishment in Wisconsin:A Collection of Historical Accounts Actual historical documents and accounts of the events surrounding the abolition of the death penalty in Wisconsin ."
  • Journey Up Coal River(142 clicks)
  • Promoting a Cultural Odyssey of the Mountains(124 clicks)
    ", a site devoted to understanding Appalachian culture and values and passing on the heritage to the students today. The site has numerous first-person interviews with the Scots-Irish settlers and other immigrants who have struggled through coal mine tragedies, union wars, floods, and industrialization and de-industrialization to help form the modern Appalachia. It has prescriptions for reform, celebrations of things that are worth preserving in the modern world, and paints a unique portrait of mountain people in their own words.
  • Raid on Hsrper's Ferry(104 clicks)
  • West Virginia and Regional History(138 clicks)
  • West Virginia Divsion of Culture and History(110 clicks)
    Well-designed site
  • West Virginia History: A Bibliography and Guide to Research(130 clicks)
    "The following links connect to chapters scanned from an out of print book published by the West Virginia University Press in 1981." PDF format.