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  • Alaska Railroad History(145 clicks)
  • Alaska's Digital Archive(162 clicks)
  • Alaska's Gold(148 clicks)
    Alaska's Gold has two parts: Alaska's Gold Themes and Alaska's Gold Lode. Alaska's Gold Themes includes primary source materials enhanced with questions, suggested activities and a teacher's resources packet. Alaska's Gold Lode includes a larger selection of documents related to the project themes.
  • Eric A. Hegg Photographs:(158 clicks)
    736 photographs documenting the Klondike and Alaska gold rushes from 1897 - 1901. Images include depictions of frontier life in Dawson City, the Yukon Territory, and Skagway and Nome, Alaska.
  • Klondike Ho! 1897-1997(149 clicks)
    The Klondike Gold Rush and its consequences.
  • McCarthy & the old Kennecott Copper Mine(157 clicks)
    A brief history of the McCarthy & Kennicott area. Copper mines and miners.
  • The Summer That Wasn't(177 clicks)
  • Two years in the Klondike and Alaskan gold-fields(167 clicks)